Luck of the Irish

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Irish Love Story

The next morning Vega woke to Killian just laying and watching her sleep. He was holding her hand looking at the ring on her finger and after she kissed him good morning he smiled and said, "you know, pops made me promise to never give this ring out to anyone but you." He paused just looking at the ring his mother once wore, "guess he too knew all along what our hearts did."

"Guess so" Vega said pulling him into her, "just took her heads a little longer to get with the program."

Her hands were now feverishly working to remove his boxers for another chance to make up for lost time.

"You know Veg" Killian said as he flipped her so she was under him, "one of these days I'm just going to fuck you hard, aggressive and rough, just to get it out of our systems."

"Why wait?" she said taunting him, "you never know Killi, I might just like it rough and aggressive."

He felt his erection grow larger and harder than it ever had. Her words and the sensual tone in her voice turned him on so badly that there was no doubt left in his mind, he was going to fuck her hard, right now before the wedding.

He pulled her clothes off her and flipped her onto her stomach, smacking her ass hard enough to make it sting. She moaned when he did this which only turned him on more. He smacked her ass with is erection and as she shifted her ass into him, suggesting she wanted it, he shoved his fingers up into hard, making her groan in pleasure.

He hooked his fingers up into her sweet spot and tugged making her body react, pulling her up onto her knees, her face still on the bed but her ass in the air. His fingers continued to fuck her hard as he pushed another in, and her moans were getting louder and driving him crazy at this point.

He smacked her ass again, a little harder this time, and then shifted himself behind her. Standing up and removing his fingers from her wet pussy he lined his cock up to her and pushed downward, driving deep and hard into her. He was standing, his knees bent, and using his body weight to drive into her. He could feel his cock being stretched to full girth and his size spreading her pussy, stretching her lips.

Her moans and groans continued to increase his passion and lust for her as he rose up and down, plunging in and out of her.

"Is this what you wanted baby" he asked as he continued to slam into her.

"Oh fuck yes," she cried out, her hand reaching and rubbing her clit, making her nub swell and throb.

"Veg" he began, "I want to fuck you in the ass so bad" he said, expecting her to reject the idea.

"Only if you do it hard Killi" she replied to his surprise.

He pulled out of her and grabbing her hips, yanked her to the edge of the bed so her feet were touching the ground and she was bend over onto the bed.

"You fuck your pussy with those finger baby, while I" he was saying as he pushed into her ass "OHH FUCK THAT'S TIGHT" he cried out as he felt her squeezing his shaft.

"OH MY GOD" she screamed when he impaled her ass, her fingers reaching down between her legs to fuck her pussy as he roughly claimed her ass.

Their moans echoed in the house and as their friends and family were doing the finishing touches for the ceremony, some could hear the sounds coming from the house.

Marie would redirect attention back to the preparations but found herself smiling at the house often.

"YES YES.... OH GOD YES" Vega was screaming as Killian fucked her ass had and fast.

"FUCKKKKKK, VEG I'M GONNA CUMM" Killian was saying as Vega's ass squeezed him again tight, her pussy gripping her fingers as she felt her own orgasm shudder through her body making her scream out in pleasure. "UGHHHHH YESSSSS" Killian cried out as he filled her ass with his cum.

He leaned into her body, kissing her back and reaching around to caress her breasts.

"That was the most incredible thing ever" he said, "I love you so much Veg."

"Oh shit" she replied, "that was intense Killi. I love you too, but" looking at the clock she jumped up "we have a wedding to get ready for."

The two of them ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower together. As they were finishing up Marie come into the house and was calling for Vega so she could help with her hair.

"I'll see you soon" Vega said as she kissed Killian and headed downstairs by Marie.

Marie made swift work of Vega's hair and make-up and everyone was ready with time to spare.

Killian headed out to the bard and the place was full, including the yard outside the doors.

Right at 1:00 Vega began her walk through the crowd into the barn to Killian's side. Her father handed her off to Killian and set back down, smiling proudly.

The Pastor performed the ceremony, and finally after exchanging the rings.. "you may now kiss the bride."

Everyone cheered and after following the new bride and groom out, the barn was quickly transformed into a party room with a dance floor, tables, chairs and a full buffet.

The reception ran long into the night and finally after thanking everyone, sharing a dance with friends and family, Killian and Vega were found dancing outside under the stars and the moon.

Marie took the opportunity to take one more photo, and that along with the earlier yard photo were the two that would eventually find their way around the globe, spreading the word of the Luck of the Irish, the love story from Bennington, Maine.


Barely a year later and Bennington, Maine was still a prominent tourist attraction. The Irish Love Story, as it was being called, hat hit just about every media outlet in Hollywood in a matter of days, soon followed by every other media outlet in the states that could find a way to capitalize on it, which was pretty much everyone.

News of Killian and Vega had spread near and far and the town was never to busy. Vega had opened up a side room in Mable's shop for her photography business and hired some local teens to help run the place, carrying on Mable's traditions.

The two properties had been combined into one, widening the farming and allowing Vega to set up a fully functional office and studio in Mable's old house.

Vega and Killian would often look back on the lessons they learned through the years, but none of them could ever hold a torch to the lesson they learned about love the March that Mable passed away, and they would forever cherish those memories most of all.

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