Luck of the Irish

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That night after Killian left Vega went up to her room and pulled out the old box from under her bed. She never did have enough courage to throw out all their old pictures.

As she lay in her bed she looked through the pictures of her and Killian from prom and senior year. From graduation and summer parties. She smiled as she remembered how wonderful she felt in his arms and how much she loved him.

Just then her phone vibrated with a text, making her jump. It was Marie letting her know she would be arriving the next day around 10am. Vega replied 'okay, we'll be there to pick you up.' She hit send without even thinking of the questions that would follow. As she texted Killian asking him if he would mind driving her to pick up Marie the next day her phone buzzed with a barrage of messages from Marie:

'We? Who's we?'

'Is it that hottie from high school?'

'No wait, he's a jerk, you hate him, can't be him?'

'But no, who you still actually have feelings for him don't you?'

'Is WE you and him? What's his name?'

'Is he still in love with you?'

'Wait screw that, he broke your heart, make him feel your pain.'


'LOL Marie, slow down.' Vega finally replied. 'Yes, yes, Killian and I will be coming to pick you up.' By now Killian had responded to her message saying he'd be happy to.

'I'll fill you in on all the details once you are here.' Vega wrote and then pulled out the stack of letters that Ms. Mable had left for her. The stack that Killian had sent to her and she had returned.

'I wonder how Ms. Mable got these letters in the first place' she thought as she untied the string around them and thumbed through to find the first one he had sent.

As she found the letter postage marked the day after she left, she opened it slowly and began to read:

My Dearest Vega:

I am so sorry for how things ended for us. I know I have hurt you and you have every right to hate me and never speak to me again, and I would understand, but please let me explain to you why.

You have always dreamed of being a Hollywood photographer and I could not ask you to give that up, but you see my love, my father is very ill. He doesn't have long to live and he needs me to not only take care of him but to take over the farm after he is gone.

I will never be leaving Bennington my love, and I cannot ask you to stay. I love you enough to let you spread your wings and fly, as much as it hurts to lose you.

I knew if I told you, you would want to stay for me.. for us. I didn't want you to give up your dream for me. I didn't want you to have any regrets. I could and I will, but I will hold that for the both of us.

So Vega, my love, I am sorry but I didn't know how to send you on your way any other way. I know I hurt you, and I will forever bear the pain of knowing that. I know you may never speak to me again, but know this, I will always love you. You are my heart.

Forever and Always,

Your Killian

As the tears fell down her face she felt her heart ache, not out of pain of a loss, but out of pain for what she now knew he had done for her in the name of the love he felt for her. How could she bee so cruel as to never take his calls, never read a single letter from him.

THUMP THUMP .. she heard the banging on her bedroom door.

"Vega, honey, can I come in" she heard her mother's voice say from the other side of her door.

"Ya mom, um, just hold on a second" she said as she threw the letters and pictures in the box, and wiped the tears from her face while shoving the box back under her bed. "Okay, come on in mom, it's open."

"It sure was nice to see Killian tonight at the dinner table again" she began saying. "That boy has done a fine job of taking over his family farm and business."

Vega knew full well that her mother was trying get a feel for what she was feeling about Killian at that point. After all she was not blind, she saw how they had been laughing and smiling together since they started traveling around town to prepare for the reenactment.

"Mom, I know what you are doing" Vega said, "but I just don't see anything coming of this. It's been too long, and too much damage has been done I think."

"Vega my dear" her mother said softly as she stood up from the bed, "never underestimate the power of love." She kissed Vega on the forehead before bidding her goodnight and leaving her room.

Vega sighed as she thought about that first letter. She looked at the clock and decided she had time to read another. She thumbed through and found one written about a year and a half after the first.

My Dearest Vega:

I am well aware that you don't read my letters and simply return them to me, but I refuse to give up trying to reach you. You may never forgive me, but I do need you to know why things happened the way they did.

Let me first tell you that my father passed away last month. I knew it was nearing that time. That is why I stayed behind Vega, which I never could tell you before you left because I didn't want you to give up your dream and stay in Beddington. I didn't want you to have any regrets and resent me for being the reason you stayed. But Vega, my love, I just couldn't leave. My father needed me and now it is my responsibility to take over the family farm and business.

I had hoped you might come home for the funeral, but I do understand. I know I hurt you and you probably never want to hear from or see me again. I must still try, I need you to know that you are and always will be my heart. That I did this because I love you and I wanted you to follow your dreams.

I hear you are doing well, getting some rather large photoshoots. I've bought a couple of magazines that have your work in them. I honestly don't know who some of these people are, but I love seeing your name in print and knowing you are accomplishing what you set out to do.I hope that one day one of my letters will be opened and that even if you cannot forgive me, you can at least understand a little better.

Forever and Always,

Your Killian




'OMG Vega, I have an early flight, what's up?'

'His letters. {crying emoji}'

'What do you mean Vega? What about his letters? You returned them all to him.'

'Ms. Mable had them, and she left them for me. I .. I'

Vega started to sob and her hands were shaking. Just then the phone rang and she answered, it was Marie.

"Vega, what's going on?"

"Mable kept them and left them for me" Marie could hear the tears in her voice, "and well I been reading a couple and, Marie, he never stopped loving me."

"But he broke up with you just when you got the best news of your life; he broke your heart."

"No Marie, that's just it, he broke HIS heart!" Vega went on to explain the letters and how Killian needed to stay in Beddington and how the only way he could think to do that and still see Vega follow her dreams was to break up with her and not give her the chance to decide to stay.Vega was crying by time she had finished and Marie could hardly understand her, but she got the gist of the story.

"Vegs!" Marie shouted in the phone to get her attention, "you have a second chance, take it."Marie was full aware that Vega never stopped loving Killian and that was the very reason no guy she ever dated was ever good enough.

"But what if he did stop loving me? What if it's too late?" Vega objected, tears starting up again.

"Vega O'Neill! Do you really think Ms. Mable would have left those letters for you AND required the two of you to rewrite the ending if all hope was lost?" Marie was practically lecturing her.

"No! I think not young lady. Now, go pull the last letter and read that one, and you will have your answer. I'm going back to bed and will see you in the morning."

"Thanks Marie" Vega said softly as she pulled opened the letter she had just sent back a week before Ms. Mable passed away. On the outside of the envelop was Mable's handwriting:

Vega, you cannot change the past, and you cannot change our hearts love, but you can change your future. Don't be blinded my dear, rewrite the ending and live your happily ever after.

Vega took a deep breath as she opened the envelope and pulled out the last letter.

My Dearest Vega:

By now you are probably tired of returning my letters to me, but I promised myself that I would never give up on our love. I guess I'm just an old fool who still believes in the Luck of the Irish.Mable is ill and I am not sure how much longer she will have. I implore you to come home and visit. She and your mother believed it was best not to tell you ahead of time, but I know you and I know you would want to know and have the chance to say goodbye.

I have tried many times to explain to you why I broke up with you when I did. The short of it is that my father was very ill and instead of you giving up your dreams to stay behind with me, I pushed you away so you could go and succeed without regrets. I have carried that regret for the both of us for the last 5 years. Maybe one day I will get the chance to explain it all to you, but until then, please know you are my heart.

Forever and Always,

Your Killian

Vega sobbed some more and eventually fell asleep with that final letter in her hand. When morning come she was woken by pounding on her door and Killian's voice shouting at her that they had about 15 minutes before they had to leave.

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