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Abbot Sanders is your stereotypical gay nerd. _ 'If I could just have one. One person that would like me, for me. Is that too much to ask?’ _ 'I'm not that popular person that just could make friends so easily, even if he just had one. It's more than having none.'

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"Abbot, sweetie breakfast is ready!" I rushed up from the fluffy cloud of awesomeness that I was sleeping on. Bringing my tired body up from the comfort of my bed, I got up quickly, putting on a plain white shirt along with a red flannel. Then I put on my light blue jeans, white converse shoes, and of course my stereotypical rounded glasses.

I didn't mind being the stereotypical gay nerd everyone reads about.

But in this life no prince will be sweeping me off of my toes. No one socializes with me. I don't have any friends and I hate to say it, but I'm not well liked with the populars either aka they straight up bully me.

That's not much of a shocker though.

Anyway, I rushed over to my connected bathroom and splash cool water on my face. Not before taking off my glasses of course. Then I flip my hair into a mess, just how I like it. I put my glasses back on, walk back into my room and grab my bag before heading downstairs. I smelled the eggs and bacon from my room and I was hungry.

"Ah! Ma your such a GOD!" I yell out running towards my plate of food, that would soon be in my belly. "ABBOT REESE SANDERS! Slow the hell down before you up chuck the food." My Ma's voice belted out from across the room. She was putting on her work shoes as she put on lipstick.

How do women do that?

"Soryd Ma, I woas hangry." I smile innocently with eggs and bacon sticking out of my teeth. "Abbot! That's gross...close your mouth." My Pa had said as he walked into the kitchen with a big grin on his face.

"Abbot hurry up or we're going to be late." I packed all my belongings in my bag, stuffed the rest of my food down my face then kissed my dads cheek as he was drinking coffee, then I ran out the door to the front seat of the car as I heard my Ma's heels click on the floor.

She hopped in the car, her bag on her left arm. "Here place this below your feet."

"Ah!" I did as she told me, then I looked out the window. Just Watching the trees and houses pass us by as we made the 10 minute drive my school.

"Come on honey. We're here!" My mom sighed with a contemplated look across her soft features. I'm kind of glad I got most of my angelic features from my beautiful Ma.

She had light grey eyes, soft tanned skin, and rosy red cheeks. "Kay Ma! See you later." I opened the car door and walked swiftly up to the tall school building.


This was going to be a long ass day!


"Hi Mrs. Hayes! I'm going to be you PA this year. I'm so happy because you're like my favorite teacher!" I shouted as I ran into my English Language and Lit. Class.

I had taken all my credits for English and as I'm a senior this year I got to pick my aid class. Mrs. Hayes was and is by far my favorite teacher in the school, she was so nice and she loved to read just as much as me. It also helps that I did extremely well in that class last year. "OMG! Abbot, I'm so happy you're going to be spending your time in my class this year! Oh, I can't believe your a senior this year!" She chimed, fake crying at the end. "Oh! Stop it. I'll still visit you." She hugged me and put me to work.

And let me tell you, that lady sure loves to put you to work.

"Hey Abbot. Would you go to the library for me and grab the set books for The Great Gatsby?" Oh, I loved that book! We read it last year and I couldn't help but cry at the end.

"Kay Mrs. Hayes!" I walked out of the classroom and down the hall to the library.

"Hi! I'm here to pick up a set of books for Mrs. Hayes. Here's my note." I showed the librarian my pass, she nodded her head, then went in the back to grab the books. While I was waiting, I walked around the front, making sure I was close enough to the desk so I could grab the books when they were ready. I stopped once I saw...him.

He furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, looking down at the paper he had one hand ready to flip at anytime while his other hand had one finger pointed to the text on the paper. I could tell he was struggling pretty bad, so I debated whether or not I should help him. But being the good samaritan I was, I walked over to the desk he was sitting at and waited till he saw me.

But he was way too focused on his book, so I cleared my throat to get his attention. He looked up and around until his big brown doe eyes landed on my soft grey ones. "Um...I-I couldn't help but see you looking kind of worried, so is there anything wrong?" I stammered a bit, mostly because I don't interact with people unless they're teachers or my parents. "Uh, yeah, I can't seem to understand one math problem. Can you help me with it?" His gruff deep voice whispered to close to my ear, sending warm shivers down my spine.


I ignored them for now, but it was very difficult. Damn! That lady sure was taking a long time to get Mrs. Hayes' books.

I sat right beside the guy. He showed me the problem. It was a simple Algebraic problem where you had to solve for x, but it was a two step equation. I can see how he'd be confused by that. "Oh! I see what you did wrong. Look here, you're supposed to do two steps instead of one." I informed him on more problems. His mood lightened up and he nodded every time I told him how to get the numbers. "Mr, your books are ready!" The librarian had said, I nodded to her getting ready to walk up to grab my books, but there was a lot of them.

I got up from my seat ready to walk off until the guy grabbed my arm. It sent tingles up and down my spine.

What was that about?

I shook my head and turned around, cocking my eyebrow and slightly tilting my head to the right. "Yes?"

"Uh...thanks for helping me. Those books look like a lot, do you need help?" The guy asked warily, as if I would say no! Any help with those books would be awesome. "That'd be awesome Mr. I would love some help!" I lit up like a Christmas tree at his gesture. We walked over to the front desk where the books were placed. The guy grabbed half and I grabbed the other half, then we walked out of the library to Mrs. Hayes class. "You're a little faster than me. Do you know where Mrs. Hayes' room is?" The guy nodded as we made our descent to the English room.

"So, what's your name? I keep calling you 'the guy' in my mind." I know I have no filter. What can I say, I get it from my Ma. "My name is Vos, but I don't really like the name so my friends call me Cal. So you can call me Cal." I pouted, my lip turning downward and my eyebrows scrunching up. "What?" Vos grunted the response with annoyance lacing his deep voice. "But I like the name Vos, can I call you Vos? Please! Pleaweeeese..." Vos sighed loudly, but shrugged is shoulders anyway. I think he knew I wasn't going to give up without a fight, so he just backed down.

"Alright we're here." Vos alerted me. We walked through the open door and set the books down on some random desks. "Aw! Your back and you've brought Cal with you, good!" I looked at Mrs. Hayes then back at Vos. "Your in her class?" Vos nodded. "Well, I have to get back to the library to finish my homework. But what's your name?"

I looked up at him, starting at his big doe eyes.

"My name is Abbot!" He cocked an eyebrow at me. "Really? Abbot, sounds like a weird name." He voiced mockingly, but I did not find that funny. Nothing was wrong with my name. It was a perfectly normal and nice name. "What's up with you and not liking names. It's just the name I was given. If you don't like it then oh well, I will not be having you call me a nickname. You will call me Abbot." I pushed him out of the classroom and held the door open for him "And good day sir!" I closed the door in his face after I yelled at him with a weird british accent.

But anyway, Vos really pissed me off. Ugh! Saying my name was weird, that nickname was weird. Who names themselves Cal. I made a face and Mrs. Hayes laughed at me. "He likes you. I've never seen him interact with people besides, Trevor." Mrs. Hayes said.

"Who's Trevor?"

"One of Cal's faithful buddies. They've been friends since freshman year." Mrs. Hayes ranted about their friendship while I walked to sit somewhere.

Mrs. Hayes soon got back to work after she was done talking to me.


"Hey sweetie! How was school?" My Pa asked as I slumped in my seat, waiting for him to drive me home. "It was great..." I sighed my voice trailing off at the end. My Pa looked at me cautiously then faced the front driving off to our house.

Once we made it to our house I got out of the car with no energy left in my body, all I wanted to do was sleep in my bed.

I entered the humble abode and ascended up the stairs to my room. Then I laid down on the awesome fluffiness that was my bed.

It must be nice to have friends that aren't teachers. Vos has a friend, even if it's just one it's still not as bad as being friendless. But I wouldn't know how to make friends, I'm not that special person that makes friends easily.

Ugh. I just want someone to share my thoughts and feelings with. And I know I have parents for that, but they are not always understanding of what I'm feeling. I need someone my own age.

I turned over and looked out the window that was right by my bed, I saw figures moving around at my neighbors house. But they moved.

I squinted a little harder.

I widen my eyes, getting up from my bed and walking to my window to get a closer look. It was Vos and some old guy with another young guy picking up boxes and moving them into the house.

"Abbot! We have new neighbors...let's go greet them." My Pa's voice echoed through my head.

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