Luck of the Irish

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Mable’s Estate

The next day the town was getting back to normal. A couple of the media outlets from Hollywood stuck around a little longer to talk with Marie. They wanted to know about getting an exclusive for the wedding.

Killian and Vega slept in, and finally got up when Killian's phone rang. It was the Executor of Mable's Estate. He wanted everyone to meet back at the Courthouse at noon so that he could finish the instructions for probating the estate.

He rolled over and kissed Vega on the cheek and as she slowly stretched out reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck he told her they didn't have time to doddle because they were required at the Courthouse in half an hour.

Vega groaned but slowly got up out of bed. They got dressed quickly, stealing a kiss now and again, and then headed downstairs. 'Breakfast is in the microwave' read a note on the table.

They ate quickly and then headed out to the Courthouse. As they were heading in Marie caught up to them and started to ask them about wedding plans, media exclusives, etc.

"Sorry Marie," Vega interrupted her, "we really need to get inside for the rest of the estate instructions. We'll talk after."

Marie waived her hand shooing them inside and then headed back to the quaint bistro down the road that she had become rather fond of. She sat with one of the reporters and had lunch as they talked about how incredible this week had been and how this whole thing was going to really put their little Hollywood Photography company on the map.

Inside the Courthouse everyone met in the same room as they had done two weeks prior, except this time Killian and Vega entered holding hands and much more agreeable toward each other.

"I assume that by now Irish Luck has played its tune and reunited Ms. Vega and Mr. Killian" the Executor began reading from Mable's will. "The heart knows what the heart wants, and there was never any doubt that your two hearts belonged together as one."

Vega and Killian just looked at each other and smiled. It was obvious they both knew the other was thinking the same thing.. funny how Ms. Mable always knew what was best.

"Being as I do not have any kin of my own" the Executor continued, "and seeing as Vega was as much a child to me as any I could have ever birthed, I leave my entire estate to her, provided she will continue to run the shop and stay in Bennington."

Everyone was silent. Vega looked on in complete shock as she tried to wrap her head around the whole thing.

"That's not all" the Executor continued, "inside my barn is one left gift to the lovely couple, enjoy, God bless and my you both live happily ever after."

They looked at each other and a few moments later ran out the door, the rest of the room following them. Mable's farm was not far, actually it was right between Vega's parents and Killian's farm. Vega and Killian jumped in his truck as she called to Marie to follow with her reporter friend.

When they arrived at the farm, Killian and Vega approached the barn curious what they would find. They slowly opened the doors together and inside they saw that it was completely decorated for a wedding of anyone's dreams.

Vega began to cry as she realized how elaborately planned out this entire thing really was.

"So, when will you two plan to get married" the reporter asked, but everyone was thinking it.

Vega looked up at Killian and they both smiled at each other. She knew they were thinking the same thing and just nodded at him.

"Tomorrow" Killian announced and everyone started talking at once. "Everyone, everyone please quiet down. Vega and I have waited 20 years to be together, and it seems we really don't need to do any planning, so let the town know.. tomorrow at 1 in Mable's barn."

"I'll put together a cake" the baker announced.

"I'll do up some hors d'oeuvres" one restaurant owner said.

"I will take care of the main course" the bistro owner said, knowing the couple fancied his place.

'What about a dress'... 'and a tux'... 'flowers will be needed'... everyone was gathering information of what needed done and what was taken care of. The barn was fully decorated and the florist already was on call for the flowers, she announced that she had that covered. In the front of the barn, near the alter, stood two mannequins, one wearing a gorgeous wedding gown and the other a charming black tux with tails.

"Looks like everything is taking care of itself" Vega said as she pulled Killian close and kissed him.

"Veg, this is huge" Marie said as the rest of the people left the estate property and headed off to spread the word. "We have one reporter still here, and he's with one of the biggest media outlets in Hollywood. We are hitting the map, and hitting it hard after this week."

"Go do you Marie," Vega said, "but for the moment, we are going to go inside and enjoy the night before out wedding."

Vega's parents congratulated the couple and expressed how happy they were that the two were finally back together. "Mable would be so happy" Vega's mom said as she kissed her cheek and then headed home. Her father just smiled, gave her a kiss, shook Killian's hand but said nothing else. His approval and happiness was obvious.

Once alone, the two of them headed into the big old house. It was eerie quiet, but looked so familiar and warm. In front of the fireplace was a bottle of wine, two glasses and Mable's favorite brown fur blanket.

Killian got a fire started and when he turned around he saw Vega standing there naked.

"We have one last night to be wild and illegitimate" she said laughing as he scooped her up into his arms kissing her down her neck.

He set her back down and began removing his clothes and as he did she started to assist him, lowering to her knees as she pulled his pants down. His hard cock sprung to life in front of her eyes and she grabbed him, stroking him into her mouth.

His head fell back as he moaned, "damn Veg, you are so good at that" he said as she stroked him deeper and deeper, sucking him harder and harder.

He could feel the build up threatening to explode, but he wanted it to last longer so he puller her to her feet and up into his arms. As her legs wrapped around his waist he sat down on the floor in front of the fire. She reached down and lined him up with her wet opening and as they sat together he slid perfectly inside of her.

She groaned out as she felt his girth push through her opening, spreading her lips as her walls grasped around him, begging him to go deeper. He pulled the blanket up around them and pulled her into him, his hand under her ass, squeezing her cheeks as he lifted and lowered her on his shaft.

Their moans echoed in the house as she rode him, grinding into his lap as he pushed deep into her. Her clit throbbing as she felt the ache build up in side of her.

As they began to move faster and he pushed in deeper and harder, her walls clung to him like it was the last time she would feel him insider her. It felt like it had only been a short time, but as he drove into her once more, her walls grasping him even harder, he felt her shake as his cock throbbed signaling the orgasm they had both been building up to.

Out of breath he held her tight to him as they rode out their orgasms and when they both finally reached a calm he looked up at the clock on the mantle.

"Oh damn" he said in shock, "we have been at it for two hours."

"That was incredible baby" Vega said as she kissed him hard and passionately.

As the fire slowly flickered out, the two of they layed on the floor, cuddled in each others arms under the fur blanket. Before either of them could say a word, the had both drifted off to sleep, perfectly content, and obviously happy in the start of their forever after.

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