Luck of the Irish

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Mable’s Will

As they walked into the conference room at the courthouse Vega gave her mom a look as if to say 'why Killian of all people'. As they sat down in the last two open seats, right next to each other, the Executor began to speak.

"Thank you all for coming today for the reading of Ms. Mable's final Will and Testament. As the first part of the will's criteria has been met with Killian picking up Vega from the airport, we can now continue with the remainder of the will." Vega and Killian looked at each other perplexed. Neither of them realized that Mable had required Killian to pick Vega up as a condition of the remainder of the will being carried out, but now it at least made a little more sense.

"Over the years" the Executor continued reading Mable's will, "the Irish Love Story of my ancestors has been forgotten and lost, so it is my last wish and decree that the reenactment of this tale be brought back to Bennington, on St. Patrick's Day. Further, I ask that. as in the past. the entire town gets involved, but that the two main characters be our very own Vega O'Neill and Killian Carroll. It is important to me and the two of work together to make this possible and bring life back into this story."

Vega gasped. St. Patrick's Day was two weeks away and she had not planned to visit that long, and further, the idea of reenacting a love story with Killian as her love interest was the last thing she ever wanted to consider. As Killian looked at Vega trying to read her reaction, wondering what she was thinking and if she would actually stay and fulfill Mable's final wishes, the Executor continued reading: "Everything Vega and Killian will need can be found in my shop. However, it will not be until the end of the final scene that the remainder of my will shall be read, and the contents of my entire estate distributed accordingly. If the reenactment does not take place, then my estate will forever be held in limbo."

All eyes were on Vega now, as if she needed this added pressure. She was furious and sad and confused and just hated the spotlight moment she found herself in. Killian started to reach for her hand to reassure her it would all work out, but stopped short, afraid she would pull away anyway. Vega took a deep sigh and finally, slowly nodding, said "okay, I'll stay. I'll honor Ms. Mable's final wishes." She looked down feeling lost and defeated.

"One last thing before I send you all on your way" the Executor continued after clearing his throat, almost afraid to read this next part. "Ms. Mable adds that once Vega and Killian agree to play the parts of the main characters, her only other condition, which is non-negotiable also, is that they rewrite the ending, making it their own take on what could have, should have or might have happened if things had been done differently. Only then can the contents of her estate be probated."

There was a lot whispering and several small discussions around the room. "What does she mean rewrite the ending" Killian finally asked. "She means, she wants us to make it our own and not that of the traditional tale. To make it about us, and our own ending to the nightmare" Vega said as her bright green eyes focused directly on Killian's deep brown eyes for the first time since she had stepped off the plane.

The room was silent. When people began to speak some were upset that the ending would change, others were confused as to why, while others were excited about the possibilities, but it was Vega's mother who eventually spoke up and said, "it seems Mable is trying to keep Vega and Killian, and anyone else for that matter, from making the same age old mistake her great-grandmother made."

A hush fell over the room again and Vega looked up at her mother before abruptly standing to walk out of the room. Before leaving she turned to the room and said, "I will do the reenactment; I will help rewrite the ending; but I assure you it won't be all that different from the original. Some things just can't be rewritten." Then she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Killian jumped to his feet and hurried down the hall after Vega. "Vega, please wait and talk to me" he called after her. "I have nothing more to say to you Killian Carroll" she replied harshly, refusing to even look back his way. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she thought about the lost love between them and then anger build up in it's place and she remembered the pain of losing him. "I have to make a call to my business partner to let her know the change of plans" she replied coldly, "and then I'm going to my parent's house. We can talk tomorrow about the new ending we need to write and the details of the reenactment."

As Vega walked out of the courthouse Killian watched her leave once again. He knew she was in pain and all he wanted to do was grab her up into his arms and make her feel safe. Make her realize everything was going to be okay. He wanted to run after her this time, to tell her he loved her and didn't want her to leave, he didn't want to lose her. He wanted to explain why he couldn't go with her 20 years ago, and why he couldn't ask her to stay either, but he stood and watched her walk. He would tell her over the next couple of days because unlike the last time she walked away, this time he knew she would at least be there to stay for a couple more weeks, and she would have no alternative but to talk with him.

Vega explained to Marie what had all happened and even though Marie assured her everything was running smooth in Hollywood and that she would take care of things till Vega returned, Vega was still annoyed at the idea of having to remain in Bennington for another two weeks. "I hate it" she was saying to Marie, "and I hate him" she cried out into the phone as tears began to fall.

Marie just listened and again reassured her friend that everything would work out alright and for her to just worry about taking care of what she needed to there.Vega thanked Marie for listening and told her she would call again tomorrow to touch base with her about everything, then she hung up the phone and looked blankly down the road at the small town of Bennington, Maine.

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