Luck of the Irish

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From the Grave

When Vega finally arrived at her parent's house it was late and dark out. She took her time walking and visited some of the sites in town that she had missed over the years. Just as she figured, nothing had really changed, except that Ms. Mable was no longer there for her to sit with on the old porch swing and talk with about life and love and dreams. As she walked passed Mable's house she could almost see her old friend sitting on the porch smiling back at her. Oh how she missed Mable, and she realized then that despite her feelings about Killian, she was going to do everything she could to make this reenactment epic.

When she walked in the house she said hello to her parents. After sitting down with them for about a half hour to catch up a little, she excused herself, saying she was tired from her long flight and had a lot on her mind and simply wanted to retire for the night. They didn't question her and merely reminded her that breakfast was served promptly at 7am.

When Vega got to her room she noticed an envelope on her pillow with her name on it in Ms. Mable's handwriting, and with it a stack of letters tied together, all with her address in Hollywood and her handwritten note 'Return to Sender'. A single tear fell from her eye as she opened the envelope from Mable and began to read:

Vega my dear,

I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed knowing you. I appreciate how you always remembered my birthday and always called and wrote home to me. You're letters and calls meant so much to me. I know it was difficult to even think to come home to visit, and so the times you flew me to Hollywood to stay with you were ever so wonderful. Vega, I made a promise not to tell you anything of why Killian broke up with you 20 years ago, but as I watch the two of you fumble through life my heart aches as I am reminded of my great-grandmother and Oliver. Please Vega, I beg of you, spend the next few days with an open mind and open heart. Hear what Killian has to say and rewrite the ending of the Irish Love Story. Don't make the same mistakes of the past my dear. Promise me you will approach this with an open heart and open eyes. Killian asked me to hold these letters for him, well actually he asked me to throw them out, but I hung onto them so one day you might have the chance to read them. I suppose now is as good a time as any to hand them on to you. Read them my dear, and let your heart feel again.

Believe in the Luck of the Irish,

Ms. Mable

As Vega sat down on her bed, tears flowing down her cheeks she spoke into the air, 'I promise you I will try, I will try my best', and then she laid back against her old pillow and fell into a deep, sound sleep, the stack of letters in her hands.


"VEGA .. VEGA wake up it's time for breakfast." Her mother called as she come up the stairs and threw open Vega's bedroom door only to find her room empty. 'Where could that girl possibly be' she thought to herself. Her bed was made and the drapes were open with the morning sun shining through. As she looked out the window her question was answered, she saw Vega outside doing the rounds around the farm, collecting eggs and milking the cows, just like she had done years ago.

As she walked downstairs Vega come in the backdoor, "hey mom, I got the milk, is breakfast done?" Her mother walked over to her and gave her a hug. It was good to have her home and uplifting to see Vega seeming to feel good about it as well, especially after all that had been thrown at her the day before. "What has come over you" her mother asked.

"Well mom" Vega began, "it seems even from her grave Ms. Mable knows just the right things to say to get me off my ass and seeing the glass as half full."

Just then her father walked into the kitchen and gave both of them a kiss before sitting at the table. They said grace and had a lovely breakfast together. They talked about how the farm was doing, how Vega's company was growing, and how the next couple of weeks would be fun, exciting and interesting to say the least. When they finished eating Vega collected the dishes and began to clean up telling her mom not to worry about it because it was her turn to do the dishes. Her mom just laughed, thanked her and headed out onto the porch to enjoy the morning air. Just as Vega was finishing up the dishes she heard someone walking up the front steps.

"Well good morning Killian" she heard her mother saying, "been awhile since we have seen you this early in the day." Vega just smiled to herself as she dried the last plate. As torn as she was inside about Killian and the heartache he had left her with 20 years ago, she remembered her promise the night before to Ms. Mable and tried to keep a smile on her face and look at everything with open eyes, an open mind and yes, even an open heart.

"Good morning Mrs. O'Neill, it's lovely to see you enjoying the morning" he said greeting Vega's mom, "is Vega inside?"

"Yes dear" she replied with a smile, "she should be just now finishing up the dishes. You can just head in, you know your way around."

Killian walked into the house, greeted Vega's father as he headed into the kitchen.

"Good morning Killian" Vega greeted him as he walked into the kitchen. Killian stopped in the doorway stunned at the whole new attitude and just smiled back at Vega. "I was thinking, we have two weeks to worry about 'rewriting the ending', so maybe we should re-acclimate me with the town." Killian smiled and nodded in agreement.

He helped Vega put away the dishes and as they headed out the door Vega called back to her parents, "do you need me to pick up anything while we are in town?" Her mom gave her a small list of some items she intended to go to town for later and thanked Vega for taking care of them for her.

As they walked down the dirt drive Vega's mom stood on the porch watching. Vega turned to look at Killian and as he turned and looked back at her she simply smiled. Inside, however, she had a war going on, one side that reminded her of her teary promise the night before, while also reminding her of the heartbreak years ago and the teary promise she had made to herself then, and still another side that reminded her of the good times and the love she once felt, and still feels for Killian.As they drove off Killian smiled back at Vega and wondered to himself if maybe, just maybe Ms. Mable's final wishes would bring the two of them together again at last.

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