Doomed in Love

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Chapter 17

The next few days went smoothly. Mia followed Cyrus and his family of wrestlers everywhere. Gage and Mia quickly hit it off from the start, and his wife Isis was taking a liking to her as well. Holly, on the other hand, had yet to meet the girl. Cyrus was worried about what his sister would think. She and Colt were on vacation for their anniversary, so they would meet Mia soon enough. Cyrus just hoped Mia wouldn’t change her mind about him once she met the ballbusting, Holly.

Cyrus had never been so happy that his friends and family approved of his new girlfriend. Gage hadn’t approved of the other women he dated for quite a while. It was only a few years ago that the roles had been reversed. Gage had his own troubles with a divorce that almost destroyed him. Gage had been the one to step in after Cyrus’ divorce to keep him from falling into the same bad behavior he had.

As the week rolled on, they took time to show Mia some moves in the ring and saw what she needed to work on. Even as a manager she needed to know how to be safe. She was much better than they ever expected though. Nothing time in the ring couldn’t fix and maybe she would be useful in the ring more than they expected. She was tough and it showed.

Davis and Gage talked to her about story ideas and what her role would be. Thursday came and Cyrus and Mia headed to Chicago for her contract signing. Davis was ready to get her started as quickly as he could. He was determined to join the Doom brothers together again.

Mia had been working hard to get things ready at home for her transition and was surprised how easy it was.

“This is really happening?” Mia looked out of Cyrus’ office window watching a bird on the window seal. “In an hour, I’ll be signed to IWX.” She turned to look at him.

“Do you want this? I feel like I pushed you into it.” Cyrus stood up from his desk and went to her.
“Oh no. Cyrus, I have wanted this practically my whole life. As a kid, I used to pretend to be a wrestler. Then when I got older I saw you and your brother in the ring. It was all I could ever think about. Now I will be up there with you as part of the Doom family. You’ve made my dream come true. The most important part is, I’m with you. No matter what happens, I care for you more than you realize. To have this experience with you is everything to me.”

“Funny you mention that since you are quickly becoming my everything as well.”

She felt his arms surround her from behind. The warmth of his embrace was becoming her happy place. They stood silently looking out the window watching big fluffy clouds pass by.

“Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Evans. You told me to come on in. They are ready for Miss Wilson in the boardroom.” The intern peeked her head in the door.

“It’s fine. Thank you. Oh, Jamie. Come in. This is Mia. You two have a lot in common. She’s a communications major too. I think you went to the same college.”

“Oh, really? Nice to meet you, Jamie. I just finished a couple of weeks ago online.” Mia smiled sweetly at the younger girl.

“Cool. Maybe I can pick your brian. I’m coming up on the end of my freshman year. Mr. Evans was nice enough to let me come do my internship here early. I want to be a producer one day and he says if I work really hard he will let me start work right away after graduation.”

“Well, Jamie. I’ll be glad to help you in any way.”

“Thanks. I love IWX. This is the best job I’ve ever had.”

Cyrus led the two ladies out to the hall and they chatted about school as they walked. Soon Jamie rushed off to get back to work.

“Sweet girl.” Mia smiled as the girl scampered away. “I remembered being that young and hungry for life. Funny how it all comes back around.”

“If you want something bad enough it will happen. Well, Mia.” He leaned down to reach her ay eye level, “It’s time to make your mark. Are you ready, flower? You still have time to run out of here screaming. I know I brought you into a madhouse but it’s time to become the ringleader of the new Doom family faction. The psycho circus of wrestling.”

“Yep. I’m ready.” Mia took a deep breath. “Here it goes.”

Cyrus and Mia entered the media room where cameras and production people were all around. She was a little overwhelmed thinking this was all for her. Gage was talking to Davis and saw Mia’s nervous face as she walked in.

“Mia, girl. You look great. Cyrus, I’m going to steal your girlfriend for a second.” Gage pulled her away and left Cyrus standing with a confused shrug.

“What the heck? Bro code!” Cyrus chuckled.

“Oh, calm down, Mr. grumpy face. I need to talk to your lady.” Gage took Mia out to the hall. “You nervous sweetheart?”

“Yes. Very. Excited but nervous.” She fidgeted with her new purple bodycon dress.

Gage smiled, “I wanted to tell you something my mentor told me when I started.”

Mia looked as Gage with a huge smile. “That would be great.”

“First, I want to ask you something. Do you feel like this will change you?” Gage looked serious.

“No. I have worked behind the scenes in the industry long enough to know that this is where I belong. Why do you ask?”

“When I first started at IWX I was pretty young. I see a lot of new talent who lose themselves in fame. I know you and I are close to the same age, but you’re new here. One thing I want you to know is this. Keep true to yourself. Never let the fame get to you. If you keep your head right, you’ll go far.”

“I promise. I will.”

“One more thing. I lost who I was for a while, and I know Cy did too. This job can be fun but it can destroy you if you let it. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. Isis, Wraith, all of the Evans clan are close. You’re one of us now. I just wanted you to know you have friends here who will look out for you.”

“Gage? What’s it like here?”

“The big thing is there are so many different beliefs and cultures at IWX but we are a family. We just all respect our differences. It’s great really in that regard. I can’t lie. It takes a lot of soul-searching at times. You will see that you will never be asked to do anything you don’t approve of. If it comes to that, just come get me. I’ll punch anyone who messes with you right in the face.” Gage rubbed her arm with a warm smile.

Cyrus came up behind them quietly listening. Hearing Gage talk about the IWX family made him a little emotional. When they finished talking, Cyrus hugged Gage from the side.

“Good speech, bro.”

“Alright, Cy! Let’s get our new star signed. Besides I did discover her.” Gage strutted to the door with a huge grin.

“Oh, here we go. Mia, there is something you should know. One Inch Gage is the one who talked me into messaging you in the first place. Because he is nosey and can’t mind his own dang business. For some reason, he thinks I can’t find a decent woman on my own.” Cyrus rolled his eyes.

Gage smiled a smug grin, “ It’s Twelve Inch Gage, by the way. Just ask Isis. And, you’re welcome. See Cy, I was right. Mia’s one of the good ones. You always looked for… not nice girls.” He whispered, putting his arm around Mia, and walked her to the room.

Turning his face back to Cyrus, he stuck out his tongue.

“You are never going to grow up are you?” Cyrus laughed.


“You’re an asshole.”

Gage whispered to Mia loudly. “He’s abusive to me. He superkicked me in the face last week. You should not kick your friends in the face. It’s very mean.”

He glanced at Cyrus with a silly pouting face and stuck his tongue out again. Cyrus snarled and Gage threw up his hands like Cyrus was about to hit him. Mia put her arm around Gage and patted his head playfully.

“Poor baby. How could you kick this poor sweet man? You’re grounded, mister!”

Gage put his head on her shoulder looking at Cyrus with a pouty lip. “He calls me bad names too. He calls me an asshole and a dumbass a lot. He made me bleed on several occasions. He says it’s just ring rash. I think he does it on purpose.” Gage blinked rapidly and started to fake cry.

“Poor baby. Look at that face, Cy. He’s so defenseless.”

“Don’t encourage him. Besides, he has powerbombed me numerous times into tables. He needs to be grounded too.” Cyrus went over and put his head on her other shoulder with the same pouty look. “I’m sorry. Don’t ground me. I’ll be a good boy. You can even spank me if you want. Will you take us for ice cream later?”

“If you’re good. I may even spring for rainbow sprinkles.” She giggled at the two silly men.

Davis came out. “Unless I get ice cream too, you three need to get in here.”

"Why do I have a feeling these two are going to be a handful?”

Cyrus kissed her cheek, “You have no idea. Wait until you meet Colt. Gage and I give him hell.”
They went back into the room and Davis announced their new star to the media. Mia signed the contract and took media photos with Davis, Gage, and Cyrus. This was a new start. A new life.
Mia was going to be a star.

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