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Valeria and her brother have been bullied for years, but what will happen when one extreme move reveals the truth behind some of her tormentors? Only time can tell. Caution/Trigger Warning: ---> Bullying ---> Violence ---> Strong Language ---> Minor Depressive Moments ---> Suicide Attempt ---> Abandonment ***Slow updates***

Romance / Other
Briar Rose
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My name is Valeria Ene. In the region of Aeternum I live in known as Nobis, there are only two races due to the air content being that there is, in fact, mostly composed of oxygen. Lycanthropes and Vampyres. And, rare as they are, hybrids of the two. My brother, Valentin, and I fall under the last category unfortunately.

We've always been treated kind of terribly. After all, mixing races is sorely frowned upon. We were usually just whispered about. Pointed at. Gossiped about. The only people that were nice to our family would be the Albu's since they were childhood friends. That's where my best friend Victor came from. He had a disease (Maledictus Morbus) making it so that he was fragile. Very fragile. An hour of sunlight would burn him severely. And he doesn't have the ability to become "Unlocked".
Naturally, all of the races have their own physical characteristics. Vampyres are pale with black hair and red eyes. Lycans are more tan, with brown hair and blue eyes. I can't be sure about other hybrids, if there are any, but Valentin and I both are kind of peachy, with dark brown hair and deep purple eyes.
Now, being "Unlocked" means to be powered up for lack of better words. Usually stronger, more stereotypical to the Viventem (mortal) beliefs of our appearances. Vamps get sharper teeth, pointier ears. Lycans become wolves. Simple really.
When I was nine, my parents disappeared. It was a hot summer evening. We had just finished a walk. Valentin and I went inside while mom and dad went to the nearby store. They never made it there though. No one knows what happened to this day.
When I was twelve, a nobleman's son decided to bully me. His name is Dragomir Pavel. He's the heir to his family name. Very powerful. His mom had just died, so I didn't much care about his bullying. I understood the feeling. But then his betrothed joined in. Anca Onciul. She was the one to make things physical. I did her homework, reading most of the books in her library.
Before long, Avram Florae started at it as well. It helped him to the position of alpha of the lycans. He was always violent. Sadistic. I often helped out around the pack's base, being treated like a servant. I still do, when I'm not working or doing people's homework.
Valentin and I both work for the same corner-store our parents disappeared on their way to. We survive pretty well, thankfully we owned our house. Through a lot of complicated legal issues, Victor's mom convinced the law to allow us to live on our own as long as she checked on us weekly since we'd likely be abused in an orphanage. I'm thankful to her for that.
It's been a long time since then. I'm now sixteen and Valentin's fourteen. We do pretty well for ourselves all things considered. I've made it so people only really mess with me and not him. I don't want him to suffer at all. I try to protect him the best I can.

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