Doomed in Love

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Chapter 11

“Welcome back to the stage, Miss Anastasia Wild!”

Back on stage, they had set up props just for Mia. With a stool in the middle of the stage, she walked past greeting the audience.

“I’m baaack!” Mia wiggled out in her sexy red sequin corset costume. The catcalls and yells were all for her. She was looking sexy in her burlesque costume and they were ready for her next song and dance.

Mia got in a more sassy mindset ready to make a statement.

“By now you all have noticed that we have some celebrity guests with us tonight from the IWX. Let’s turn that stage light over to the corner. Wave gentlemen. We were not expecting such huge stars to join us tonight. The man with the plan, Mr. Davis Preston. The one and only, ‘Twelve Inch’ Gage Stone, and last but not least, ‘The Crusher’ Cyrus Evans! Girls. Are you seeing these big hunky men in that corner? I can barely contain myself.”

She acted like she was about to faint and waved her glove covered hand like a fan.
“Mr. Davis? Could you humor this old dame and join me on stage?” He acted at first like he wasn’t going to do it to work up the crowd. “Come on club. We can do better than that. Show this man some love. Let’s hear it!”

The crowd clapped and cheered to get Davis on stage. Cyrus got up and escorted Davis to the stage. Cyrus turned to go back to his seat and Mia stopped him.

"Oh no, sexy man. Wait just a minute, big boy. You…” Cyrus pointed to himself. “Yes, you. You need to come to give Miss Wild something special.”

Cyrus went back to the edge of the stage while Davis was standing next to her.

“How about a little kiss for your number one fan?”

She pointed to her cheek, and Cyrus looked up with a sly grin winking at her as rubbed his beard. He looked over his shoulder at the crowd with a smirk as they taunted him to do it. He jumped up on stage and grabbed her around the waist.

“I can do better than that.”

Cyrus dipped Mia to the side and kissed her full on the lips. Mia moaned into his mouth as he parted her lips with his tongue. He lifted her slightly and deepened the kiss, making the crowd go wild, watching their mini makeout session. When he finally released the kiss with a pop, Mia had to blink a few times to gather herself whispering under her breath.

“Holy smokes. Wow.”

When she came back to herself she was in awe. His lips felt like heaven and was an amazing kisser. Like a pro, she stayed in character. Mia put her hand on her mouth and pretended to fall over to Davis. Leaning her arm on the man’s shoulder for support, she took her hand to her forehead like she was going faint.

Playing along Davis grabbed the handkerchief from his suit pocket and fanned her.

“Wooo! What a man!” She said in a perky pinup way, still fanning herself.
Cyrus did his Crusher roar with hands in the air in victory.
Gage jumped up and yelled. “Hey! Hey, Cyrus!” The stage light went to him. “Cyrus! No touching the dancers!”

Cyrus yelled back, “Dude, you’re thinking of strip clubs. That’s down the street.”

The audience laughed as Gage waved him off. Mia turned to Davis to start the performance trying not to laugh at the playful buddies.

”Well, Girls, I knew when these men walked in the joint they were something special. But, you big man. You’re a Real… Big… Spender.”

The crowd knew what her next song was and cheered. The music started to play and she led Davis to the stool by his tie. Mia started to sing and dance around him as the catcalls from the crowd erupted.

“The minute you walked in the joint...” ((Boom Boom)) Her hips bounced to the beat. “...A real big spender…,” she sang.

Mia teased her finger over Davis’ chest and sat on his lap as she continued the classic retro song. She got up from his lap as a stagehand slid the stool Davis was sitting on, with him in it, to one side of the stage.

She danced with the music and ripped away the removable skirt of her outfit to reveal the lingerie look underneath with thigh high stockings and garter belts. The crowd erupted and Cyrus was awestruck. His mouth gaping open and eyes popped out like a cartoon character.

“Hot damn. She’s fucking sexy. Gage. Are you seeing this?”

“I sure am, buddy. You were right. Her tits are amazing.”

Cyrus smacked him in the gut, rolling his eyes. “Don’t be a perv.”

“Hey. You started it. If you didn’t want me to look at her rack you shouldn’t have put the thought in my head this morning.”

Davis’ eyes got wide at the sight of her revealing outfit and whistled. Cyrus and Gage knew their old friend Davis, was eating up the attention. He loved a pretty woman. Mia sang to the crowd and danced across the stage. Mia ran over to Davis pretending to grab something from his suit jacket and threw up fake money in the air that was concealed in her costume.

“...A real big spender”

After the performance, Mia asked for a champagne bottle and popped the cork, pouring it into two glasses. She handed one to Davis, toasting him. In the end, she kissed Davis on the cheek and tipped her glass to his with a clank. They both took a drink toasting the crowd.

Mia had had so much fun on stage with Davis. He was good at playing along with the song and he had a blast joining in. She hugged Davis and thanked him for helping her, sending him back to his seat.

“Let’s hear a big round of applause for, Mr. Davis Preston. Thank you for being a good sport.”

The announcer chimed in, “And let’s give a big round of applause for the beautiful... Miss Anastasia Wild?”

Mia bowed and went off stage straight to Carrie who grabbed her hands with glee.

“I did it! Carrie, I did it!”

As they celebrated, Carrie looked to the doorway.

“Look…” Carrie pointed to the entryway. “I have to get back on stage. Good job, babe. You were amazing. I knew you could do it.”

Mia turned to the dressing room door. “Cyrus? What are you doing back here?”

He walked over handing her a bouquet of roses and kissing her cheek. “You were amazing, flower. Can you come out for a minute to our table? I want you to officially meet Davis and Gage.”

“Yes. Give me a second to change. You didn’t have to get me roses but they are beautiful. You’re so sweet. I could get used to this pampering.” She smiled shyly.

“It’s your big night. Someone needed to show the star her worth.” He winked stepping closer. His breath tickled her ear as he leaned in closer. “You look sexy as hell. As proud as I am of you, I’m jealous those other men out there saw my girl in that outfit.”

Mia bit her lip looking up at him. “You’re, girl?”

Cyrus blushed. “Sorry… I just… I thought… I’ll just be out at the table. Mia, you were amazing.”
As he rushed out, nervous about his slip of the tongue. Mia giggled at his shyness while smelling the roses, holding them to her heart. She was feeling so much more than average tonight. She felt on top of the world.

Mia quickly changed into a basic spaghetti strap black dress that tied up the back with matching heels. Leaving on her wig and stage makeup since underneath was probably a hot mess.

She first stopped by her friends who ready to head out. She hugged the girls thanking them for coming and headed to the VIP table.

The three men stood up to greet her. Cyrus pulled out a chair next to him, across from Davis like the charming gentleman he was. She wasn’t used to being around a man like Cyrus. Most guys she knew had no idea what chivalry was.

“I am so glad you all came. I hope you enjoyed the performance. Thank you, Mr. Preston, for agreeing to come on stage. It was fun.”

Davis smiled, ”It was fun. You were absolutely sexy up there but it was classy too. I like that. Cyrus said you don’t do the full striptease.”
“Oh no, sir. This was only for the theme night. My friend up there is the real deal though. I sing mostly.” Mia’s eyes were wide with excitement being near her IWX heroes.

Gage waved over to the waitress, "What ya drinking sweetheart.”

Looking at the waitress Mia smiled politely. “Umm… just orange juice, Milly. Thank you. Oh! And a basket of cheese sticks for the table, please? I’m starving.” She said to the girl.
“So, Miss Wilson. Cyrus and Gage told me you are very talented. From what I see, you sure are. Your mic skills are outstanding. I also saw some videos regarding our line business. You’re good in the ring. You would need work with any wrestling contact, but your skills as a manager are outstanding. I would say as good as any other manager on our roster. Past and present.” Davis straightened his pristine business suit.

She looked over at Cyrus, who turned his head afraid she would be upset that he was showing the bosses the videos. She glared at him, smiling a half-smirk. He was a sly one. She never expected him to show her work to anyone.

Cyrus looked to the stage trying to not make eye contact, hoping she would be okay with this. Gage watched Cyrus’ eyes noticing a slight tear threatening to break loose. Cyrus had a huge heart and wore it on his sleeve. He was really worried this would mess things up for them.

Gage sighed as he realized how much his brother-in-law really cared for this woman. He had shut himself off for so long, but with Mia, he was opening up again. Everyone had noticed Cyrus change over the past few weeks. He was becoming the kind-hearted soul again that he always had been.

“So, Cyrus has talked to you both about me? Interesting. Thank you for the compliment, sir. That really means a lot coming from you.” She nudged Cyrus playfully, seeing he looked a little tense.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized she wasn’t mad. He slowly got a big grin on his face, still trying not to look at her.

“So tell me, Miss Wilson. Why would a talent such as yours be wasted in a dive bar? Why haven’t we heard from you?” Davis sat back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Sir. I never thought I would ever be in this position. The indie trainers said I wasn’t good enough to even try out for IXW. Even as a manager. I guess I gave up trying. I just decided to do it for fun and worked for small companies. I am sure that’s the videos you saw. The training center here rejected me a long time ago. The owner said I was too shy in real life and they thought I wasn’t going to be anything because of it. I’m far from shy. I know it’s because I didn’t look like the other girls.”

Gage chuckled. “You mean you didn’t have fake boobs and botox? You’re hot as hell. Who cares what they think. Times are changing. We don’t want the cookie-cutter chicks at IWX anymore.”
“That’s good to hear. I guess some people are still stuck in the past. When I started working as a makeup artist as part of the backstage staff, they only let me do that. I never even got paid. I just did it to learn and to be around the ring. They let me use the ring to practice but that was all,” she confessed.

“Well, they have lost their edge. We have been noticing that for a while now. I don’t think they would know real talent if it slapped them in the face. Have they ever seen you do this?” Davis asked, waving to the stage.

“No, sir. For that to matter, it would have to be the promoter and booker that work there. Sorry for saying this, but I would not give that arrogant man the satisfaction of saying he may have discovered me. He’s very rude.”

Gage took a drink at that time and started laughing, almost spitting it out. “Just rude? He’s a dick. You don’t have to be all proper around us. We know all about him.”

Mia smiled seeing the men were agreeing. “I tried for over a year to get them to notice me. After I opened my salon I sort of got tied up in work and didn’t have time to train. Performing here is about all the chance to be on stage now that I get.”

“I can tell you this. You belong on a big stage. We want you. Cyrus and Wraith want you on their team. They came to me a week ago with the idea. Apparently you and Cyrus have been talking and he saw something in you. If you’re up for it, I would love to sit down with you privately tomorrow with the guys and talk.” Davis smiled at her.

She fell back in her seat shocked. “Are you serious? Doing what? Backstage? Makeup? Something like that?”
“No sweetie, you’re not hearing him. We want you in that ring. Manager for a revamped version of Doom.” Gage reached over and rubbed her shoulder. “You’re the talent, not the crew.”

“Cyrus? You did this?” She asked.

He looked over smiling, shaking his head yes.

“I don’t know what to say. I… I’m honored you would even consider me. But I’m so… average.” Mia looked down at her hands in her lap. She had never said it out loud before.

Cyrus looked over at her with a frown. Taking her hand in his he turned to face her. ”Mia, look at me. You were never average. You’re my flower.”

Gage piped in, "So, Mia. What do you say? Ready to make IWX history?”

Mia looked to Cyrus and then back at Gage, increasingly getting more excited. It took a moment for it to register, but when it did, she lit up like a light bulb.
“Yes, oh my gosh. Yes! I’ll be ready. Tomorrow. Just let me know when and where. I can’t believe this is happening to me.”
She jumped up hugging Cyrus and then to the other two. Cyrus watched proudly letting her excitement grow.

Gage was the last to hug her. “Well, baby girl. I guess you have a date to get to. This man over here tells me he has plans with you tonight. We need to get back to the hotel and get some rest. Don’t be too hard on him. It was our brother-in-law Colt and my idea to do this. We talked with Wraith and he thought it was a great idea. When Cy found out, he was all on board.”

Davis and Gage headed out, as Mia turned to Cyrus.

“You Cyrus, have a lot of explaining to do. I had the kitchen cook us up something to take back to your hotel. We have a long conversation coming.” She crossed her arms smiling with a look that said he might be in for a little trouble.
“I figured I would catch hell for this.” He put his arm over her shoulder. “Be gentle. I’m a fragile little flower.”

Mia rolled her eyes, “I call bullshit on that one. More like a weed.”

“That’s the same thing my brother says about Holly.” Cyrus laughed.

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