Doomed in Love

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Chapter 29

Mia paced back and forth in the locker room while Wraith, Cyrus, and Holly watched her. Holly leaned over to whisper her oldest brother with a cringe.

“Think she’s going to puke?”

“God, I hope not. You know how it is when I see someone get sick. I get sick too.” Wraith started to gag.

“Wimp. You act like you’re so tough, but a little vomit makes you lose your shit.”

“Shut up. It’s gross. I have one thing that gets to me and that’s it.”

Cyrus nudged his sister. “You go say something to her.”

“No way. It’s your girlfriend. You talk to her.”

“Heck no. I don’t want her to punch me in the face like she did to you.”

“Geez, you two are a couple of pussies.” Holly stood up. “Mia, are you okay?”

“I can’t believe I thought I could do this. There are thousands of people out there. The Doom is reuniting and the place is packed. I’m so out of my league here.” Mia looked at Holly with wide eyes, full of nervous tension. She looked terrified and was trembling uncontrollably.

“There will be millions watching live and are all rooting us on. It will be okay,” Wraith spoke up.

“Millions?” Mia shrieked.

Holly let out a huff, sticking her tongue in her cheek with a grunt and tilted head. Annoyed at her brother she looked over her shoulder at him. “Nice move, jackass. Now she’s really scared.”

Cyrus finally saw his brother and sister were no help and went to pull Mia in his arms. “Flower, calm down. You’re getting yourself all worked up.”

“Calm down! Don’t tell me to calm down!”

Mia shoved him away snarling up her nose at him.

Holly started laughing when she realized how much it sounded just like something Holly would say. “I fucking love this chick.”

Cyrus scowled at his sister and hip-checked her. “I officially ban you from hanging out with my flower. You’re corrupting her.”

Mia looked at Holly who was trying to not bust out laughing. Finally, she broke a smile and hugged Cyrus. “Sorry, I’m just really nervous. I’ve never had stage fright like this.”

Wraith went to her and pulled Mia over to him. Placing his hands on the sides of her face he forced her to look at him. Wraith was always the one who knew how to calm someone down even though he could be a tad insensitive at times. He was so large and intimidating but there was something soothing and confident in him too.

“Listen, Mia. I know how you feel right now. I used to have huge stage fright when Cy and I first started wrestling. Just remember we are right there with you. All those people want to see you succeed. I know the dirt sheets and online keyboard warriors try to talk crap, but for the most part, people are more likely to encourage you.”

“But people are already saying online that Cy has a fat chick as his girlfriend. What if they laugh at me?”

Wraith lowered his hands to her shoulders and gave her a knowing smile. “That’s ridiculous. You look amazing. Do you really care what they think? Since I have known you, you don’t seem to give two shits what people think of you. That’s the one thing I like most about you.”

Mia nodded, “You’re right. I don’t. I’m a plus size girl and it’s who I am. I exercise hard and am probably more fit than any of those jerks who talk crap about me. I may have some extra curves but I like who I am. I’m not changing for anyone.”

“That a girl. You got this. Think of it this way. Until now, no woman at IWX has ever looked like you. They were all fitness chicks or Barbie doll types. Some people may talk shit, but you are going to give other women someone they can look up to. A woman with confidence and class.”

“Wraith’s right, Mia. Truth is, you are not fat. People are just being trolls. Fuck them!” Holly nudged her.

Cyrus huffed at his sister. “Holly! Watch your mouth.”

“Okay. Okay. Geez.” Holly pouted.

As much of a badass as Holly pretended to be, when her brothers scolded her, she was still the same little girl who they raised and she respected.

Mia looked around her new family who all were wearing a revamped psycho horror circus theme attire, geared around the Doom brothers look. She smiled to herself. This band of misfits was everything to her and she was one of them now.

“Okay. Let’s do this.”

Cyrus, who’s new stage style looked even more like a psychotic horror movie killer than he was in the past, kissed Mia’s cheek. “That’s my girl!”

Mia giggled as his beard tickled her cheek. “You look creepy as hell. Good thing I know how sexy you are under all that freaky makeup.”

“Careful, flower. I may take you to my private dungeon and do bad things to you. Lock you in my cage and never set you free. Only for me to take you out to look at.”

“I sure hope so. That may be our next roleplay.”

Holly snarled her nose up while grabbing her fire-breather equipment. “Eww. Gross! TMI. I don’t need to know about my brother’s weird-ass kinks. Let’s go before I’m the one that gets sick.”


As the Evans crew made their way to the stage, Holly’s husband was standing with his faction. Colt and his bad boy crew were to interrupt Doom later in the segment, pretending to be upset that his wife had turned on him on the show the week before.

Colt's back was turned and Cyrus got an evil grin on his face. Under his breath he chuckled slowly, creeping up behind his skittish brother-in-law.

“He makes this shit too easy.”

Cyrus snuck up behind Colt and tapped him on the shoulder hiding from his view. Colt turned around and didn’t see anyone and went back to talking. Cyrus tapped the other shoulder. When Colt turned around Cyrus jumped up and growled at him.

Colt screamed like a little girl, jumping behind his best friend, Slade. “Damn it, Cyrus! Don’t do that!”

Cyrus slinked around with creepy motions, trying to get past Slade to taunt Colt. “Are you afraid I’ll take your soul, pretty boy? You know you can’t escape. One day I will get you when you least expect it.”

Colt shivered, shaking off the heebie-jeebie feeling. “Do you have to be so damn creepy? Stop it. You’re freaking me out.”

Cyrus started laughing hysterically. “Oh, relax. I’m just messing with you.”

“If you weren’t creepy before, you sure are now. That new gear is not doing anything to make you look less like a psycho killer. Even though you added a suit to this mess, it doesn’t help the fact you are scary as hell. It’s just freaking me out!”

Holly went to wrap her arms around her husband. “He’s just teasing. Do you like my new outfit, baby? Mia helped me with it.”

Colt looked over his wife in her sexy new leather firebreather look. “You look like straight-up sex. Why don’t we…” Colt motioned his head toward the hallway that led to the local rooms wiggling his eyebrows at his wife.

Wraith shook his head with a growl. “Not a chance. You two keep your hands to yourselves tonight. If I walk in on you again, in my locker room, I’m kicking both your asses.”

Holly giggled, “It was an accident.”

“Accident? Did he trip and his dick just so happen to land in you?”

“I didn’t know you were in there. I didn’t hear you coming.”

“Really. I sure as hell heard you announce that you were,” Wraith rolled his eyes.

Mia covered her mouth trying not to laugh. “You heard her while she was…”

“In the middle of an orgasm. Yes. It was nasty. Not much better when I hear you and Cy in the woods. You all are a bunch of freaks.”

Cyrus patted his brother on the back. “Payback for all the years Holly and I had to hear you and Lilly.”

Wraith smirked. “That’s different.”


“My Lilly is hot as hell and I like it when my sexy momma screams. It lets me know I’m hittin’ it right. She loves her big papas D.”

In unison the whole group said. “Eww!”

“DOOM! Showtime!”

Holly skipped away. “We’re on!”

Mia took a deep breath and followed behind Holly. Mia would go on first. Mia was shaking so hard she was sure people would hear her teeth chatter. She made her way to the entrance to the stage and Holly hugged her from the side.

“Break a leg, ya sexy beast. You can do this.”

Slow eerie circus music started to play over the arena. The lights went black and only a spotlight was shown in the middle of the stage leading to the ring. A lone red balloon floated across the stage past the light. That was her cue. Mia stepped out in her ringmaster’s burlesque custom looking like a star. Once she hit the stage light her face, all her fears subsided. This was her element.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, the circus is about to begin! I am Anastasia Wild, your ringmaster for the main event. Come one, come all, as I take you on a trip into the world of the underground. Where freaks and sideshow mutants play. Welcome to your Doom!”

Mia let out a musical laugh as the Doom’s original music played, and the faction entered the stage. Holly, in full character, went to the front of the stage breathing fire as the wrestling ring post shot fire out the poles mimicking her act. A sight that made the audience erupt in cheers so loudly the arena rumbled. Several scary-looking sideshow performers ascended on the crowd from the audience entrance ways interacting with the audience.

The crowd’s scared screams from the creepy actors brought electric energy that made Cyrus leap into action. He strutted down the ramp and boosted the crowd while taunting people as he went to the ring. Everyone was loving it, even though it had a sense of fright to it, the performance was something to behold.

Wraith leaned into his brother to yell in his ear. “We are back brother. Welcome home!”

Cyrus smiled to himself. That’s what this was. Home.

Wraith, dressed in a terrifying clown mask, jumped on the ring mat and yanked his mask off, holding it in the air like a sacrifice to the fans. He let out an intimidating roar as his brother joined him. Holly followed, by pacing around the ring lunging at several audience members to scare them.

Mia strutted to the ring showing off the Doom crew as if they were her own personal circus act. She was loving every moment and felt the butterflies slowly be replaced with utter and complete joy.

If it all ended tomorrow, this would be the highlight of her career. This was the happiest moment on stage she had ever experienced, and she was sharing it with the men she had admired for years. Most importantly the one she loved.


Mia ran into the house to find Tammy.

“Tammy! We’re home! Did you see the show? It was amazing! I had so much fun. I brought you and Elias the new Doom shirts. Tammy? ...Tammy?”

Cyrus walked in carrying their bags and throwing them in the corner of the entryway. He stopped just inside the house when he noticed something wasn’t right. Mia was so happy that she didn’t even realize the abandoned feeling of the home. Tammy was not in her chair and the nurse and the nanny were nowhere to be seen.

“Tammy? Where… Cy? Where is everyone?” Mia turned around to face him once she realized the house was empty.

Cyrus went into a panic and ran through the house and to the baby’s room. “Where is he? Where’s my son!”

Mia’s cell phone rang and she rushed to answer it. “Tammy?... Who is this?... I… What? What happened? Is she okay?... okay. We’ll be right there.”

Cyrus came up behind her. “What’s going on?”

“She’s at the hospital. The nurse said she’s taken a turn for the worse. They had to rush her to the hospital. It must have been while we were heading here.”

“Shit. My phone doesn’t have good reception in this area. How long ago?”

“About an hour. They said we need to get there now.”

Mia grabbed her purse and rushed out the door and Cyrus fell in line, not far behind. As they rushed to his pickup truck, he tried to call his brother and sister.

Mia’s happy moment left as quickly as it came.

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