Doomed in Love

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Chapter 19

Cyrus and Mia made their way down to the lake. The family was already fishing and Gage’s babies were playing under a tree with their father.

Mia giggled at Gage nuzzling his youngest child. The little girl was giving belly laughs and wiggling around.

“Aww. Babies. Those must be Gage and Isis’ children.”

“Yep. Gage acts like he’s all tough, but with his kids around, he turns into mush. They have him wrapped around their little fingers.”

“He looks like a proud daddy.”

Cyrus walked up from behind grabbing Holly and Colt, hugging them.

Colt jumped up and away from Cyrus. “What are you doing? No pranks this weekend, Evans. I’ll have my wife kick your ass.”

Cyrus laughed, “I make no promises, pretty boy.”

“We’ll. So this is the hottie Gage has been telling us about.” Colt walked over to shake Mia’s hand.

Cyrus turned and took Mia’s hand and brought her close. “Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Mia.”

Mia waved shyly at his family. “Hi.”

Lilly rolled her electric wheelchair to her. “Nice to meet you, Mia.”

“You too. You must be Lilly. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Holly stood up from her lawn chair, narrowing her brows at the woman. She stalked over, looking at Mia like she already had her under her raider. “So… is this the chick my brother is acting like a pussy over?”

Cyrus sighed, “Mia, this is my sister, Holly. Holly, don’t be an ass.”

“We’ll see how it goes, brother. So you’re dating, Cy?”


Mia gripped Cyrus’s hand tight, unsure of what to expect. It was clear Holly was sizing her up.

“Humm? Interesting. Do you know about all the skanks he used to date?”

Mia’s mouth dropped open with shock at this brazen woman’s snide attitude.

Cyrus grumbled. “Holly! Stop it.”

“What? I just want to make sure this chick isn’t another one of those gold-digging bitches who follow you around at work. We have enough ring rats at IWX as is.”

Mia straightened her shoulders and stepped up to Holly with a scowl. “Well, good thing I’m not a gold-digging ring rat or a bitch.”

Holly chuckled and looked down her nose at Mia. Holly crossed her arms over her chest looking over her new prey with an intimidating glare. “We are going to have a lot of fun this weekend, cupcake.”

The threatening tone was clear. Holly was testing her.

“I look forward to it.”

Wraith stepped up almost growling at his sister. She was out of line and he didn’t like it. “That’s enough, Holly. Mia’s a cool chick. Give her a break.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Holly rolled her eyes and walked away. “Mark my words. She’s just like the rest of them.”

Mia looked over her shoulder at Cyrus with a look of disappointment. He placed his hand on her shoulder with a comforting squeeze. “She’s just a little protective over her family. She’ll calm down once she gets to know you. Just don’t let her intimidate you.”

Mia nodded in agreement.

Wraith went over and patted her hand to calm her. “Welcome, Mia. Cyrus told us you’re nervous. As long as he is happy, we are happy for him. Our sister, on the other hand, is a COLOSSAL ASS!” Wraith yelled toward his sister who just flipped him off and went back to fishing.

Isis, Gage’s wife, stepped over and took Mia’s arm. “Come on, sweetie. You can hang with me. My best friend Candy and her husband Slade are in the cabin getting the burgers ready. Slade’s an awesome cook.”

“Oh, great. I haven’t met Candy yet. She was gone when I went to sign contracts.”

“Yeah. Slade and Colt are best friends and took a vacation together with their wives. This is their last weekend off before heading back to IWX. Lilly and I are going back to the house to help fix dinner. Want to help?”


“Great. We have tons of stories of this crazy crew to tell you.” Isis leaned over to Wraith. “Talk to Holly before I push her in the lake. She’s scaring the new girl.”

Wraith nodded. “I may throw her in myself. She’s been a brat all morning.”

“Hey, love. What about me? I want to girl-talk about Cyrus too. I have more stories than you do.” Gage pouted as he headed over with his daughters, Macy and Madison.

Mia waved him over. “Come on. The more the merrier.”

“Oh, no! Gage. Don’t you dare tell her bad stuff about me. I’m going to fish for a while with Holly, and you better not corrupt my girlfriend.” Cyrus told them as Gage rushed to the gulf cart with his girls.

“Me? Never.” Gage chuckled.

“Miss Mia. we understand it’s your birthday. What would you like to do today?” Lilly asked.

She looked back at the lake seeing Cyrus now chatting with his brother and sister. “Well, I would like to have a bonfire after dark. It would be fun and allow me to get to know everyone. I have an idea if you will help me. I hear the Evans family are always playing pranks on each other. I’ve always been a big fan of them. So, I was thinking…” She told the wives and Gage her idea. “I just thought a good prank would break the ice. I want to fit in.”

Lilly smirked looking back at her husband and Cyrus. “I’m in. I’m always down for a good way to torment those two. Let’s do it.”

Gage rolled his eyes and turned around looking back at the guys. “Dang it. I think this backfired on me. Can’t we do something else? The guys are going to kill me. I was placed here to do recon to keep you girls out of trouble. Cy knew you two would try to pull Mia away to gossip.”

“Gage, really? You Benedict Arnold. Now we are really doing it.” Lilly laughed. “You are outnumbered. If you go with us to the house, you are one of us.”

Gage flopped his head down. “Macy? What do you think? ”

Isis tickled her little girl as she whispered for her what to say. “Daddy, one of us.”

“Sorry, babe. You’re not winning this one."

The girls laughed and headed to the large cabin home. Gage just sulked behind them knowing he would catch hell from his friends for this. Maybe he could blame Slade?

After dinner, the whole family was in the living room with a ton of beauty products surrounding them. Holly was in the corner brooding over Mia. Everyone was loving her and Holly just wanted the girl gone. Truth was, she was afraid Mia wasn’t good enough for her brother. No one ever was.

The guys just stood with arms crossed annoyed as they glared their friend, Slade Logan, for going along with the girls to pull the plan together. Once Slade found out what Mia wanted to do, he was all for it. Anything to bug his friends. The whole crew was always playing pranks or doing things to mess with each other.

Slade even had set up a mini photoshoot in the garage where Wraith had a practice wrestling ring set up.

“This is going to be epic, Mia. The guys will look so pretty.” Slade taunted as he pranced around the guys.

In annoyance at Slade stirring the pot, Wraith leaped at him, going for his neck while Colt and Cyrus pretended to hold him back.

Slade ran behind Lilly’s chair laughing hysterically. “Stand back! I think Lilly can take you.”

“I’m going to kill you, you little pipsqueak,” Wraith growled.

“Guys, relax. I was outvoted. The girls are mean and forced me to agree to this. I have to sleep with Candy. She won’t give me any happy fun time later if I don’t go along with it.”

“Slade, you are a dead man.” Gage glared at him. “You were supposed to watch them. Not become one of the girls. I almost had them talked out of this.”

“Come on, Gage. You can get a princess makeover. You guys all have long hair so you’ll look pretty.” Mia giggled, batting her eyes innocently. Cyrus just shook his head no. “Please, Cy? I’ll make it up to you later.”

Cyrus wiggled his eyebrows at her. “How?”

Mia winked. “You’ll see.”

Macy jumped up and down. “Princess, Uncy Wraith! Macy princess too.”

“No way, munchkin. Uncy Wraith is not wearing a dress.”

Macy pouted, looking up at him with big doe eyes. “Peas Uncy Wraith. Macy be sad.”

“Do you mean please?”

“Yes. Peas.” Macy reached for Wraith, and he picked her up. She cuddled to him with the cutest smile. “Peas? Play with Macy?”

“Why are you so hard to say no to?”
“Wuv Uncy Wraith.”

“I love you too, munchkin.”

After about 30 minutes of coxing the guys, finally, they agreed to makeovers. But only if the photos taken would not be shown to anyone.
Mia lined up all the guys in front of the camera. They were all dressed as the girls, and the ladies were dressed like the guys. Once in the dresses, the men all came out of the bedroom frowning. The girls started to crack up laughing once seeing the guys trying to waddle around in high heels.

“This is humiliating” Gage dressed as Isis, in her BDSM collar and a leather mini dress, kept trying to pull down his dress. “Cyrus, I hate your girlfriend.”

Mia went over and cuddled up to his arm, smiling up at him with a cheesy grin. Gage smiled a half-smile looking down at her as she patted her hand on his bicep.

“You’re lucky you’re so dang sweet or I’d drown you in the lake.”

“Well, I think I look pretty.” Slade flipped his pink wig over his shoulder, dressed as his wife Candy. “My butt looks great in this dress.”

He turned around and his dress was shoved up in the top of the dress, exposing his bare ass, and wearing no underwear.

The whole group groaned.

“Oh, good Lord. Slade. Put that thing away.” Lilly was holding Macy and covered her eyes as everyone started to laugh.

Macy just laughed. “Slade stinky butt. He needs diaper mama.”

“He sure does, baby."

“Hey, Macy! I don’t have a stinky butt.”

“Do too. Stinky butt.”

Even Holly gave a slight chuckle at the little girl. She wasn’t liking going along with this, but at least it was entertaining. She had full intent of keeping her eye on Mia no matter what it took. Even if it meant going along with these shenanigans.

Wraith yanked at his wife’s bra under the dress. “This better not end up online or you all are dead.” He adjusted his bra again. “How do you girls wear these things?”

Lilly started cracking up laughing at her husband. “Why did you wear a bra, you weirdo?”

“I thought we had to.”

Mia tried not to laugh. Big scary Wraith looked ridiculous in his wife’s dress and started to pull at his behind.

“These fucking lace panties are riding up my ass. Let’s get this over with. Lilly, the things I do to make you smile. I better get some pussy tonight.”

“Yes, papa bear. Whatever you want.”

“Mama. Uncy say bad word.”

"He did. Wraith. Watch your mouth in front of my babies."

Everyone burst into laughter when they realized he went full drag to make his wife happy. He was the only guy who had put on his wife’s undergarments, and he looked miserable. Wraith was always the one who took things a little too literal.
Cyrus came out of the room last with the dress he had bought Mia at the hotel. “Wow! Cyrus, your makeup looks pretty.” Mia laughed.

Cyrus went over and grabbed her by the shoulders and rested his forehead on hers, frowning. “Sleep. With. One. Eye. Open.”

Mia bit her lip to try to not laugh.

“Okay, guys, photo time! Let’s head to the barn,” Lilly yelled.

Heading to the barn, Mia watched as Holly was glaring at her. She leaned into Cyrus to get his attention.

“She doesn’t like me.”

“She’s just testing you. Ignore her.”

Once inside, they lined up to get photos taken. The girls were all dressed in their men’s ring gear and looked pretty cool. The guys, on the other hand, looked like really ugly pissed off hookers that were getting their mugshots.

Mia, Lilly, Candy, and Isis almost fell to the floor laughing once the guys were all posed on the ring. Especially since Wraith couldn’t stop pulling at his underwear.

Holly just rolled her eyes.

“You all look like the mean girls at school who smoke behind the football field. Smile!” Isis joked as she snapped a picture.

“This is stupid,” Holly grumbled.

Isis scowled at her. “Stop being a stick in the mud, Holly. We are having fun. Relax.”

Holly started to get angrier. “Don’t tell me to relax.”

Colt heard his wife’s remark and jumped down from the ring. He knew the tone and the words. He had heard them before. The next step was Holly’s temper ending in someone ending up with a black eye. “Five minutes, guys. Let me talk to my wife.”

Colt pulled her outside of the barn to get some privacy. “Okay, baby. What’s wrong?”

Holly paced around, kicking at rocks. “Who does that bitch think she is? I should…”

“Holly. You promised. No more fighting. You’ve been acting crazy since Cyrus told you that Doom is getting back together and he's seeing someone.”

“It was supposed to be me and my brothers. Not that heifer.”

“So that’s it. You’re jealous that she’s stepping in on your time with your brothers and leaving you out.”

“No.” Holly huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Holly, baby. Be honest.” Colt went to her, smoothing her hair and kissing her forehead. Holly instantly calmed down and snuggled into his arms.

“I just wanted to have this time with my family. I’ve waited for years for this chance.”

“I know. You can still stay with my faction if you want.”

“No. I want to do this horror circus theme. It was my idea, to begin with. I have talked about this for years.”

“Babe, you’re a fire-breather. They can’t do it without you. Cy and Wraith would never shut you out. Just try to get along with her for now. At least for the weekend, okay?”

“Fine. But I won’t like it.”

Colt smirked as he held her close. “Doesn’t surprise me. Come on. Let’s get these photos over with. I think I saw a new hammock out back with our name on it.”

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