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Romance / Humor
emily anthony
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I was driving through Allen Avenue in my car top speed. Dad had called earlier on to tell me to come home early because he wanted me to meet someone. "are they so important that they can't wait till I finish working for the day?" I wondered. Still I knew I had to show up else dad would be crossed with me. Thankfully, the road was free today so I just drove. I shut my eyes for a moment and opened them again. I was stressed. I diverted my gaze to the stereo as I tuned it on. I fixed my gaze back on the road as I was about to make a turn. Just then a Benz appeared from no where heading towards me at top speed.

"ahhhhhhhhh"i screamed as I lost control. I struggled with the steering. My car moved in a zip zag manner. Miraculously, I was was able to pull over by the road side. Thankfully., I was alive. But I was still shivering. I noticed the Benz had also stopped and the driver was out of his car. He heading towards me. I got out of my car infuriated. I could barely stand as I was still in shock.

"ma'am are you alright. Hope you ain't hurt? "he asked concerned when he was standing in front of me. Who does he think he is? What the f**k, he almost got me killed.

Are you blind or something? Why can't you concentrate on the road while driving? I yelled at him.

" excuse me" he said perplexed.

"excuse you? Excuse you? You almost got me killed a while ago and all you can say is excuse you?...... You are just a feather brained dummy"i yelled dramatically.

"hey young lady, watch it..... It's quite obvious you are the greenhorn here. I mean who drives without looking at the road.? "he thundered. I could tell he was also angry.

" did you just call me a greenhorn? How dare you? You stink. You are a worthless pig"i fired.

"hey gorilla, watch the way you speak to me. It's obvious you are one hell of a psycho who needs to be taken to a rehab" he yelled.

"well you are a bigger gorilla, your wife is a baboon and your unborn children are chimpanzees. Go get a life you ill mannered child"I cursed

"no, you go get a life cause its obvious I already have one . now, if you'll excuse me I have more pressing matters to attend to"he replied calmly as he turned to walk away.

"Don't you dare walk out on me"i smacked

" watch me" he replied as he walked away.

" screw you....... Bastard"i cursed. he ignored me and just drove off. I was boiling with rage. I stormed back into my car and drove off.

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