Doomed in Love

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Chapter 16

IWX live event...

Cyrus had shown Mia around backstage and introduced her to some of the other superstars. Including his brother and some of his friends. Cyrus led her down to the ring before the show to give Mia the newbie experience of seeing the arena empty. Mia walked through the curtain, and when she reached the stage, she stopped in her tracks with mouth agape. Cyrus felt her grip on his hand fall. Looking back he saw a look of terror on her face.

“Flower? You okay?”

“What if I can’t do this?” She had never felt stage fright before, but she had never been on a stage like this before either.

Cyrus walked over, taking her in his arms and gliding a finger down the side of her face to get her attention. Making sure her eyes were on him, he tried to take away her fears.

“Look at me, flower. I believe in you. The fans will love you. You have two weeks to prepare. I will do anything I can to get you ready. So will Gage. He likes you. Let’s go down to the ring. You need to experience this. It may ease some of the tension if you see what it’s like in the ring.”

He led her to the ring and helped her in. She was speechless taking it all in. Touching the ropes and looking around she was like a child on Christmas morning. Full of wonder and excitement.

“This is amazing. Do you think one day I’ll stand in this ring as a real star? Maybe with you by my side?”

“I do. That’s the whole plan. Mia, are you happy?” Cyrus’ face turned serious.

Looking in his kind eyes, a sweet loving look came over her. “Happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“So am I. You’re changing me. I want to be a better man for you.”

“I don’t see how you can get much better. You’re an amazing man, Cryus Evans. Don’t ever forget that.”

Cyrus pulled her close resting his forehead on hers with a quiet peacefulness. He wanted this more than anything.

She had wanted him to kiss her again since the stage kiss. She leaned up as if to imply she wanted a kiss. She wanted it to be real this time. Mia could feel her heart racing while waiting for him to make a move. He leaned in, hovering his lips over her, inches away from that sweet moment of bliss.

He started to kiss Mia when a shrill annoying voice came down the ramp. Cyrus grunted and pulled back rubbing his hand over his face.

“Fuck. Not her. Not now.”

“Cyrus! I’ve been looking all over for you!” Kelly Kravens walked up the steps to the ring, seductively looking at Cyrus. “Wow. You look so good tonight. You get sexier every time I see you. I can’t wait for our segment.”

Ignoring Mia, she walked over and stepped in between the couple making Mia stubble back slightly. Kelly ran her finger over Cyrus’ chest and licked her lips like a vampire ready to bite. “I was hoping we could go over our lines or something.”

“Kelly, can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?” Cyrus’ face was turning red with anger.

The woman turned to look over her shoulder at Mia and scoffed. “Who's this?”

Cyrus grabbed Mia’s hand and pulled her next to him protectively. “This is my girlfriend, Mia. Mia, well you know who she is. Kelly, can you leave us alone?”

Mia stepped up to Kelly, reaching out her hand politely. “I’m Mia. I’ll be working here soon.”

Mia was dressed in a simple white tank top, jeans, and a floral kimono, and Kelly looked at her like she was out of place. Mia thought Kelly looked like she should be working at Hooters. Not part of IWX.

Kelly laughed and looked past Mia to Cyrus, “This is the girl you hired to work with Doom? This? What is fatty going to be exactly? Your mascot? Wow, Cyrus you sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. You still have time to have a real woman take care of things for you. For the new Doom project and otherwise.”

Cyrus moved Mia out of the way, pointing directly at Kelly’s face. The instinctive protective side of Cyrus kicked in like a turbo. “Talk about her like that again and you won’t have a job here at all. Now. When we get done tonight with this segment, stay out of my way.”

“Oh baby, a year ago you were begging me to be in your way. Remember? Does she know? That you and I had a history. Well, me and other women. Sweetie, his role as IWX manager was more than a kayfabe fiction for the show. Cyrus was the man around here for a while. Every woman wanted him and he had most of them. Now he’s just… pathetic.” She laughed and started to walk out of the ring.

Mia spoke up, “I actually knew about you. He told me about your tawdry cheap one-night-stand. I figured he may have had the same with other women in his past too. He is an attractive man, after all. Don’t forget he chose me. Not you. A one night stand doesn’t compare to a real connection. Real women are worth waiting for, not easy tramps who give it away. Now leave before I throw you out of this ring on your ass. Oh, and call me fat one more time, I’ll rearrange your face. Got it?”

Mia was furious and she took no crap from anyone. It almost reminded Cyrus of his feisty sister, Holly. Kelly looked to Cyrus for help and saw he was mad too. She left the ring as Mia stood with her fist clenched and fuming.

Cyrus turned to look at Mia’s angry eyes that followed the woman up the ramp.

Her angry eyes flashed to him. “How many?”


“How many?” She said in a calm but forceful voice.

“It wasn’t like that. Yes, I have been with a couple of women since my divorce. But it's not what everyone thinks. Kelly and a couple of others. I was messed up for a few months. There were other women I dated, but I never slept with them. It was a character for this story with the Justice team. It’s not the real me. I kept kayfabe going outside the ring for the character storyline, that’s all. I promise. She’s just trying to make me look bad. Kelly’s jealous. She knew I was interested in someone because I blew her off to talk to you one night. I told her I had a more important person to talk to and I wasn’t interested in her."

"You could have warned me."

"I told you this is not going to be easy. People will come to us from all sides. Over a tile belt, fame, money. I need you to trust me and be by my side. Just like I will be for you.”

Cyrus shoved his hands in his pockets feeling defeated. Kelly probably ruined everything.

“Am I just… a challenge? Another notch on your bedpost? A conquest? I can’t be those women, Cyrus. I want you more than I can ever explain, but I have to stay true to myself.” Mia looked around the stadium in disbelief.

“No, you are everything to me. Please stop thinking I am just out for sex. Of course, I am a man. I am going to hit on you, flirt, and want to touch you. You’re sexy, but I respect you. If you change your mind I would be glad to be the one, but I will not force you into anything. I know what I’m doing here. You have to trust me.” Cyrus walked over to her, rubbing Mia's arm. “You sure as hell stood your ground with her. I think you’re going to do just fine here.”

He laid his head on hers and she smiled, wrapping her arms around Cyrus’ waist.

“You’re lucky you’re cute or I would punch you in the nuts right now.”

“Good thing I’m cute then.”


Later that night, Mia sat in Cyrus’ brother Wraith’s locker room, watching the show on the monitor.

When the segment with Cyrus and Kelly came up she was sickened at the sight. She just focused on her man and tried to block out who he was standing next to. When the simulated sex scene began, Mia’s eyes fixed on Cyrus. Wishing she could make him feel that way, she blocked everything else from her mind.

She felt her hands wander over her body thinking maybe she was overthinking things. Maybe she could lower her defenses for him.

She quickly shook off the feeling of pure arousal and walked around the room to calm down. Why was he so hard to resist? She had never had such a hard time resisting her urges before. Deep down she didn’t want to. She knew full well she wanted him. It was just a matter of time before she let him have her.

Mia watched the segment and turned off the TV. Seeing Cyrus ogling a group of girls as they entered his makeshift office, made her nauseous. She didn’t realize how jealous she was acting. This wasn’t like her. Mia assumed that only meant she really did have feelings for him.

The sexy scenes were all set up by Gage’s team to keep control over Cyrus’ on-screen character. She knew it was just a TV show. It had never bothered her before. Sure she hated to see him touch other women on TV, but tonight it was more than she was ready for. Mia knew at the end of the day she would have him in her arms again, so she needed to get control of her emotions.

She wished some part of her was like those women. That she could be like Kelly and give herself to him freely.

A knock came to the door and it slowly opened.

“Mia, sweetheart. Are you in here?” Davis walked in finding Mia sitting in a chair holding her head in her hands. “I guess you saw the segments.”

Mia looked up with red eyes from holding back tears. “I did. It’s just for show, right. No big deal.”

“I am so sorry. Gage and Cyrus were right. I should have thought about it. I forgot what this week was about. I’m sorry you had to watch that. If it is any consolation, he cares deeply for you. Cyrus didn’t want to upset you. He didn’t want to do the segments at all. I am sorry I didn’t think before inviting you to the show.” Davis was seriously apologetic.

“Davis, it’s fine. I understand it’s for the show. I’ve seen it before. It’s just, Kelly is…”

“A ring rat. Trust me. I know. That’s part of why we wanted to bring you in. We need to slow the sexual stuff down and get back to Cyrus teaming with his family to torment me and my crew. It's time we start turning away from allowing that behavior here. I let it go on too long."

"I agree. Things are changing. There is no reason for those ladies to act that way. I know it has been part of the wrestling scene for years but it's uncalled for now."

"I agree, and I realized not long ago, what Cy needs is his family. It’s who Cyrus is. This overblown womanizer persona on screen is not him. Without family, he’s not the same man. I hope you can forgive me.” Davis walked over, extending his hand to her in remorse.

Mia got up and hugged him tightly. “I forgive you.”

“He really does care for you. Cy has been a wreck trying to think of a way out of doing the segments. He was worried about how you would feel. I think he really found someone special in you.”

Davis patted her back and headed back out the door, just in time for Wraith and Cyrus to enter the room. Cyrus motioned at Davis questioning, as the man walked out of the room.

"What was the old fart doing in here?”

“Apologizing.” She went and hugged Cyrus with a comforting sigh of relief. He was surprised she wasn’t upset about the skits. “I’m sorry I questioned you. I trust you. It’s me I don’t trust.”

Cyrus pulled her to the side as Wraith rummaged through his gym bag. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t think I can trust myself around you. I have fantasized about you for years. Do you know that? Since we met, I feel like I can’t control myself. Honestly, I’m not even sure I want to anymore,” she sighed.

“It’s going to take both of us to control ourselves. I want to try to do this until you’re sure you’re ready.” Cyrus held her close, smelling the sweet fragrance of her shampoo.

Big brother Wraith sat down on the bench listening to the couple. "Can I interject here? It’s not my business but I’m old and know a few things. Sit.”

Mia looked at Cyrus with shock. Did he tell his brother?

“He knows, baby. I needed to talk to someone. Wraith’s my brother and I can trust him with anything.”

Mia shook her head in approval. If he was going to talk to anyone she was glad it was his family. She knew how important their brother bond was to them.

“Listen, I think the two of you trying to wait for each other is great. But you’re looking at it all wrong. Stop looking at it like you’re having something taken away. Look what you’re going to gain. Trust, honestly, learning to love each other without the pressures of sex looming over you. Most of all, you are going to have each other to share experiences that most people miss out on because they rush into things.”

Cyrus sat next to his brother rubbing his head in frustration. “I just don’t want her to think I’m pushing her.”

“If you did, you would have me to deal with, brother. I just met her earlier today but I like this girl. Mia, sure Cyrus has been with quite a few women in his time, but I know he only had sex with a few he didn’t really care for after his divorce. He was pretty screwed up for a while. Tammy really hurt him. The rest of the women in the past were in a real relationship and that was long before he was married. The latter are gold-digging cunts who were just out for his money.”

“Wraith! Watch our mouth. You’re in front of a lady.”

“What, bro? It’s true.” Wraith smirked with a wink in Mia’s direction. “Listen, Cy. You are learning for the first time what it’s like to have a relationship with someone who is willing to save herself for you. If that comes to be some time down the road, that just means it will be more special when it happens. Mia, you’re going to learn trust and maybe even explore intimacy you never knew you could have. Cy is a passionate guy, and I’m sure all his affection will be focused on you. I know you both feel pressure to have sex. We all do at some point, but now you can see what it is like to have someone who truly wants you for you.”

Mia sat on Cyrus’ knee wrapping her arm over his shoulder to play with the hair on the nape of his neck. “I don’t want to hold out on you, Cyrus. It’s just the way I am. I had a lot of jerks who pretended to like me, just to try to sleep with me. It’s not like I want to wait forever. Just until I’m sure I’m doing it for the right reasons.”

“I know my brother and he doesn’t care one bit about the sex part. Old Cy fell for the woman online. Crazy as that was. You are the one woman who listens to him. He says you talk to him on levels he has never had before. I am sure you know how extremely smart he is. Deep conversations mean a lot to him. You both are gaining a lot. I just wish I would have been able to say the same with Lilly and I. Saving ourselves would have been special. We are just lucky to have learned later how important it is to bond to someone.”

Wraith looked at Cyrus seeing his brother was almost in tears. He had been struggling for so long over his divorce and needed something good in his life again. He needed someone on his level to truly understand him.

“My brother is taking a huge leap of faith, Mia. You’re changing him. And for the better. Since you two started to talk, I see my brother again. Not this corporate stiff he’s become. Maybe you can get him out of those damn nerdy bow ties and back in the woods where he belongs.”

Cyrus looked up, wiping his eyes. “Wraith, I love ya, brother. You’re right. I’m not losing anything but I’m gaining a lot. Mia, I’m willing to wait for you. Just be patient. This is all new to me. Women throw themselves at me. To be honest, for a long time I let them because I didn’t feel good enough for anyone. But, I need you. I need this.”

She wrapped her arms around him, burying her head in his neck. “For the record. I need you too.”

“Just because I like you two, doesn’t mean I want you to get all lovey-dovey in my locker room. Get out. I need to take a shower. All this mushy crap is making my cold dead heart melt.”

Cyrus laughed. “My brother doesn’t deal well with his emotions. He is sort of a grouch.”

Wraith just growled under his breath as Cyrus rushed over and hugged him.

He started kissing all over his face as Wraith tried to push him away. “Give me a kiss you big grouchy monster.”

“Damn it, Cy. Get off me, you freak. You and your emotional bullshit.”

“Feel the love, my brother. Feel the love.” Cyrus hugged him tightly, laughing with a big cheesy grin. “Just accept it. It’s okay. We won’t tell anyone that you have a heart.”

Wraith just stood motionless waiting for his goofy brother to let go. Finally, he broke a smile and hugged him back. “I hate you sometimes.”

“No, you don’t. I’m the best brother you ever had.”

“You’re my only brother.”


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