Luck of the Irish

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Coming Home

The flight was uneventful, little to no turbulence and Vega actually slept most of the trip, which was unusual for her because she wasn't really the type to sleep anywhere except for her own bed.

'Guess I didn't realize just how tired I have been lately' she thought to herself as she stretched awake for dinner. The meal was great and there was even an in flight movie playing. It was a love story and as Vega drifted off to sleep again she fell into a dream of the tales Ms. Mable would tell her about her great-grandmother Mable and Oliver Luck.

Their love story took place during the start of the great depression and World War II. Oliver Luck was an officer in the U.S. Navy, who Ms. Mable met when he was injured on duty and found himself in one of her med bays.

Mable and Oliver met up as often as they could, creating an elaborate dream love to be rivaled by none other. When Oliver was eventually discharged from the Navy he moved to Beddington, Maine to be with his beloved Mable. They were the couple of the century, and everyone who was anyone followed the story of their meeting, their love, and their life together.

There were stories of Mable singing in a Burlesque Show, to which Oliver attended every night, waiting to hold his beloved Mable after her performance showing his support and love, until one night he was a no show.

Vega shuffled in her sleep as her eyebrow furrowed while her subconscious recalled the next part of the historic love story.

Ms. Mable waited and waited each night for Oliver to return to her. He had made no attempt to contact her, no attempt to say good-bye or in any way explain what had happened. He was just gone, leaving behind a very broken heart Mable.

It wasn't until several years later that Mable learned of Oliver being called back to active duty, with no time for good-byes. She learned that once he was settled and able to contact family it was a good month that had passed and he figured she had forgotten about him and moved on.

It wasn't until several years later when Oliver learned of Ms. Mable's passing that he returned to Beddington and learned the truth. Mable had never married, but she did have a child, his child. She loved Oliver till the day she died and in her casket there was a picture of the two of them in her hands. It was a photo taken by a local newspaper reporter after one of her Burlesque shows and Mable was sitting on Oliver's lap looking into his eyes. Oliver broke down in tears at that very moment, begging Mable for her forgiveness and pouring out his love and regret for never returning to her.


'Ladies and gentlemen, we do apologize for the slight turbulence. We ask that you please remain seated and we should be past it shortly. Further, we are happy to say we will begin our final approach in about 10 minutes. Please fasten your seat belts, and put your seat backs and trays in their upright position as we near our destination.'

The voice over the intercom woke Vega and as she stretched and stirred herself awake she found herself relating the story of Ms. Mable and Oliver Luck to her and Killian, only she truly believed that there was no regret to be felt by Killian.

As she walked off the plane she could feel how jet legged she was and as she entered the airport thinking it could not possible get any worse, she was hit in the face with reality.. yes it can get worse. There standing at the end of the exit tunnel was none other then Killian. 'Ugh' Vega just groaned to herself, 'you have GOT to be kidding me'.

'You got this Vega' she repeated in her head as she walked closer and closer to Killian, his eyes looked away from her and to the ground, but his golden tanned muscles still made her heart leap. This was going to be a long couple of days.

They greeted each other with pleasant hellos and then walked in silence to the baggage claim area. "For someone who only plans to be here a couple of days, you sure have a lot packed" Killian joked as he lifted the large, heavy suitcase.

Vega didn't say a word, she couldn't, she was too busy watching as Killian's golden muscles popped out as he lifted the bag. Damn he was still gorgeous and amazing as ever. Why couldn't he just be the jerk she knew he could so she didn't look at him with mixed emotions of anger, pain and lust.

"You and I are supposed to head straight to the reading of Ms. Mable's will" Killian told her as they headed toward the parking lot, "but if you would like, we do have time to stop and grab a quick bite to eat. I'm sure you must be hungry after that long flight."

Vega just nodded and finally replied with a simple, "ya sure." She continued to walk quietly, trying her best not to look at Killian. He made her heart race and drove her stark mad all at the same time.

"You didn't read a single letter I sent you" Killian said, figuring he may as well jump start this conversation now because after he drops her off at her mom's house he may not get another chance to tell her how he feels, how he has felt, and how much he has truly regretted the way things ended.

"I had nothing to say to you and therefore nothing I needed to hear from you" Vega replied very coldly. Killian just left it alone at that point sensing the pain she still harbored over it. He only hoped he would get another opportunity to show Vega just how much he regretted their last days together.

It was hard to hide the smile as they pulled into the parking lot of the old town diner that they used to frequent 20 years ago. "I can't believe this place is still here, and exactly the same as it was 20 years ago." Killian just smiled and then replied, "they still have the same meals as before too, I should know, I usually order our favorites when I come here and keep one for the next day."

"Why would you do that Killian?" Vega asked surprised.

"Because it just never felt right ordering one without the other," Killian replied honestly, "so I always took yours home and had it the next day. Kinda made me feel close to you at times, to be honest."Vega got quiet again. She was having a very hard time sorting out how she felt about all of this and about Killian at the moment, and yet she couldn't help but smile as she looked at him and remembered when they use to come there as a couple, so wildly in love. They ate their meals and talked with the waitress, one of Vega and Killian's long time friends from high school and before long they headed out to the courthouse to hear the reading of Ms. Mable's will.

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