Doomed in Love

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Chapter 3

A thirty-year-old average woman, an average country town, with an average life. That was exactly how Mia Wilson felt. Average.

Mia had lifelong dreams that seemed far out of reach for this small-town girl. Her whole life she wanted more; something miraculous. Mia desperately dreamed of getting out of her mundane town and doing something truly amazing. Since she was a child, she dreamed fame would come her way, but in the end, it just never worked out for her. Unfortunately, she took a life detour by becoming a makeup artist and stylist to make ends meet. A life that quickly started to seem more and more lack-luster as the days passed.

Being a stylist had become almost like settling for vanilla ice cream when what you really craved was a banana split with whipped cream and sprinkles. Okay in a pinch, but just not near as exciting.

Mia loved the show, International Wrestling Xtreme aka IWX, and was absolutely obsessed with pro-wrestler Cyrus Evans. The glorious man, only six years her senior, made her heart swoon. His facial scars made him sexy, even a little dangerous. Since she first saw his face on live TV, years ago, she was star struck. His scar reminded her of an angel wing, and to her, he was just that. An angel in leather and tattoos. Even before his big makeover, Mia found him to be attractive. Even when others didn't seem to agree.

Sadly she hadn’t seen him wrestle for some time now. He was the corporate force behind making IWX star’s life miserable with his new on-screen IWX general manager position. On stage, he was still a powerhouse wrestler with a rock hard body that drove her wild.

Mia typed away on her laptop, trying to get her studies finished before the IWX show was to come on later that night. She kept checking the clock to make sure she didn’t miss even a second of the show.

“Dang it. I have to hurry, Cyrus manager promos are usually at the start of the show.”

Mia was taking communications classes online and hoped the extra PR degree would one day land her a job in television. At least she could still work backstage and be part of the excitement of the industry she loved, even though she ultimately wanted to see her name in lights.

After finishing her last homework assignment, Mia settled in to relax with her favorite show and a bowl of popcorn. In her little studio apartment, Mia sat in her unicorn tank top and matching sleep pants, giddy to see Cyrus.

As Cyrus bantered back and forth with some in-ring talent, whom he was currently in a storyline with, Mia lost track of what they were saying and just focused on Cyrus. He was different than any man she had ever dated. He was known as being a little intimidating, but it was evident he had a kind side too. Most guys she dated in the past were pushovers. Cyrus seemed cool and collected with a sense of control.

Mia knew he was divorced now, and the news sort of made her shiver with the thought of him as a single man. Mia couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he strutted across the screen. His body was like Michelangelo’s statue, David. More fit than she had ever remembered him being, with long slim lines. People used to see him as the less attractive of the Doom brothers, but not Mia.

Her face went flush looking at his amazing arms and broad shoulders. Cyrus’ tight round backside flexed under his dress slacks as he walked, making her squirm in her seat. The man was a sight to behold, and since his newfound look, many women had suddenly taken interest in him.

Later that night, Cyrus made his way to the ring to interfere in a match helping his brother win against Slade Logan. Mia shivered with excitement seeing Cyrus actually making physical contact in the ring for the first time in a long while. She quickly got her laptop straight to Twitter. The feed was full of other fans gabbing on about a suspected Doom return and how they hoped the brothers would reunite. There was chatter about even bringing their sister Holly in the mix.

Mia went to Cyrus’s profile and tagged him to a post on his Twitter page. She had never had the courage to comment or message him before. It was too nerve-wracking to think about, but tonight she was just too excited to be stopped by irrational fears.

Mia wrote on Cyrus’ wall shaking with nervous tension.

Miss Mia: Best day ever! I hope to see you both in action in person in Indianapolis. @Cyrus_IWX #dreamguy #sexiestmanever #yournumberonefan

Mia went back to looking over comments of other fans smiling as she scrolled down the newsfeed. Eventually, she got tired and realized it was late. Turning off the television, while heading to bed with a yawn, she knew Cyrus would be giving her some nice dreams tonight. Just as he had many times before.

A few hours later, she awoke from sleep feeling her throat dry from the fan blowing on her all night. She stretched her limbs and sat up trying to wet her tongue from the painful cottonmouth.

“I need to get some sleep. I have work in the morning. I knew I should have gone to bed early.”

She pulled herself from the bed wearily shuffling her feet as went to get a drink of water. Barely opening her eyes, and scratching her back, she made her way to the refrigerator. Surprisingly she made it without stubbing a toe on anything in the darkroom. Knowing she wouldn’t get back to sleep anytime soon, she crawled back in bed grabbing her phone from the nightstand. She checked her messages, still excited over the short Doom Brother reunion on the show earlier. Fans were itching to see the duo back together and causing havoc to the IWX roster. Even though it was just for the night, her Twitter feed was still buzzing with the news.

@CRYUS_IWX: I would love to see you at a show. Hit me up, sexy mama! Sexiest man ever, huh? Nice. (wink emoji)

She giggled, “Yeah, right. This is fake.” She clicked on the comment and went to the sender’s page to see who was messing with her.

"HOLY CRAP! That’s him! The real him! He commented on my comment!” Mia leaped on the bed, jumping up and down.

She fell back onto the bed like a silly teenager giggling with joy. Mia read over at the comment for what seemed like hours.

“The girls at work are not going to believe this.”

Eventually, she fell back to sleep dreaming hot steamy fantasies of her wrestling dream guy.

The next morning, Cyrus was sitting in Gage’s Chicago skyrise corner office, stewing over his next move. Gage was now Co-owner of IWX, so even though they were goofing off for the past hour, he knew he wasn’t going to be in trouble with the boss. Especially since the boss was married to his cousin, Isis.

“Gage this is crazy. I’m not making a fake account and catfishing the poor girl.”

“Hush, ya old stick in the mud. You’re not catfishing if you tell her who you are from the start. You can’t use your regular profile. Our team uses our phones to post stuff for us when we are working.”

“Ugg, Fine. Give me the damn phone. This is going to blow up in my face. What if she gets mad? I feel like I’m lying to her.”

“Hey, you wanted to have secrecy to get to know the real her.”

Isis walked in with one baby on her hip and her oldest daughter waddling over to her father. “Daddy!”

Gage’s smile beamed as he picked up his two-year-old, Macy. “There’s daddies girls. Hey, love. What are you doing here?” Gage kissed his wife.

“Visiting. Madison was fussy so I took them on a drive to visit daddy. The car soothes her.”

Cyrus walked over to hug his younger cousin. “How is momma doing?”

“Pregnant as ever. My morning sickness just started.”

Cyrus took the ten-month-old baby from Isis, cooing at her. “Mommy needs to learn to stay away from Daddy so her baby parts can have a break.”

Gage smirked. “What can I say? I’m a stud.”

“Cy’s right, Gage. After this, we are being more careful. I want to get back to work eventually.”

Gage kissed the top of her head. “Yes, love. Whatever you want.”

Cyrus faked a cough. “Whipped.”

“Shut up, old man. If it was you, you would be having an army of these little ones.”

Cyrus handed the baby back with a sigh. “Yeah. I guess.”

Gage saw his friend’s head drop. “Oh, Cy. I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry buddy. I forgot you can’t have kids.”

“It’s okay. You guys are lucky. You have a beautiful family. At least uncle Cy can spoil them.”

Changing the subject, Isis interjected. “What are you two doing? I know you’re not working.”

“Cyrus is catfishing some chick on the internet.”

“Nark! What? No! Gage, what the hell? Shut up! Isis, I’m not, I promise.”

Isis scowled at him. “You better not, Cyrus Evans. That’s mean.”

“No. Really, I’m not. I like her. I made a second profile so I can talk to her. It was Gage’s idea. He made me do it.” Cyrus pointed at Gage for the blame.

“You two better be on your best behavior or I’ll call Holly.”

In unison, the two men yelled. “No!”

“So tell me about this girl.”

As Cyrus told her about the woman he had a wild crush on, it was clear to Isis that Cyrus was smitten with her. “So, the idea is if I talk to her online, without her really knowing who I am, I can make sure she knows the real me. Not just the celebrity version.”

Isis narrowed her brows while bouncing the baby on her hip. “Are you sure this isn’t about your scars?”

Gage and Cyrus got quiet.

“I knew it. You both are idiots. You better be nice to this poor girl.”

“I will. Look. Here is her picture.”

Isis took his phone and smiled. “She’s pretty. I thought I would see some bimbo. She looks like a nice lady.”

Cyrus took the phone back with a goofy grin. “I like her smile.”

Gage tried not to laugh. It was so cheesy even Isis was fighting back a laugh.

“So, my big brother figure has a little crush. I can’t wait to tell Holly and Candy.”

"Don’t you dare! Candy already gives me crap about ring rats hitting on me.”

“Yet you still think your scars are a problem. You’re a handsome guy. Stop being so hard on yourself.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t you have someplace to be besides here, bugging me?”

“Nope. I’m free all evening to annoy you. Gage and I are putting you on babysitting duty tonight.”

“Huh? Why me? Madison is a demon-possessed tiny poop machine.”

“Too bad, Uncle Cy. You promised you would take the girls so Gage and I can go on a date night.”

Macy pulled on Cyrus’ pants leg and reached for him. “Uncy Cy. Up!”

“Stop Macy. Your cute ways are no match for my powers of the dark side.”

“Uncy Cy. Play with Macy?” The girl giggled wrapping her arms around his leg.

Cyrus leaned over and picked up the oldest girl who was pleading for his attention. “Dang you and your tiny person ways. Using the cuteness of the force to weaken my powers. Fine. I’ll babysit but Macy and I are going to eat ice cream and candy all night and we might go fishing out on the dock.”


Isis smacked her cousin in the back of the head. “You better not feed my baby that junk. The last time Macy was so hyper she didn’t sleep all night.”

“Whatever. If I am going to babysit, I get to spoil her. That’s the rules. Anyway, I have work to do. I’ll catch you losers later. “Cyrus headed to the door.

Gage chuckled. “More like you have a cute blonde to try to seduce.”

“Shut up, asshole.”

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