Doomed in Love

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Chapter 10

Mia was standing in the dressing room, warming up her voice and going through the routine in her head. She wanted to shut out the thoughts of her guest in her head. It was go-time and she needed to focus.

“Mia, you’re on!” The stagehand yelled.

Carrie took her hand. “Go out there and blow their minds. You got this.”

The show announcer boasted, “How was that last performance? This is a great show tonight, right folks! Now. Coming to the Glass stage for the first time as a headlining act, Miss Anastasia Wild! Singing a hit made famous by Madonna. Sooner or later.”

The stage lights went down making the place completely dark. Mia walked onto the darkened stage taking a deep calming breath and took her spot. The light lit up behind her showing only her silhouette. Cyrus’ eyes fixated on her voluptuous form. His body shuddered seeing Mia look like the true goddess he saw her as.

As the music intro played she turned seductively to the microphone. Quickly she got into character as the stage light surrounded her. Mia turned to the crowd and took the vintage mic in her hand softly and gracefully as her long eyelashes batted slowly at the crowd. She could see her friend out of the corner of her eye watching from the side stage, smiling proudly. As the song began, her soulful voice filled the room.

“Sooner or later... I always get my man…”

The club was silent and everyone swayed to the sweet sounds of Mia’s voice, as her alluring form paced the stage, feeding into the mood of the crowd.

Cyrus raised up in his seat at the corner table, watching her curvaceous hips sway. Her full breast rising and falling as she sang inviting him in. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her beautiful presence and her body made him restless. Thoughts of having his way with her backstage flooded his mind like a tsunami as he licked his lips and ran his eyes over her body.

The two men beside him chatted quietly to each other intently watching the woman. Cyrus barely acknowledged his guest and kept his eyes on his flower. This woman was talking over every inch of him and he knew it. He didn’t care. She was going to be his even if he had to beg. She was becoming a drug and he needed his fix.

Mia had got fully into the song and performed amazingly like the star she was. On stage, she was nothing average.

“...This time... I’m holding my maaaan.”

The crowd erupted in applause as the last breath escaped her. Mia looked at Carrie for approval who had tears in her eyes. She proudly gave Mia a thumbs up and wiped her eyes. She could see her salon sisters sitting in the front row and gave them a little wave.

“Thank you. I am Anastasia Wild. Let’s give a big hand to the house band. These guys make me look good.” The crowd laughed and clapped. “I see my salon sisters in the front row. I hope you girls are having a great time.” They clapped and whistled to her.

Mia moved across the stage talking to the crowd. “Calvin, can I get a cordless mic up here? Thank you.”

She took the mic off the stand and moved across the stage. It was time for her to give something to Cyrus that she had wanted to do for a long time. Show him her heart.

“My next number is a song I hold dear to my heart. Loneliness is something that consumes many people. This is for those in the crowd who know exactly what loneliness is. Eventually, loneliness becomes a lack of trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in other people. So you shut out the world. You sit in your room alone, wanting to hear a voice other than your own.”

Cyrus felt a lump rise in his throat. She was speaking directly to his heart. He knew she was lonely, but so was he.

“We find ourselves longing for someone to share your innermost thoughts. To feel safe strong arms around you. To know what passions that can come from the simplest of a kind word can do. I was hesitant to sing this song tonight. I’m one of those girls who knows exactly what it was like to be lonely. I recently met someone that I have long conversations with. We talk for hours and each moment feels special. We talk about love, life, and our dreams. Our future. This song is for the man who showed me that just a kind word from a stranger can make you happy."

Mia swallowed down her emotions and stood silently for a moment before speaking again.

"You know, even the most successful people in the world can be lonely. Sometimes we have to learn to trust someone that you may be worlds apart from. I've learned who afraid you can be to find love when you have been alone for so long. When I first heard this song, it reminded me of this man. For those of you who are lonely in the crowd, and to Cyrus. This is for you.”

Cyrus felt his heartbeat rapidly. She was talking about him. Their long conversations online that had meant so much to him, she felt the same way he had. It was like she knew. He had felt lonely and that’s why he sought her out online. Since his divorce, he had become less of the man he used to be. Mia was changing that. At that moment he knew what he was looking for. A companion. He had known for weeks he wanted her. Now he knew for sure. This was real. He was falling in love again.

Mia stepped back and took a deep breath, preparing for the most emotionally driven song she had ever sung on stage. The mellow music began to play and she felt her body start to sway and her eyes felt heavy as they closed, taking in the melody. She walked back slowly to the mic stand, placing it back in its place. The music started to play and she missed her mark.

The audience went quiet waiting for her to start and the band stopped. She could feel a weight on her chest as she tried to recover. Taking a slow deep breath, she waved to the band.

“Please? Can I start again?” Mia felt her heart shutter. The crowd’s silence made her heart race. She took a breath and nodded to them to start again. The music began and she found her courage once more. Singing the song made famous by Christina Aguilera, she found her voice.

“Sweet love… I am bound to you…”

Pulling the mic off the stand once more, Mia worked her way down to the crowd. Passing by her friends and touching a few of their backs as she walked while singing to them. She worked her way back to the corner table where she thought Cyrus would be. His eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. Swallowing hard, he sat up straight as she approached his table.

Cyrus was seated next to a man who spoke in his ear. His boss, Davis Preston. “Your right, Cyrus. She’s beautiful and very talented. I think we have a star on our hands.”

Cyrus shook his head in agreement. Cyrus looked over and toasted his mystery guest with his beer bottle. Gage smiled watching his friend as he looked over to Davis with a nod. They had found what they had been looking for. The missing piece of IWX.

Mia finally reached the table and started to sing directly to Cyrus. Tears welled up in her eyes and she fought to keep singing.

“...I found a man I can trust… I believe in us…”
She reached and grazed the back of her hand down the side of Cyrus' face, leaving a tingle in his scar in the wake. Looking in her eyes he felt nothing but love and adoration for this woman. Mia released her hand and made her way back to the stage, singing to couples as she went. Once on stage, she regained her composure and with more emotion and passion than she had ever felt, the words escaped her with ease. She reached for her chest and emotionally sang the last verse, feeling her heart pounding beneath her ribcage.

Hitting the last long note, the crowd stood for a standing ovation. Mia struggled to catch her breath from emotion while looking in Cyrus’ direction. She bowed to the adoring crowd. Hearing cheers and whistles.

“I’ll be right back with one more song. While we set up for the next set, please enjoy some of the great food and drinks. We will be back in five.” Mia waved and went off the stage.


Back at the corner table….

“So Davis. What do you think? She’s good. Cyrus was right. This is an element IWX has never had before. This girl is classy and beautiful and can really work a crowd.” Gage, Cyrus’ best friend, was excited as he was.

“I agree. Cyrus, we need this girl. She’s the total opposite of you and Wraith but, it would be cool to have her be the manager. We have talked about the new creepy sideshow theme idea for weeks and to work her in as the ringleader would be cool. I think it would be a great turn for the Doom family. With Holly joining in, it would be epic. She’s an amazing performer. Miss Wilson needs to be on a bigger stage.” Co-owner and founder of IWX, Davis Preston, loved what he was seeing. She was different and a real talent. “Make it happen, son.”

“You both know I’m interested in her romanticly too, right? I never said otherwise. We started talking about Mia being on the show way before I started having these feelings for her. I know Mia is not going to agree if she thinks I’m the only reason she’s getting this opportunity. She’s so modest and I don’t even think she realizes how talented she is.” Cyrus rubbed his chin thinking of how he was going to convince her she deserves this shot. “I’m afraid she’s going to be angry at me for not talking to her about this.”

Gage spoke up, “Well, it’s our job to make her see she deserves it. She obviously looks up to you. I’m sure she values your opinion. Just talk to her. The girl is crushing on you hard, so she’s not going to be mad. Don’t underestimate her, Cy. She may be all on board with this.”

“We just met in person yesterday. I can’t believe I let you and Colt talk me into this. I hope this doesn’t blow up in my face. Even talking to her online was a little dishonest. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to deceive her.”

Davis laughed, “But, you asked for it. Now it’s time to suck it up, buttercup. We need this girl.”

“You’re an instigator, you old crazy man.” Cyrus shook his head and the tipsy Davis just chuckled.


Backstage, Mia was beaming as she ran to her friend. ”OH MY GOSH! Carrie, did you see who was with him? Gage Stone and Davis Preston! What are they doing here? The owners of IWX. I am freaking out now.”

She grabbed a black wig and turned to pace the floor. Carrie tried to help her into her last outfit struggling as Mia fidgeted around.

“MIA! Stand still. I need to get this corset tied up. If you break any of these rhinestones off… GIRL! You will have bigger problems to worry about. Be still! Now give me the skirt part. Just calm down and go do what you do best.” Carrie struggled to help her get dressed.

Mia wore a red sequin and rhinestone corset burlesque outfit that sparkled in the light. A rip away skirt with a feather bustle covered the matching panties and stockings underneath. The corset went over the curves of her hips and made her shape look like pinup perfection. Her legs were amazing and wide hips made her hourglass shape look like a living doll.

Mia changed her wig to a dark one reminiscent of Dita Von Teese as Carrie stepped back and looked her friend over.

“FAB! Darling, you look better in this than I do. Go out there and make those men drool.”

Mia had asked the stagehand to see if Mr. Preston would play along with her next song. The man came back and said he agreed. Davis had had a few drinks and was in good spirits so he was all in. The older man was usually very straight-laced, but when he let loose was a lot of fun. This was her chance to impress the owners of IWX and she was ready to make an impact.

One last chance to make her dreams come true. The most important thing was, she didn’t even realize it. She was just trying to impress that sexy man in the corner booth, and she would do just that.

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