Luck of the Irish

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When Vega O'Neill is compelled to return to her small hometown of Beddington, Maine for the funeral of a long time family friend, she had no intention of staying much longer then a day, and running into Killian Carroll was not part of her plans, even though it was virtually impossible not to since the little town had a population of 50. After being away from home for 20 years Vega will be forced to face her past, and look into the eyes of the man who stole then broke her heart. Despite her fine efforts to make this a short trip, Vega gets talked into helping out around town with some traditions and has no choice but to work closely with none other than Killian Carroll. Will Killian finally get to pledge his love to Vega after all these years of regret? Or will Vega's broken heart still be too much to mend, leaving Killian alone in the small town of Beddington. Find out as you read through the life of Vega O'Neill in these digital pages of fantasy, love lost and love found. Please be patient.. unlike most of my other stories, this is a love story first. The adult content does not come into play until toward the end, but the story as a whole is worth the read, and the climax worth the wait, I believe, and hope you agree. Contains Some Explicit Sexual Scenes 18+

Romance / Erotica
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Ms. Mable

When Vega left home to become a big Hollywood photographer at age 21, she had no intentions of ever returning to that quaint little town. It had been about 20 years since she last graced Beddington with her presence, but she was certain everything was the same as when she left it, including Killian Carroll, the most handsome bachelor in all of Maine.

Killian stood about 6'2 and was pure Irish muscle. He worked on his parents' farm, and all of that physical labor was very gracious with his body. He appeared to have muscles on top of muscles. Mix that with his golden tanned skin, his brown hair and deep brown eyes, he was a total dream, and every girl wanted to go out with him, including Vega back in the day. Senior year of high school Killian finally got up the courage to ask Vega out.

Vega stood about 5'3 with a soft olive complexion, perfect curves, long, auburn brown hair and beautiful green eyes that could see right through you. She was all about her grades and always said that one day she wanted to go to Hollywood and become a big time photographer for the stars. Staying in Beddington was never part of her plans.

Senior year Vega turned down Killian's prom invite three times before finally agreeing to go with him. Over the last few months of school Killian managed to break down every wall Vega placed and stole her heart. She loved him more than words, and when she received a Hollywood internship she begged him to come with her. Instead, Killian broke up with her and didn't even take the time to say farewell the day she left.

Vega kept in touch with her family and a couple of friends and was well aware that Killian never did settle down. The fact that her recent relationship had just ended on a bad note was not a good thing as Killian was not only drop dead gorgeous, but he was the biggest jerk she had ever known and yet still she could feel it in her gut, she was still very much in love with him.

When Killian didn't show to say good-bye to her on the day she left for Hollywood, Vega swore she would never in this lifetime see the likes of him again. She had hoped he would at least show to explain why he broke up with her, why he tore her heart from her and threw it on the ground as she watched him stomp it into the dirt, but nothing of the kind. He didn't show, he didn't call, he just walked away breaking her in way she never imagined.

That was 20 years ago and if she was being completely honest with herself, she never forgot Killian Carroll. His perfect, muscular body and the way his deep brown eyes bore into her soul was embedded in her memory forever. However, even if she thought of him regularly, she still ignored his phone calls and returned the letters he sent to her, right up until the last one she had received a week ago. Sure she wondered why he constantly called and wrote, but she was stubborn and hurt, still, and had promised herself to never allow another person to ever hurt her in the way Killian had.

When Vega's mom called in tears about Ms. Mable passing away, Vega knew she had to face her past and return home to pay her respects. Ms. Mable had lived next door to her family and was a large part of Vega's life growing up. Mable was practically a second mom to Vega, and Killian for that matter. Vega's first job was at Mable's shop and she spent so many hours at Mable's house and in her barn that her parents swore she would move in there one day.

So when Vega got the call she rearranged her schedule, left instructions for her office, packed her things and prepared to visit Beddington, Maine, once again. "I'll only be a day or two" she assured Marie, her best friend and business partner, "but call if you need anything." "Don't worry about a thing," Marie replied, "I got it all covered, you just go do what you need to do." Marie had called a cab for Vega and it was waiting outside. She hugged her friend and wished her luck and safe travels.

"Let me know when you get settled and do try not to be a total bitch to Mr. Irish Hottie" Marie added as Vega walked out the door.

Vega just laughed and replied "no promises on that last part."

Little did Vega know, Killian still carried a torch for her, laced with regret, and he never settled down all these years because he hoped for the day she would return to his arms. He had his reasons for breaking up with her all those years ago and not going to Hollywood, but at that moment in time he couldn't tell her and risk shattering her dreams. So he held it and tried over the years to call and write to explain, but in 20 years he hadn't gotten the chance to yet.

Ms. Mable was well aware of how Killian felt and in her Last Will and Testament Ms. Mable stated that she wanted her family's age old Irish love story to be performed on St. Patrick's Day in honor of her life. Everyone knew the story of Ms. Mable and Oliver Luck, her one true heart whom she never did get to spend her life with. However, the Ms. Mable in this love story was the recently deceased Ms. Mable's great-grandmother.

This love story had been acted out for many years, but somewhere along the lines it just ceased to take place. However, not only did Ms. Mable make this request, knowing that there wasn't a single person in Beddington that would hesitate to make it happen, but she also listed who she wanted to portray the two main characters, Vega O'Neill and Killian Carroll.

As fate would have it, Ms. Mable's passing fell right in time with St. Patrick's day, and plans were already being put into place to make her last wish a reality. Now they just needed to secure the two main characters, which certainly was going to be easier said then done.

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