Luck of the Irish

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Truth Be Told

Vega jumped up out of her bed as she heard Killian threatening to come in there and pull her out from under her covers if he had to.

'Oh shit' she thought to herself as she looked around her room at the pictures and letters.

"No no, it's all good, I'm up. I'll be out in five minutes." She called to him, which seemed to satisfy him for the time but she knew he was still standing outside her door.

She quickly put all the pictures and letters into the box and shoved it under her bed. As she made the bed she realized she forgot a letter but before she could put it in the box she heard the door handle jiggle.

"That's it Vega, I'm coming in there to get you moving" Killian was saying. As he entered her room she turned around and shoved the paper in her pants pocket.

"I said I'd be out in five minutes, you are 30 seconds early" she said with a laugh.

Killian just looked at her and smiled. It had been a long time since he had stood in her room. Vega just smiled back at him and then grabbed his hand as she headed out the door and downstairs.

They had about 10 minutes to grab a bite to eat and then hurried out the door to go pick up Marie at the airport.

"I want to do the piece about the Love Story" Vega said suddenly as she hopped up into Killian's truck.

"Okay" Killian agreed, nodding his head and not at all looking surprised.

They drove along in silence for a few minutes and then Vega finally spoke up; "you know, I was here" she said.

"Um okay, I'll play along" Killian said rather confused, "here for what Veg?"

"Your father's funeral" she said and Killian slammed on the breaks. "I came back for it Kili, and I had planned to talk to you but when I got here I just .. I just couldn't." The tears started to fall down her face.

Killian reached over and wiped his hand softly up her cheek, wiping the tears away, but he didn't say a word.

"No one knew I had come back. Not mom or dad, not even Ms. Mable" Vega continued. "I hid up in the balcony at the church and then stood off by a tree at the cemetery. I .. I didn't know what to say, but despite my pain and anger I had to be here for you, even if you didn't know I was."

"I knew you were here Veg" he said to her surprise, "I saw you in the shadows and caught your perfume as the breeze ran through the church. I knew you needed not to talk to me, and so I left you pay your respects silently. I didn't want to cause you more pain, but it did warm my heart to know you were there."

Vega was surprised when she heard his reply. Even after all he had burdened for her, even in the midst of mourning his father's death, Killian was still protecting her feelings, her heart.

As they began to drive again Vega pulled out the crumpled letter from her pocket. "I've also been reading your letters" she admitted.

"How in the world..." he started to say, "Ms. Mable.. " he said as he realized he had given her the letters to dispose of because he couldn't bring himself to do it, nor could he bear the pain of keeping them as a reminder that she returned each and every one of them.

Vega just nodded and then fell silent again.

She held the last letter he had written in her hand and it wasn't until they reached the airport when she finally looked up at him and said "I forgive you Killian."

Killian just looked at her as tears fell from her eyes again. He pulled her in for a comforting hug. Oh how he really wanted to kiss her at that moment, but he was going to let her lead the way through this reconciliation.

"Thank you Veg" he said to her, choking back his own tears, "you have no idea how much that means to me."

Marie would be arriving shortly so Vega wiped her tears and shoved the letter back in her pocket as she pulled back from Killian. They agreed to talk more later, but for now, they needed to get Marie and her luggage and tell her that Vega had decided to do the piece.

When Marie arrived she squealed excitedly as she ran up and hugged Vega.

"And you must be Killian" she said as she reached her hand out to shake his.

"Yes ma'am" Killian said politely with that country charm and Irish accent he had.

"Damn Veg, if you don't scoop him up, I sure as hell will" Marie said, making Killian blush.

Vega just laughed and wrapped her arm in Killian's as they walked to the car. They took Marie to their favorite diner and told her how Vega decided to do the piece about the love story.

"You can start with some preliminary photos if you want and we can get the reporters here in the next couple of days" Vega was saying as Marie simply listened and watched as the two of them radiated something neither of them realized.

As Killian dropped the two of them off at Vega's house he bid his goodbyes and headed to his truck.

"You know you don't have to leave" Vega turned around saying, almost bumping right into him.

"As tempting an invitation that is my dear Vega, I do have to get SOME work done back home" Killian said and as he flashed that charming sweet smile that always made her melt, "but do tell your mom I will gladly return later for some dinner with you all."

Vega took a deep breath and as much as she wanted to kiss him, she just smiled and saying goodbye to him, and as she turned back to Marie she was blushing.

"OH MY GOD Vega" Marie cried out, "you are falling for that man again."

Vega just blushed some more and then ushered Marie into the house. After introducing Marie to her parents they headed up to Vega's room where she filled Marie in on the letters and how she never fell out of love with Killian, and that well ..

"Maybe, just maybe Marie" Vega was saying, "maybe there really is something still there worth changing the ending for ."

Marie smiled and expressed how happy she was for Vega, and then the two of them began discussing how to do the following days with photo shoots, interviews, etc.

"This is going to be epic Veg" Marie was saying as they heard Vega's mom calling them for dinner.

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