Doomed in Love

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Chapter 15

After chatting for a bit following the meeting with Gage and Davis, Cyrus led Mia back to his room. He had been quiet the whole time.

“Cyrus, are you okay? If you don't want me to go on the road with you, I don’t have to.”

He went over pulling Mia in his arms. “Of course I do, baby. But, my character is sort of a playboy right now. The storyline is about the Justice faction being a bad influence on me, and my brother trying to help me get out from under their control. Gage plays a bad guy right now and he’s supposed to be using me to keep the heavyweight title. I don’t want you to get offended. This week is… well… a little sexual.”

“I’m not a prude, Cyrus. I know your character is a total perv right now. But, I also know the real you. The guy, who from what I have seen, is a good man. At least I hope so. What could be so bad?” She rolled her eyes.

He was being a tad irrational.

“Simulated oral sex and having a fake orgasm on live TV. What’s worse is it’s with a woman who happens to have been trying to get me in bed for months. Are you sure you want to witness that?” Cyrus felt embarrassed now that he had even agreed to the storyline. “She’s very aggressive in pursuing me. I know it’s because she wants a better spot on the roster and doesn’t really give a damn about me.”

Mia sat on the bed and sighed, “Oh. I get it now. I guess I have to be okay with it, right? Is it just TV, or is it you do like this girl?”

“Hell no! She’s a ring rat. She sleeps with everyone I know. In no way is she my type. It’s just a skit. I just don’t want to offend you if she gets out of hand. You’re my girl. I respect you.” He felt awful and looked a little broken. “This part of our relationship will be hard. Me pretending to be a big woman’s man, until you step in to be my manager, will still allow other girls to think they have a free pass to hit on me. At least until we can go public with our relationship. You have to let me get by with this crazy stuff on the show and be an advocate for it. Until you team with my sister and brother to stop it. Unless I can change the story. I rather just bring you out as our manager for your big debut, but Davis always wants drama.”

“It’s just a show, Cyrus. I understand how kayfabe works.”

“The part that bothers me most is, they may write some sexual stuff for you too. I sure won’t like it but acting is part of our job. Do you think you can handle that?”

Cyrus went to sit next to her and took her hand. Mia instantly yanked it away.

“You really do have a problem with me being a virgin, don’t you? It’s a bigger deal for you than it is me. I know how to carry a character. It’s just for TV. It’s not real. Even if I play a hooker on the street corner, it’s not real. It’s an act. I want you to be honest with me about those skits. I’m not scared of my sexuality. I actually embrace it. As long as there is nothing between the two of you other than acting, I can handle whatever is thrown at us.” Mia scowled.

“Okay, listen. The thing is, I slept with her once. No one knows. It happened about a year ago. It was a huge mistake and I hate myself for it. She still tries to hit on me. I promise you, that was over as soon as it started. It was a one night stand and I still regret it. I was hating myself because of my divorce and I just let my guard down. It was something I’m not proud of. That’s why I stopped dating for a while. I needed more than just one night stands and cheap thrills. I was so messed up, Mia. I can’t be like that with you. I care too much to disrespect you in any way.”

“Is that what you like? Someone who jumps in bed with you? I’m just trying to understand why you have such a problem with this.”

“It’s not a problem. I need someone like you. And, here you are. What we are starting together is what I have been looking for. You're someone I can see a future with. I’m just trying to be respectful. I know you’re not some prude. I don’t think that at all. I sure don’t have a problem with you saving yourself. I love that about you.” Cyrus kneeled down in front of her next to the bed. “I’m just trying to protect what we are building here.”

Mia reached to run her hand over his cheek. “Okay, I understand. Sorry I overreacted. If you are just open with me about things, I’ll be fine. But, if that tramp Kelly hits on you in front of me, I can’t promise I’ll be nice.”

“How did you know who it was?”

“Cyrus, fans know everything.” She smiled. “If you don’t want me there this week. I’ll understand.”

“No, I do. I didn’t know your birthday was coming up. You can stay with me in Chicago to sign the contracts and stay a few extra days for your vacation too. I’ll make it special. Then you can travel with me for the show.” He took her hands in his kissing them.

“Okay. But no lavish stuff. I’m okay with just hanging out with you. I don’t need you to buy me stuff all the time. Got it?”

“Well, I am going to pamper you, like it or not. It’s your birthday, and I am going to show my pretty flower how special she is to me.” Cyrus smirked.

Mia rolled her eyes knowing she was not going to win. He stood reaching for her hand.

“Why don’t we go to your place and I’ll help you pack.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


The next day, Mia was at her apartment waiting for Cyrus’ rental car to arrive. She had talked with her salon sisters and co-owner about her being asked to join IWX. She agreed she would come back for a week to help get everything settled after her vacation. They were happy for her and promised to keep everything quiet.

Cyrus had gone back to the hotel that night and let Mia gather her thoughts. He figured she needed some time to think over all the changes.

Mia heard a knock at the door and rushed to answer. Opening the door Cyrus stood leaning on the door frame in jeans and vintage Doom T-shirt with the sleeves cut off showing his firm muscular arms and part of his chest. Mia swallowed hard looking him over.

He pushed his sunglasses down his nose with a sly smile, as his eyes roamed over her like a man on the prowl. When he looked at her like that, she knew this celibacy thing would not last long. She already wanted him so badly it hurt.

“Looking at something you like, flower?” Flexing his pecs as Mia stared at his hard body.

She quickly looked away blushing, “Uh, no… I wasn’t… Oh. Fine. I was. Come on in.” She tried to regain her composure but was failing miserably.

“Baby, come here.” He grabbed her and started to walk her backward into the apartment. He started acting like he was going to kiss her neck and she started giggling trying to squirm from his grip.

“Stop! I’m ticklish! Cyrus stop.”

“Cyrus! Stop,” he taunted.

“Cyrus. Really. Stop. Don’t! That tickles! Your beard tickles!” She started laughing uncontrollably.

“Cyrus. Stop. It tickles. But, really I like it and don’t want you to stop,” he teased.

She pushed him away and ran for her bathroom trying to shut the door before he reached her. He caught her and picked her up, taking her over to her bed. Mia couldn’t believe how he manhandled her with such ease. He was strong and it made every female hormone in her ignite at once. He was so sexy and if she was a woman with less self-control, she would have lost all her inhibitions right then and there.

He playfully crawled over her peppering little kisses over any exposed skin on the way up. Straddling her waist and holding her arms at her sides, he stopped to look over her firm breast, heaving from their play.

Cyrus smiled as a hint of her black lace bra peeked out with her cleavage from her top. He placed a gentle kiss in the center of her chest smiling up at her with his cute wink and those adorable dimples. He closed her blouse to cover her and moved to sit beside her. His fingers trailing over the fabric as his eyes rested on her cleavage.

“The things I could do to that beautiful body of yours. You must be something special because I am willing to wait a lifetime, just to get a chance to have you.”

“What would you do to me?” She looked at him seductively biting the inside of her lip.

He leaned over whispering in her ear. Slowly his hand grazed up her outer thigh, gripping her hip firmly. Mia felt her body buck against his touch. No one had ever made her feel like this. So out of control and needy. His ministrations made Mia feel like every bone in her body had turned to jelly.

"Baby, I am much better at showing, than telling.”

His lips smoothly traced over the concave from her neck to her shoulder. Mia shivered from the soft touch and reached to run her fingers through his soft beard. A slow moan escaped her as he left feather-light kisses on her neck.

“Mmm. You are making this really hard for me. That body of yours alone is driving me crazy. I’m trying to be a good girl. You’re not going to make this easy, are you? Why do you have to be so damn sexy and irresistible?” She pouted with a light moan.

“Waiting just means I have more time to play with my pretty little flower.” He sat up pulling her with him. “Come on. We have a flight to Philly to catch.” He lifted her up from the bed and grabbed her bags from the corner.

“Know what? I’ve never been to the IWX show. I tried a couple of times. It was always sold out or I was working. I’m glad I’m going to experience it for the first time with you. Even if I do have to watch you do a segment with… her. Gross,” Mia confessed.

Cyrus put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead. “I’m glad I can make it happen. Just remember, I’m not the Cyrus you see on the show. He’s a character, not me. I’m not that much of a douchebag. My character on the other hand is sort of a creep.”

They walked out to the car putting her bags inside.

“Not true. You are him and he is you. But, I know what you mean. I’m not usually the jealous type. As long as you say you’re really mine, I trust you.” Mia hopped in his rental.

“I am yours and that will never change.”

As he helped Mia into the rental car his cell phone rang. He looked down seeing it was Tammy again. Under his breath, he grumbled as he closed Mia's door to head to the driver's side.

Talking to himself, “At least as long as I have anything to say about it.”

He shut off his phone ignoring the call. Nothing was going to ruin this for him. Not now. Not ever.

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