Luck of the Irish

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Just Like Old Times

It was a beautiful day in Maine and as they drove around in Killian's old beat up pickup truck Vega couldn't help but feel content. It had been so long that she had forgotten how wonderful it could feel being part of such a small little town.

"Oh, oh" Vega sat up tall pointing, "stop Killian stop, I need to run in there real quick." She was practically yelling at him and as he pulled over he couldn't help but chuckle under his breath as she allowed herself to let down walls.

As Vega crossed the street Killian sat leaning out his window and just watched her disappear into the cozy little shop. It was Ms. Mable's Antiques. The Executor of the Will had agreed to keep the shop running until if and when the will was probated and the new owner could decide what they wanted to do with it.

Vega always loved Ms. Mable's shop and as she skipped up the curb she stopped to look around. The place really hadn't changed one bit. She peered in the window remember how she used to spend hours just looking at every little thing there and having long conversations with Ms. Mable.

Killian sat there just looking at Vega as the sun shown down on her standing there on the sidewalk. He recalled all the times he would stand in that very spot watching her through the windows of Mable's shop, trying to muster up the courage to ask her out.

He also recalled the last day she was in town before leaving for Hollywood. He once again stood in that very spot watching Vega through the window crying on Mable's shoulder, likely because he had broken up with her and had not been around to say good-bye or anything in two days.

Oh how he had wanted to beg her to stay, to tell her how his father's condition had worsened and there was no way he could leave him at this time, and that it was his duty to take over the family farm and how he wanted nothing more then to have her with him... but no, he swallowed hard and walked away, wanting her to live her dream. He never forgave himself for not telling her why he didn't go with her. He carried that regret for 20 years.

When Vega walked out of the shop and saw Killian sitting there staring her direction she skipped a breath and couldn't help but notice how incredibly handsome he still was. 'Oh Mable, why did you have to request this of me?' she thought to herself, and then put on a smile and readjusted her thoughts and headed back to the truck.

"You who" Vega sang out the words as she jumped into the passenger's side, "what's on your mind Killian?" He had been so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't even noticed her return to the truck.

"What did you get?" he asked, side-stepping her question.

"I remembered Mable had this old outfit from her great-grandmother in the shop" Vega began saying excitedly, "and so I figured if I'm going to do this whole reenactment thing I may as well do it right." She sat there smiling contently at herself. Killian just laughed as he watched her lean back in her seat just like old times.

"It's really good to see you enjoying yourself and taking to the town again Vega" Killian said as they continued to drive down the road to the town square.

The found a spot to park and got out of the truck to walk around. It was such a small town that pretty much everything was in walking distance.

They started off by heading over to the old fountain. Vega pulled out a couple of pennies and handed one to Killian. He smiled at her and they nodded in sync, counting silently, one... two... three... toss. They tossed the coins at the same time and as they watched them cross over one another and land side by side they both just laughed and said together, "some things don't change."

Vega grabbed her purse up and tried to dismiss the linger tension she was feeling. After all, it was really great to be there with Killian, and he seems to have matured to be less of a jackass over the last 20 years, but still, he broke her heart and she was certain she could never forget that.Killian walked quietly with her down the road as she took inventory of each shop that was still open and looked just the same as it did before she left to Hollywood.

Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz..

She felt her phone going off in her pocket. When she pulled it out there was an urgent message from Marie ... "CALL ME NOW!"

"Will you excuse me Killian," she asked politely, "I have to make a phone call.

"Of course" Killian replied, "how 'bout I meet you at the diner?"

"Sounds good, I'll be there in a few" Vega answered as she beg to dial Marie's number.


"OH MY GOD VEGA!" Marie's voice was loud and excited on the other end, "you are NOT going to believe this!"

"Marie, what's going on? What happened? Are we getting sued? Did we lose a major client? What Marie, what's the emergency?" Vega was panicked and worried something terrible had happened.

"No, no nothing like that Ms Negative" Marie continued, "but listen, and the final decision is completely yours, but I got a call a few minutes ago and well let's just say the conditional will of Ms. Mable has rumored across the states and...."

They continued talking and Vega seemed to fall into a trance as she listened to what Marie was saying.

"Um, okay Marie, I know you're excited," Vega said when Marie had finally finished talking, "but you have to give me a day or so to process this. I'll give you a call tomorrow night the latest and let you know."

"Okay Veg.. I'll talk to you then."


Ding.. Ding.. sounded the door chime as Vega walked into the diner, immediately spotting Killian in the very booth they always sat in growing up.

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