Doomed in Love

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Chapter 25

“TAMMY! YOU BITCH! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” A man yelled from outside of Cyrus and Tammy’s former home.

It was Sunday afternoon and Cyrus and Mia had gone there to prepare the home to be put up for sale. Mia turned to Cyrus as she heard a voice from outside. “Did you hear that?”

“I think it was the radio in the other room. Can you hand me that box of Elias’ toys? I’ll load them on the truck.”

(BAM BAM BAM!) A crash came through the front door.

“You bitch! Where are you? Where is my son? Tammy get your worthless ass out here!”

Cyrus grabbed Mia, pushing her behind him. “Stay here. I’ll go check it out. Call the police.”

Mia nodded as she grabbed her cell phone. Cyrus ran from the room just about the time Grayson turned into the hallway leading to the baby’s room.

“Where is he? Where’s my boy?”

Cyrus straightened his shoulders ready to plow the man over if he took another step. “Grayson? What the hell are you doing here?”

The man stopped in his tracks, barely able to stand on his own two feet, and staggering back and forth. “Well, if it isn’t poor little, Cyrus Evans. Where are mommy and daddy? Oh. Yeah. They’re dead.” Greyson laughed, taking a big gulp from a fifth of bourbon.
“Fuck you. Get out of here. Tammy doesn’t want you here.”

“Oh, that bitch came crawling back to you, huh? Figures. You were always weak. Just like your father.”

“Don’t you ever speak about my parents.”
Mia stepped outside the baby’s room. “The police are on the way. Cyrus, what’s going on?”

Grayson looked over Mia like she was a piece of meat. His eyes settling on her breast as Mia moved behind Cyrus to elude the disgusting man’s glares.

“Well, what do we have here? Pretty little thing. What’s your name?”

Cyrus protectively stood in front of Mia. “You need to leave, old man. Or I can make you leave. The police are on the way.”

“I’m not going anywhere without my son. Where is Tammy?”

“She’s safe. You need to stay away from her and Elias. You gave away your rights.”

“Rights? He’s my son. He belongs to me. Elias Dawson Evans. Stupid bitch named him after your worthless father and gave him your damn last name.”

“Mia, go to the kitchen. If he comes near you, run. Call Wraith and tell him to get here now.”

“I’m not leaving you. I’ll kick his ass before I let him touch either of us.”

Grayson laughed, “Feisty. She reminds me of your mother. Loyal and a fighter. Guess that is where that sexy ass Holly gets it. Mary was a little spitfire. I almost had her pretty ass once. Holly beat up me and four of my buddies at the bar downtown.”

Cyrus glared at him and started to clench his fist. “That was you? You tried to rape my sister. You’re lucky she didn’t kill you.”

“Too bad that stuck up prude wouldn’t put out. I would have loved to have her. Just like your mother. Elias stole Mary from me. Did you know that? Mary was promised to me and that bastard father of yours took her away and eloped.”

Cyrus scowled. “I know the story. My grandfather gambled and had debt he couldn’t pay. Your dad was trying to force her to marry you to pay the debt.”

“Yep. Only Elias and Mary thought they were like fucking Romeo and Juliet and took off. Next time I saw them, she was knocked up with that jackass brother of yours.”

Police sirens wailed in the distance as Mia pulled on Cyrus’ sleeve and whispered. “They’re coming.”

“So Cyrus? Is it true what they say about fat chicks? The sex is good because they try harder. Come her baby. Let’s take your ass in the bedroom and find out.” Grayson reached for her and Cryus went for the man, knocking him to the ground.

Cyrus started to punch the drunk man, and the cowardly Grayson covered his face, looking terrified. Cyrus stopped himself knowing that hitting the old man was a bad idea. He rolled off of Grayson and shoved him away.

“Get the fuck out of here before I kill you.”

Grayson stood up and walked toward the door. “Coward. Just like your father.” Grayson started to walk out the front door and turned back to Cyrus. “So. How’s the scar? Still burn when you’re near a flame?”
“Get out.”

Mia had followed the men to the door and got a little too close to the drunken man. “Come on, baby. Let me take you home with a real man.” Grayson pulled her to him trying to kiss her. Mia squirmed free pushing him away. “Sit still you fucking whore.”

Without thinking, Cyrus snapped. No one laid a hand on his girl. Not now. Not ever. He tackled the man through the front down and past the front porch steps. Mia screamed for help as the police rolled up.
The police ran to stop Cyrus as he hit the man over and over. Busting his nose and blacking his eye.

“Stop him! He’s crazy!” Grayson yelled to the officer.

Cyrus held up his hands. “I want him arrested for breaking and entering.”

The officer looked at Cyrus then back to Grayson. “This is his house now, Cyrus. We already went over this with Tammy weeks ago.”

The second officer gave a little attitude, directed at Cyrus. “An Evans brother. Figures that they would be involved in this. The Evans family is back at it again. Starting trouble. Let’s haul him in and just save us some time.”

“No. You got it all wrong. It’s my ex-wife’s house. She took it in our divorce. I’m here getting her things ready. She’s moving in with me so I can care for her. She’s sick.”

The calmer officer pulled Cyrus to the side. The man he had known since his high school years gave him a sympathetic look. “Ignore him. He’s just hungry. I know about Tammy. Everyone knows what Grayson did to her too. We have been here hundreds of times. You know how it is. He gets taken into custody and is out the next day. She kept taking him back until after she found out she was pregnant. Then he abandoned her. Everyone on the force is sick of him. He is either drunk or causing some sort of problem for people around town. He owns half of that damn county.”

“Then why does Barney Fife over here, want to arrest me? I haven’t been in trouble since I was a kid. He broke into the house and tried to assault my girlfriend. He was going to take Elias from Tammy. We are just here to help her move her belongings.”

“Cy, he took the house in exchange for Elias. It’s a multimillion-dollar home. He took it when he divorced Tammy. If anything, your trespassing.”


The officer looked over his shoulder at Grayson who was laughing and wiping the blood from his face.

“Sorry, Cy. Tammy didn’t tell you? It was the only way Grayson would allow her the divorce and to sign over the baby.” The officer turned to Grayson. “Mr. Tomas. You know the boy is no longer yours and you have no parental rights.”

“I want Cyrus arrested for assault. Mother fucker busted my nose.”

“I should have killed you, old man! You have no right touching Mia.”

“See! He’s threatening me! Arrest him!”

Mia stepped forward in front of Cyrus. “No. He’s drunk and tried to push himself on me. Cyrus was just defending me after Grayson grabbed me and tried to force a kiss on me.”
The officer turned to Grayson. “Is that true? Did you put your hands on this woman?”

Grayson rolled his eyes and waved it off.

“Officer, we didn’t know about the house.”

The grouchy officer looked back and forth between the couple and Grayson. “Fine. The old drunk is probably lying anyway. Arrest them both. I don’t have time for this.”

Mia started to cry. “Why? Cy didn’t do anything wrong.”

Cyrus turned to Mia, taking her face in his hands, as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Flower. I’ll be okay. Call Wraith so he can come to bail me out. I’ll be home in no time.”

Mia nodded. “What about, Tammy and Elias?”

“They'll be fine. Isis, Gage, and the kids are with them. Take the truck and find Wraith.”

The officer started to cuff Cyrus when Grayson started again.

“It’s okay, blondie. You can stay here and wait on my bed. I can show you what a real man is. I’ll be back in no time. Keep the sheets warm for me.”

Mia walked over and kneed Grayson in the nuts. “That’s for Holly. And this…” She headbutted him in the nose. “That’s for me!” Once he fell back to the ground, she kicked him again. “And that’s for that poor woman and her baby! You’re an evil disgusting man. Go to hell!"

The grouchy officer grabbed her arm and pulled her back before she hit Grayson again. “Lady, I get your anger, but did you have to do that? Now we have to arrest you too.”

“Good. It was worth it. I’ll be in the car.”

Cyrus tried not to laugh as his short little firecracker. Mia yanked away from the officer, and stomped over to the police car, letting herself in the back.

The cops tried not to laugh as the short woman puffed up and slammed the door of the back of the police cruiser.

Grayson was grabbing his crotch writhing in pain. “Aren’t you going to do something? Call me an ambulance.”

The officer leaned over to scold him. “You’ll live. Holly has been my friend since we were kids. I know what you did to her. You deserve worse for what you tried to do to her in the club. You’re lucky I stopped that lady over there before she bashed your brains in.”
Cyrus nodded in agreement. “One day, Grayson, your luck will run out. It’s only a matter of time before you have to atone for all your sins. I just hope I’m there to see it.”

Grayson sat up, scowling at Cyrus. “They can’t do anything to me. You would think you would realize that by now. I own this town.”

The cop yanked him off the ground and cuffed the older man. “Keep pushing your luck old man. Cyrus is right. Money doesn’t buy everyone. This town is sick of you. The clock is ticking on your tyranny and it’s about time you get what’s coming to you.”


Holly skipped into the police station in front of Wraith, like a happy little school girl.
Wraith just rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t do it, Holly.”

“Do what? I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Sweet innocent Cyrus is in the clink. I’m loving this shit. For once I’m not the one being bailed out. This is like Christmas, Fourth of July, and every birthday rolled up into one.” Holly skipped over to the window of the reception desk chomping her gum. “Hey, Marco. How are the kids?”

The man looked up with a half-smirk and shook his head in amusement. “Well, I’ll be damn. Miss Holly Evans. the big IWX star. The kids are great. We haven’t seen you here in a while. Coming for a visit? Turning yourself in again? Who did you beat up this time?”
“Nope. I’m innocent today. I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m working on my anger issues… sort of. We are picking up my deviant brother.”

“Wraith? We haven’t had problems out of him in years. Not since he got out of the military.”

“Nope. The other one. Cyrus.” Holly moved to show her brother behind her. “Wraith has the cash. We are here to bust out his girl too.”
The older jailor laughed. “The chick that kicked the shit out of Grayson Tomas? She’s been in the cell ranting for an hour. She has every woman in the cell block ready to beat the shit out of the old man.”

Wraith leaned on the desk. “Serves the bastard right. You should throw him in with them and let the ladies take care of his old ass.”

The officer chuckled. “Don’t I wish I could. Everyone around here hates him. He gets arrested, and the next day is out. I’ll call up to the guards and get your family. Give me a few minutes…. Wait. Did you say, Cyrus? He never gets in trouble. Well not since he was a little kid driving around on Wraith’s dirt bike. ”
Holly started laughing. “I know. Isn’t it great? I’m never going to let him live this down. Now he can’t say shit about me getting into fights. He beat up an old man.”

Wraith nudged her. “You know Grayson probably had it coming. Cyrus doesn’t fight unless provoked.”

“Eh. He should have stomped his ass. I hope he rots in hell for all he’s done to people in this town, including killing our parents.”
The officer stood from the desk and picked up the phone.
He looked at Holly with an agreeing sigh. “Don’t we all.”

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