Doomed in Love

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Chapter 21

After a while chatting with Cyrus’ friends and family at the bonfire. Mia noticed Cyrus wandering off into the woods. He looked so peaceful and happy. It was obvious he was in his element with nature and the expression on his face made her smile inside.

Mia excused herself from the group and followed him down a long path leading to a clearing that overlooked the lake. The moon was bright and the stars were reflecting over the water. She found Cyrus standing with his hands in his pockets looking up at the sky.

Cyrus could feel her presence and a soft weft of her perfume reached him before she did. His soft graveling voice carried over the night’s silence as she approached.

“My dad used to bring Wraith and me here when we were kids. He used to teach us to be survivalists and how to live off the land. Our old cabin is the one just across the lake. I use it as a summer home now. This is the one place I can still feel him near.”

Mia walked up behind him placing her hand on his bicep. She kissed his shoulder blade and rested her head against his arm. “You miss them, don’t you?”

“Every day. Sometimes I wish I would have died that night instead of them. That way maybe Wraith and Holly would have had them around. Maybe Holly wouldn’t have been so angry all the time if my parents would have been alive to raise her. Wraith and I did our best, but we had no idea how to raise a little girl.”

“She means well.”

“She was wrong for fighting with you. I’m sorry.” Cyrus turned to Mia, wrapping his arms around her, engulfing her like a cacoon. Resting he head on hers, Mia could feel his tension relax as his arms tightened around her. “I don’t want anything to mess this up.”

“It won’t. I promise. I’m here, Cyrus. I’m not going to leave you. That’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it? It’s the real reason you were afraid to bring me here.”

Cyrus let out a breath as he tried to hold back his emotions. “Yes. I was afraid my family would be a little too much and mess it up for us. Mia?”


Her heart started to beat rapidly as he ran his hands over her hair. He pulled her into his chest protectively, laying a kiss on the top of her head. It was as if he was so desperate to be close to her that it was almost too painful.

As his breath hitched, Mia could feel his embrace tighten like he couldn’t get close enough. His body shook and she knew he was crying even though no sound escaped him.

“I think I’m falling in love with you. No… I already am. I love you, Mia.”
“Cyrus… I...”

“Please. Don’t say anything. Just let me hold you.”

Mia turned her head to look into his eyes. He was looking at the stars as if he was searching for something far out of reach and his eyes were red from holding back tears. Cyrus wanted her love so much that he was afraid to admit his own feelings and be rejected. Understandably, Mia could feel his sincerity, but his heart had been broken before. His divorce was hard but now this man was trying to learn to love again.

Just like the song she had sung to him in the club, Mia was learning to love for the first time in her life. It was scary for them both but they needed this. They needed each other in more ways than they could express.

Mia knew there would be no more holding back. This was what she had been searching for. Her dreams, her future, the love she always prayed for was right there in his arms. It was all right here, waiting for her to reach out and take it.

Mia reached to caress his cheek, and Cyrus slowly looked down at her as her fingertips grazed his jawline. A tear had escaped the corner of his eye and she stood on her tiptoes to kiss it away. Cyrus’ eyes moved between hers and the fullness of her waiting lips. Their eyes slowly lulled shut and she waited for his lips to descend on her own. He slowly rested his lips to hers with a chaste kiss that held every promise he would make to truly love her.

Cyrus’ tinder touch sent shivers down her spine and a desire that she had never felt before burned from within. Mia moaned into Cyrus’ lips as if he had just given her life. Their lips exploring and needy, Cyrus deepened the gentle kiss with a flick of his tongue, as Mia’s panting moans welcomed him in.

“Mmm… Cyrus.”

Her hand grazed down his chest reaching the hem of his t-shirt. Slowly, Mia’s fingers roamed beneath the fabric over his hard abs and grazed his scar. Cyrus flexed under her touch as they roamed upward and goosebumps were left in the trail.

The feel of his firm chest beneath her fingertips was warm and inviting. Cyrus groaned as she traced over her chest and across his nipple. Mia smiled into his lips as she found a small nipple piercing she had never realized was there. With a little tug of her fingers on the steel ball, Cyrus instinctively bucked his hips into hers with a feral growl from deep within that rumbled over her lips.

In the distance, a slow rain started to fall. Everyone back at the bonfire ran for cover but Mia and Cyrus didn’t even notice.

Cyrus pulled off his shirt and Mia looked up at him through hooded eyes, her gaze sliding down over his glorious muscled body following that perfect V that led down beneath his jeans.

She ran her hands over his chest, and Cyrus felt himself flex as heat rushed straight to his core. A twitch of his growing member was almost painful to the touch. To release some pressure he moved his hips to meet Mia’s. The bulge pressing against her made her release a soft gasp when his full hardness grazed over the hilt of her sex. She desperately wished the fabric between them to be gone and him to enter her fully. Her body reacted with needy pleasure.

“Cyrus… mmm.”

“Mmm. Fuck, Mia. You’re so beautiful.”

His hips circled, pressing hard against her mound. Cyrus’ hands made their way to her hips, pulling her closer. Grinding into her with lust-filled desperation, her body moved in rhythm with his own. Mia thought at any moment she would explode. She was so close already and he had barely touched her.

“Tell me what you need?” Mia whispered into his lips.

Cyrus gripped her wrist moving her hand over the bulge beneath his jeans, using her hand for pressure. “Please. I need you to touch me before I go out of my mind.”

Cyrus unzipped his jeans pulling his hard member free with a flick. Stroking his length with long hard passes, Mia’s licked her lips watching him. Cyrus gilded her hand over his slick tip and her hands started to work over him. Cyrus' head leaned back with a deep sigh of relief and Mia went to her knees. Cyrus felt the flick of her tongue teasing the tip and he glided his hand through her long hair.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes. Just like that. Don’t stop. I want to feel your lips around me.”

Mia slowly glided over him making his knees go weak. Using her hand to massage him, Cyrus felt his body shiver as she took as much of him as she could. His massive erection pulsating as her head bobbed to meet his slow thrust. Cyrus’ fingers laced in her hair, gripping tighter and moving his hips to meet her motions.

“Your mouth feels so good.”

Mia pulled at his leg and Cyrus looked down seeing her big loving eyes looking up at him. She reached for his hand and he went to his knees. “What do you want, baby?”
“Make love to me.”

“Mia… Here? In the woods? Are you sure?”

“Please? Here. Make love to me. I’m ready.”
Cyrus placed his shirt behind Mia, laying her down on the soft grass.
The rain in the distance started to come up fast. As the drops of rain fell, he went into action to pull her to shelter. Mia stopped him, grabbing his wrist.

“No. It’s perfect. Make love to me in the rain.”

Cyrus leaned over, resting his arm beside her head and brushing a damp stray lock from her face. Mia knew this was the time. The moon left a halo around Cyrus’ head as he hovered over her with pure love and adoration in his eyes.

Mia smiled up at him knowing this was right. “I need you, Cyrus. I love you. This feels right.”

“I love you too. With everything in me.”

As the rain fell, Cyrus’ fingers traced over her white tank top that was now wet and her hardened nipples piercing the thin fabric. Lifting her top, his lips found their way to her soft pink nipples, sucking them into his mouth with a groan. Mia’s back arched as his eye never left hers.

“That’s right, flower. Moan for me. Show me what you need. Give your body to me. Only me.”

“Please what? What do you want?”

Mia’s fingers moved down her body resting between her thighs. Cyrus smiled as her fingers started to graze over her core. He slowly began to unzip her jean shorts as Mia’s breathing became a desperate pant.

With painful teasing, Cyrus watched as her eyes became full of lusty need. Her body moved to his every touch, mimicking the sway of the trees as the whistling wind blew through the forest. Slowly he pulled down her shorts, exposing her black lace panties. He rested between her legs as a warm rain poured over their bodies.

Cyrus smoothed a finger over her slit, pulling slightly at the lace, bringing it between her folds. The pressure from the fabric against her sensitive nub made Mia feel like she would come undone. Her hips bucked as he played with her body like turning an instrument.

“Did you wear these for me, my flower? I bet you did. Tell me, Mia. Do you touch yourself when you think about me? Isn’t this so much better than those fantasies we have about each other?”

“Yes. Oh. Yes. Please? More.”
“Mmm. My good girl.” Cyrus moved the lace licking at her sensitive nub, sucking it between his lips making Mia squeal with pleasure. His finger pressing on her opening, he slowly entered her. “Fuck. You are so beautiful. So tight. I can’t wait to be inside you.”

“Please, Cyrus. I can’t wait. I need you.”

“Patience. I want to enjoy this. I’ve been waiting for you for too long. I’m finally making love to my sweet flower and I’m going to take my sweet slow time to enjoy you. I’m going to make love to you and finally, you’ll be mine. In the rain…”

He kissed her slick wet folds, pressing another finger into her with a slow deliberate motion making her squirm under his touch. He was teasing her and Mia just wanted him to take her completely.

“Under the sky…” Cyrus moved to kiss up her body. “In the woods…” As he reached her lips, he pressed a tender kiss. “Natural. How it’s meant to be.”

Mia whispered softly into his lips. “Take me. Now.”
Cyrus reached for his pants to get a condom. Quickly pulling it on, he moved back to Mia. Slowly he peppered soft kisses over her lips. The connection. Slow. Deliberate. Needy. Running his tip over her opening, Mia looked into his eyes. She was ready.

Cyrus hesitated for a moment. He wouldn’t rush her. He looked into her eyes to wait for her to give him permission. It had to be her choice.

“Don’t stop.”
Cyrus nodded and slowly entered her. Mia flinched at the sudden burning intrusion and Cyrus slowed to enter her. With ease to subside the sudden pain from her first time, he kissed her softly. He knew he was endowed and he wanted her first time to be one she would look back on as a happy memory.
Mia pulled him closer as her body adjusted to his girth. As her movement increased, Cyrus slowly made love to her. Moving his body in perfect waves in rhythm with hers.

Moments seemed like hours as they made love in the slow pouring rain. The moans of their passion was a melody in beat with the raindrops that trickled on the lake and off the trees. Mia’s cries of pleasure were like heaven to his ears as they echoed across the lake. Cyrus watched her body like she was his goddess, as the moon peeked through the clouds shining off her face he knew now. She was all he ever wanted.

The slow-motion of their lovemaking was in pure sync with the rain falling around them. It was as if nature was singing a song for the unity of their love. It was perfect. She was his and Cyrus was going to make every inch of her know it.

Mia could feel herself reaching the height of her arousal as her body started to quiver. Cyrus’ grunts and moans became more rapid as he started to pound into her with a feral grunt. “Mia... I’m…”

“Cyrus. Yes… Ahh!”

Her body quaked around him as her orgasm took over making her see stars behind her eyes from the intensity at its height. Milking his cock with every tremble, Cyrus’ body tensed as he reached climax.

“Fuck… Mia!” He grunted as his body released. Cyrus collapsed over her and her legs wrapped around him.

“Don’t let go.” Mia shook as the waves of pleasure started to subside.

“Never. I’ll never let go.”

As they came down from their high, the rain started to slow.

Cyrus moved to the side pulling her into his arms. Her body was shaking from a mix of the afterglow and the cool breeze from the rain.

“Happy birthday, Mia.” He laid a kiss on her forehead and Mia snuggled into him with a smile. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you someplace warm. We can shower together and get this mud off and warm you up. I have a gift for you back at the camper.”

She agreed as they gathered their clothes. As they walked back down the path Cyrus looked back at the clearing with a smile. Mia watched his shining eyes in the moonlight. She would never regret this. He had been the one she had been saving herself for.

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