Doomed in Love

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Chapter 14

Davis was waiting in his luxury suite at the 21C Hotel. He was sitting outside on the rooftop balcony waiting for his guest. Cyrus’ suite was nice but Davis had one of the fanciest spots in the hotel. Mia had been there a few times doing photoshoots and loved seeing each art-inspired room. It gave her so much art inspiration each time she was there.

Gage was already there bugging his business partner and rushed to let Mia and Cyrus in when the knock came to the door.

Davis went to the door to greet them as they entered.

“Hey, old man,” Cyrus spoke as he walked in.

“There you are. Morning, Mia. How was your date last night? About time you got back out there, Cyrus.” Davis patted Cyrus on the shoulder while Gage was stuffing a croissant in his mouth.

“Yep. You were bumming us all out, Cy. Old grumpy face.” Gage joked making a grouchy face at Cyrus.

Mia giggled at the silly man. She loved meeting Gage in person, he was so funny. He had gone off the rails and was a major jerk for a while, but the old Gage was back and he was a hoot. Following them to the balcony, there was a lounge area with light morning snacks waiting for them.

“We had a nice night. We had some food and watched a movie. Just chilled.” Cyrus motioned to Mia to sit on the outdoor couch before seating himself.

Davis smiled at the girl who was straightening her dress and covering her knees with the hem. So proper and nothing like she was on stage. This girl was a professional and it showed. He liked that. He had no time for people who were not serious about their careers.

Leaning over to grab a bundle of grapes, Davis nodded the couple’s way. “Mia, you have sure put a smile on this man’s face over the last few weeks. It’s nice to see him smile again. I had a lot of respect for his ex, but they were like oil and water together near the end. He deserves to be happy. He’s a good honest man.” Cyrus looked at Davis sternly, grunting. “Sorry Cy, but it’s true.”

Cyrus couldn’t argue with that. “True, but I really don’t want to talk about a failed marriage in front of my new girlfriend. Another day, another conversation. I am sure it isn’t something she wants to hear about anyway.”

“No. It’s fine. It’s part of your life. She’s always going to be part of your past. I’m fine.”

“So, Mia. We talked with Jim Waters at the training center last night. He is livid. He's so pissed off that you were not signed to them. He’s missing out on a big payday with you. He wanted that founder’s fee. It’s his loss. He couldn’t say one bad thing about you, other than you were painfully shy back then.” Gage chuckled.

“He shouldn’t have anything bad to say. I bent over backward for them, just to get overlooked. I may be quiet but I’m not shy. Unlike him, I know to keep my mouth shut and listen. He, on the other hand, likes the sound of his own voice and doesn’t give anyone a chance to speak. I don’t tend to talk to people I have no respect for. Sorry, it’s just that foul mouth man gets on my last nerve.” She got quiet, realizing she was venting a tad too much.

Cyrus quietly laughed to himself.

Davis too chimed in, slightly laughing, “She’s feisty, Cyrus. I like this girl. Hell, speak your mind. This is just a casual conversation. You already got the job. If I said no, these two would give me hell over it. Or Cyrus will turn his mean sister on me. The girl scares the crap out of me.”

Gage gave a smug chuckle. “Who doesn’t Holly scare? She is like having the Tasmanian devil in the family.”

Cyrus grunted. “She’s not that bad.”

“She’s a maniac. So, when can you start, Mia?”

“I need a little time, Mr. Preston. I have a business and clients. I can’t just drop them. I need time to tell them and adjust to things. I have two weeks off for vacation. My birthday is Friday so I took time off. I know you will be in Philly this Monday, correct?”

“Well, tell you what, come on the road this week. Check things out. We can have you come to the show Monday and show you around. We will give you a few weeks to put your things in order,” Davis said.

Cyrus realized what his upcoming storyline was and he went into panic mode. A sexy segment he had forgotten about with a group of women. He had been a little bit of a player on the show lately.

“Umm… Davis. I’m not sure Monday is a good idea. We have that… thing. The storyline. The segment with Gage’s celebration for his last win. Ya know?” He looked guilty. Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Oh, Cyrus it’s fine. She’s a fan she knows you two idiots do stupid stuff on the show. Everyone knows you and Gage are playing this angle of having each other's back and goof off all the time.” Davis ignored Cyrus’s concern.

Gage realized what Cyrus was referring to. He cringed and twiddle his fingers. “Umm… Davis. I think if you really thought about it, Monday may not be the best show for her first time there.”

Davis started to get annoyed. "Hell, it’s her birthday week. It may be fun for her. Right, Mia? Besides Cyrus, she’s your girlfriend. Right? You should be with her for her birthday.”

“I would love to go to the show and travel this week. I didn’t have plans. I would love to meet some of the other girls on the roster too.”

Mia was ecstatic. The perfect chance to see IWX behind the scenes first hand.

Cyrus covered his face shaking his head. “This is such a bad idea. I want her there but…”

“Great! It’s all set. Have her at headquarters on Thursday and we will sign contracts.” Davis stood up and shook Mia’s hand. “Welcome to the IWX, Mia. We are going to make you a star.”

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