Luck of the Irish

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Hollywood Request

"So, is everything okay" Killian asked as he stood up and pulled Vega's seat out for her to sit down.

"Um, ya," she began saying and then immediately found herself pouring out the entire conversation to him.

"So ya," she was saying as the food arrived, "you see the most prestigious newspapers, magazines and stations have all contacted Marie for her, and well our company, to do a insider scoop on the Ms. Mable and Oliver Luck love story, Last Will and Testament and the new reenactment of the love story. This is huge Killian! This is the type of job that makes a name for any photographer!"

"Okay Vega, so what's the problem luv" he said to her. Realizing what he said he hoped she missed that last part, it just felt so natural as she confided in him like she used to. However, whether she heard it or not, she continued as if she hadn't.

"The problem is that I'm not sure I want this part of my life dissected in Hollywood" she admitted honestly. "It won't stop at the love story Killian, they will want background, history. They will want to know WHY VEGA AND KILLIAN. I'm not sure if I am ready for all that."

"Why don't you tell Marie to come to Maine" he began, "have her tell them that she cannot make any promises right now but will have an answer for them in a few days. Then let her get the feel for everything, take some pictures and when you are ready to make a decision, let them know either you're out or they can send their reporters."

Vega just stared into his deep brown eyes. He had always had a way of making her feel relaxed and in control. As she took a deep breath she texted Marie exactly what Killian had said and then smiled at him across the table, "thank you."

Killian just nodded as if to say he's always got her back, which he did and deep down she knew it, despite the war that carried on inside of her over Killian, their past and the present.

As they ate their lunch and talked about how the town would be transforming over the next couple of weeks, several people had come up to talk with them a little about what they remembered of the story, prior reenactments, and how excited they were that it was being brought back. Some were a little disturbed by the fact that the ending would change, while others were excited to see how it would be rewritten. All in all, it was obvious, the town was excited with purpose over the reenactment.

They finished up their lunch and after paying they headed out and continued to walk the streets of the town. It was a warm, sunny day and everything just felt perfect. Vega instinctively looped her arm through Killian's and leaned her head on his arm as they walked.

"Oh, I'm.. I'm sorry" she said as she realized what she had done and quickly pulled her arm away, "I din't mean.."

Her apologies were cut short as Ms. Mable's bridge club spotted the two of them. 'You two are such a lovely couple', one lady said; 'yes, you look so in love and Mable really got it right choosing you two for her story' another added. Killian and Vega just smiled and thanked them as they continued on their way.

"Can you believe they think we are a couple," Killian said half-headtedly, because deep down he wanted them to be a couple again, and he had hopes that maybe they could. "I mean, it's comical that we appear to be so in love. Looks like we will do pretty well in the reenactment after all."

Vega just smiled and laughed lightly but her mind was twirling those words in her head. How can they possibly see it, she thought to herself, how can they tell I am still in love with him. Then her eyes got really wide as she realized the women had commented about how in love "they" were. She turned and looked at Killian again and wondered does he still love me?

Killian grabbed Vega's hand and wrapped her arm through his again. He didn't say a word, but walked proudly down the main road of town with her by his side.

They stopped at the old bookstore, which was well underway to being brought to life from 1940. Vega wanted to stop and look for an old book, which she found right out in the center of the shop. "That's one of our finest renditions of Mable and Oliver" the clerk told her, "it's said that most of the information was provided first hand by a reporter who spoke to co-workers, friends and family of the two of them."

"This is exactly what I was looking for" Vega said as she headed to the cash register. It was an old style register, with the punch keys and number tabs that popped up in the screen. Vega took a deep breath and slowly drew in the history of the town. Funny how she never truly appreciated it when she was young, but now that she has a life and career somewhere else, she can't help but wonder what it would have been like if she had stayed in Bennington.

"That will be $24.99" the clerk said.

"I got it" Killian offered as he handed the clerk $30 and told her to keep the change."Thank you Killie" Vega said as a smile fitted her face perfectly.

Killian just took in the moment. He wasn't sure if she realized she had called him by her old nickname for him or not, but he certainly enjoyed the moment.

Before long it was close to 5pm and nearing dinner time. Vega knew her mother would have dinner on the table promptly at 6pm and hurried Killian along so she wouldn't be late. When they got to her home her mother greeted them on the porch.

"How was your day you two?" She sat rocking in the chair as she watched them walk up the stoop.

"It was nice" Vega replied, "really nice." As Killian started back to his truck to head home Vega turned around, "won't you stay for dinner Killie?" she asked and for the first time she genuinely wanted him to stay around, to stay with her.

Killian drew in a deep, heart warming breath and smiling to himself he turned around, "I'd like that. Thank you for asking Vega."

Her mother put her arm around the two of them as they headed inside. Dinner was already on the table, with a place set for Killian. Mother always seemed to know Vega, even better then Vega did sometimes.

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