Doomed in Love

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Chapter 26

Cyrus came out of the jail seeing Holly standing there smiling ear-to-ear. She had her hands behind her back rocking back and forth on her toes. “What’s up, jailbird?”

Cyrus just groaned and went to the window to get his wallet and cell phone. “Where's Mia?”

Wraith went over patting his brother on the back. “She’ll be out in a minute. Grayson dropped the charges. His lawyer didn’t want the media here, since you are a celebrity. They probably realized it would be a bad idea to bring attention to themselves.”
“Good.” Cyrus was brooding as he walked past his sister. Holly trotted in behind him grinning like a kid in a candy store. “Stop, Holly.”

“Stop what? I am just a concerned sister. Were you violated in prison? Did they sodomize you? Did you become someone’s bitch?”

“Shut up.”

Holly raised her hands to her mouth with a gasp in fake surprise. “Oh no. They did. They breached your booty hole. The horror. I think there is an ointment for that. We can stop by the pharmacy on the way home.”

Cyrus grunted as he sat down in the waiting area. He just kept looking forward trying to not look at his annoying sister. “Shut up.”

“Did you have to call them daddy while they spanked your ass? Are you so traumatized that we’re going to find you in a crack house, selling your body in the streets? Will we have to call for an intervention?”

Cyrus looked as if steam was ready to come out of his ears as his sister teased him. Wraith was trying his best to keep a straight face.

“Here is a tip for the next time you’re locked up. It pays to have a pack of smokes. They will leave you alone that way.”

“Shut. Up.”
“You can also try finding the biggest guy in the yard and kick his ass. Your pretty face will just draw them in, so you will still have to fight to keep your virtue.”

“Shut up.

“Brother, you need to deal with your anger issues. I have a therapist you can talk to. I’m just concerned about your welfare.”

Wraith was trying not to laugh and covered his mouth with his fist. Holly just kept taunting her brother and following him around the room as he tried to move to another seat.

“Does your butthole hurt? You know... from the prison gang bang? Next time just relax. Anal always hurts the first time. Ask for a reach around. Sometimes that helps you to get in the mood. Don’t be embarrassed. These things happen in prison.”
Cyrus slowly turned his head toward his sister. “I’m going to kill you in your sleep.”

“Just stay away from my ass. I don’t know what you learned while you were behind bars.”

Holly started to break out in laughter and Wraith lost it. As he started cracking up, Cyrus growled at his siblings.

“I hate you two.”

Cyrus looked up seeing Mia exiting the jail door, and he ran to her, pulling her into a big hug. “Are you okay, flower?”

Mia didn’t move and stood silent with no expression, just blinking rapidly. Cyrus pulled her back at arm’s length and Mia looked up at him. Her lip started to quiver and the tears started to flow. “He hurt so many people. The ladies in there told me how he has taken away people’s farms, sexually harassed women, and bullied the whole town. He’s a monster. I hate him.”

Cyrus wrapped his arms around her, kissing her temple. “I do too, baby. You’re safe now. Let’s get you home.”

Mia sniffed back a cry. “No. We need to check on Tammy and the baby. We need to find out her side of the story about the house.”

“Okay, whatever you want. I’ll have an officer go with us to get the rest of the things from the house. ”
Holly walked over hugging her friend from behind. “I know you had it in you. You are one tough chick. Thanks for standing up for me and my brother.”

Mia turned to her and gave Holly a big hug. Both girls stood holding each other like they had known each other their whole lives.

Wraith smiled over at his brother. Maybe Mia and Holly’s new friendship was going to be a good thing. They already had each other's back.

Cyrus smiled at the girls, calmly letting out a breath of air. He was right. Mia was the one. The piece of his family puzzle that made it complete for him.

The arresting officer stepped into the lobby to address the group. “Cyrus. I think we should talk. Let me walk you all to the car.”

Cyrus nodded.

Heading to the parking lot of the small country police station the officer looked around to make sure no one heard the conversation.

“What’s up, Miles? You look upset.”

“Listen. There are still people in this little town who worship Grayson. He can’t be trusted but they bow down to him because of the money and his connections. He rules over this place like a tyrant.”
Wraith rolled his eyes. “Tell us something we don’t know. I have half the mind to run for mayor myself, just to get him kicked out of town.”

“I wish that would work. I have reason to believe that someone covered up your parents' death. Since Holly was attacked in the bar four years ago, I took it upon myself to look into Grayson’s background. It hurt me deeply that I couldn’t help her then. Holly has been my friend for years and it broke my heart what those men did to her. He should have been arrested along with those men. Not Holly. She was just defending herself. The ass beating she gave them, they deserved.”

“I told everyone that, back then. No one listens to me. Everyone thinks I’m just a thug,” Holly huffed.

“I know, Holly. I’m sorry I couldn’t help. I was new on the force and I didn’t have much pull then. I’m running for Sheriff next term. Things are going to change around here if I’m elected. People are sick of the double standards and the bad people in this town running things. It’s not the police force that’s the problem here. We all try to do out jobs and the judicial system just turns a blind eye to Grayson and his goons. Grayson has the higher-ups wrapped around his finger. He has his money controlling more than just buying up the town. He has it in every elected official in town with his hand in their pockets too.”

Cyrus looked confused. "Are you thinking there is more to the accident with my parents."

"Cy, I think they were murdered."

Wraith crossed his arms over his chest listening intently. “We agree. We have thought that for years. I have talked to plenty of people around town about Grayson. The people in the county want real change but Grayson stands in the way of everything. He has been taking land from the residents and most of it illegal deals with the banks.”

“Right. This runs deep. Cyrus, look into a lawyer and find a private detective. Force the investigation against your parents to be reopened. I found a box from the investigation that was never used as evidence. I believe the judge then helped cover it up and claimed it was just an accident. I think he killed them on purpose. I have good people in the force ready to stand up for this. We want to bring him down so this town is safe again.”

Cyrus looked around to his brother and sister. “I don’t know? It will bring a lot of bad memories for my family. I don’t want them to have to go through this again.”

Holly stepped up and took her brother’s hand. “We are in this together. Cy. If we can get some closure, we are all in. If anything, maybe you can move past it and heal. You shouldn’t have to live with this weighing on you anymore. You deserve to be happy.”

Wraith took a deep breath and looked at Mia who seemed scared and confused. If his brother didn’t deal with his past, his future could be destroyed in the wake. Cyrus had hidden from the pain for far too long.

“Holly’s right. We are in this together. You need a fresh start. It would bee good for all of us to move on if Grayson finally has to pay for their murder. I’m in.”

Cyrus took a deep breath and felt Mia’s fingers lace into his. He gave her hand a squeeze and looked over at her. She nodded yes with a smile and Cyrus gave a half-hearted smile back.
He thought about Tammy sick at home and the abuse she endured, little Elias who had a whole life ahead of him, his family, and the loss of their parents so young. Now innocent Mia was caught in the middle. The love of his life deserved to have the best of him. A life that was happy and free of his past.

“Okay. I’ll do it. Just tell me what to do...”


“Are you ready, flower?”

Mia pulled up her hair into a messy bun, ready to put on one of her wigs for her date. “Are you sure about this? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with the baby and Tammy?”

Cyrus went over wrapping his arms around Mia and looked at her through the mirror. “I’m sure. You came on this trip to have fun. It’s been nothing but a nightmare.”
Mia smiled back at him with a blush. “Not everything.”

Cyrus kissed her cheek. “No. Definitely not everything. I just want to take you on a real date. We need time alone. Everyone has gone back to work and we have a week to relax and be with Tammy and Eli. The nurse is here. It will be fine.”

Mia looked a little uncomfortable when Tammy’s name was mentioned. “It’s sort of awkward. She’s nice to me and all, but it’s just… strange.”
“I know. None of this is normal. I do appreciate all you are doing for me.”

“For Eli too. He’s so precious.”

“He is.” Cyrus smiled. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad.”

“Who are you telling? I just thought I was coming to a birthday weekend bash. Not start a family.”

“You can back out at any time. I’m not going to pressure you. It’s only been a couple of months since we first started talking online. We just met a couple of weeks ago. I know I pressured you at first. I was just excited.”

Mia turned to him, taking his face in her hands. Cyrus leaned his forehead on hers and closed his eyes feeling her soft touch.

“I’m okay. I’ll get used to it. Now that I have spent a little time with Tammy, I see she needs our help. She doesn’t have a family to turn to. She’s worried for her son and rightfully so. That being said, she made mistakes and I can’t overlook that just yet. She hurt you, but I know she still cares.”

“I know. We talked about how both of us made a lot of mistakes in our marriage. I think I’ve made peace with that. We were just not meant for each other. I guess meeting you was the eye-opener I needed. I see now what I really want and what matters. I was trying so hard to be everyone’s protector. With you, I can be that emotionally and don’t have to be too smothering. I know you can stand up for yourself and you show it over and over.”

“I still need you, Cyrus. Just not to be my protector. I need you to be my partner. 50/50. The way it should be. We both need each other and that’s part of being in a relationship. Being able to lean on someone you trust is what makes it special. We can lean on one another and still be strong individuals too.”
“Exactly. Now. Let’s get to that date. I need to be with my girl alone tonight.”

“Gage told me a secret.” Mia turned back to the mirror to work on her makeup.

Cyrus sighed running his hand over his face. “Shit. What did he do?”

“You have a kink. My naughty little love muffin has a kinky little secret he’s been hiding from me.”

Cyrus’ eyes got wide. “Waa.. what? Kink?”

“A kink. A fetish. So… Here is what we are going to do. I’m going to make you leave this room. Anastasia Wild will meet you at the restaurant bar in an hour.”

“Anastasia? Your stage name?”

“Um-hum. She sort of likes to meet strange guys in bars. It’s always been a fantasy of hers but never played it out. She’s a lady you know. She especially likes big, strong, wrestlers and I thought you should meet her.”

“Are you saying you want to role… umm…” Cyrus gulped down a nervous tightness in this throat. He started to blush all the way up to the tips of his ears and looked around the room awkwardly.

“Roleplay, sweetie? Yes.” Mia went over and grabbed his tie with a sly smirk. “Is that okay with you?”

Cyrus just nodded as he looked down at Mia with a goofy half-grin. His lip curled up on one side and his face was beet red.

“You’re so cute when you blush. Such a big strong man, and so dang adorable.” Mia kissed the tip of his nose. “I thought you would like that. You have been under so much pressure I thought we could have some fun. Now scoot. I have to get ready. Anastasia will have a red dress on tonight. I told her it’s your favorite color.”

“Ah-huh. Red.” Cyrus was speechless as he walked backward out the door as he looked over his girl. She was like a dream come true.
“Oh… Cyrus.”


“I love you.”
“Love. Yes. You.”

Mia giggled as he closed the door with his goofy grin plastered across his face. Apparently she had made his day.

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