Doomed in Love

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Chapter 32

Cyrus sat by Mia’s bedside holding her hand. She had swelling on the brain and a lot of cuts and bruises. He heard someone rush in the door and there stood an older woman who looked like Mia with an older man with grey hair. Wraith, who was sitting in the corner with his sister napping next to him, stood to greet them.

Whispering he gave the parents a kind handshake. “You must be the Wilsons. I’m Wraith. My brother is Mia’s boyfriend. He’s pretty torn up. He hasn’t spoken in hours.”

Mia’s mother walked to her daughter holding back tears, taking her other hand, and kissing her forehead she smiled sweetly in Cyrus' direction. “We know who you are. We are big wrestling fans. Hello, Cyrus. My Mia has told me all about you. I’m sorry we have to meet under these conditions.”

Cyrus slowly went to her mother, looking in her eyes, as if trying to grasp who she was. “You have her eyes.”

Mia’s mother almost broke out in tears. “I’m Carol and this is Caleb. How is my girl?”

Cyrus looked back to Mia with sad eyes. “We don’t know just yet. The surgery went well but they are keeping her sedated until the swelling goes down.”

“So we pray.”

Caleb walked over to give Cyrus a big bear hug. “So you’re the man my daughter has fallen head over heels for?”

“Yes, sir. I think I’m more of the one that fell for her. She’s my world.”

“Mia says you have an adopted son now.”

“Yes. Elias. He just turned one.”

“I hope I get to meet my future grandson soon.”

Cyrus blushed at the sound of her parents calling his son their grandson. “She told you?”

“She did. She’s pretty taken with the little fella.”

“I do plan to marry her. I apologize if I don’t ask for her hand just yet, but I love her very much.”

“Son, I understand. When she wakes up, I expect that conversion.”

“Yes, sir.”

Cyrus nodded to her parents as the doctor walked into the ICU room. “Cyrus Evans?”

“Yes, sir. These are Mia’s parents.”

“Good. Let’s all go to the waiting room and chat.” As the doctor led everyone from the room, Cyrus hesitated to leave her side.

Wraith turned back to his brother. “She’s in good hands, Cy.”

“I can’t leave her. She needs me.”

“She knows you’re here. That's all that matters. Come on, brother. I’ll buy you something to eat and you can get some fresh air.”

Cyrus leaned over kissing Mia’s lips. “I’ll be right back, flower. I love you.”

As the Evans family sat with Mia’s parents, the doctor went through what to expect in the next few days.

“She’s strong and healthy. We expect a full recovery but the next twenty-four hours are important. The reason I wanted to wait to talk to you all together is that there is another matter we need to discuss.”

Cyrus sat up in his seat taking his sister’s hand, holding tight. “Is something wrong?”

“Well, not exactly. Mr. Evans, were you aware Miss Wilson is pregnant? She’s in the first trimester of her pregnancy but her test came up positive.”

Cyrus’ mouth dropped open and everyone looked at him like they were just slapped in the face. “Pregnant? But… how?”

Mia’s father chuckled. “If you need an answer to that, we have more than you taking my daughter's hand in marriage to talk about.”

Carol swatted her husband’s arm. “Oh hush, you old fool. My baby’s pregnant? Is the baby okay?”

“We almost lost her and the child in surgery but she’s stable now. She’s a little over two months along. Our biggest concern is the baby and getting the swelling down on Mia’s brain. We will be monitoring her to be sure the child is all right. My best advice right now is to pray.”

Cyrus was shaking as tears welled up in his eyes. “She’s pregnant? We were being careful. She wanted to get her career started before we tried. I didn’t think I could even have another chance to have a child.”

Wraith rubbed his brothers back. “It’s going to be alright, Cy. Doctors don’t know everything. Count this as a blessing and we just hope for the best.”

“I can’t lose her. Not now. Please, doctor, help her.”

The doctor leaned over his knees with a sigh. “We are doing everything we can. I believe she is going to be just fine. These things just take time. Would you like to see the ultrasound images of the baby?”

“No. Not until Mia’s awake and cleared. I just can’t.”

“When you’re ready then. I’m going to go in and see how she is. As soon as I’m finished you all are welcome to go back in.”

Cyrus and her father thanked the doctor and Cyrus walked away without notice. He just needed space before he broke down. He wasn’t doing Mia any good in this state.


Wraith had walked over most of the hospital looking for his brother when he found a small chapel down a secluded corridor. Walking in he found his brother on his knees praying. Wraith sat in the back of the small chapel praying with his brother in silence.

“God. Hey. It’s Cy. We haven’t talked in a long time. Truth is, I lost my faith when I lost mom and dad. How can I believe when everything seems to keep ripping my life apart? I guess Doom was the perfect name for my wrestling faction with my brother and sister. We have always been doomed with a life of chaos. Our lives have been a total shit storm since our parents were taken from us. Sorry… but it’s true. When do the Evans family get a break? When do I get a break? I finally met a woman who I know loves me unconditionally and I started having faith again. I know you sent her to me but now she’s being taken away again. How is that fair?”

Cyrus looked up at the cross in the front of the room. “Momma always told me that we just needed a little faith to move mountains. Well, I’m here doing just that. Having what little faith I have left. Don’t take Mia and our child, and I promise to fix all my own demons that have haunted me all these years. I know I’ve been living in this world of hate and control, and I’m done with it. Mia is showing me there is a better way. Please? Don’t take away my flower.”

Wraith went to kneel by his brother. “Cyrus, I have something to give you. Miles said Mia was holding it when they cut her from the truck. I think it’s the letter you told me about. I think you should open it.”

Wraith handed it to Cyrus with shaky hands. The letter with splatters of blood was crumpled and torn. Taking a deep breath, Cryus ripped open the letter, and a key fell onto the floor. Wraith picked up and looked with confusion at Cyrus.

“It’s a safety deposit box key.”

Cyrus opened the letter seeing the handwritten note from his deceased ex-wife.

Dearest Cyrus,

I know you must have a lot of unanswered questions after our divorce. I need you to understand that what I am about to tell you will be a shock. I did what I had to do to save my son. I hope this will bring you the peace you have always searched for.

Two months before I asked you for a divorce I met Grayson. He seemed to be charming and lavished me with affection and gifts. I thought that was what love was supposed to be. Feeling like a princess. Until the point in our marriage, Grayson started to abuse me. One night I was alone in my room, hiding from the inevitable abuse that would come after a night of drinking with his buddies. He and his friends showed up at our home drinking. I had just found out I was pregnant a month before.

Grayson yelled for me to make drinks for them, so I went downstairs. Once finished I headed back to my room and I heard the men talking sexually about your mother and Holly. I grabbed my cell phone and started to tape the conversation, one of several I had saved to protect myself and my son if I had the chance to expose him. From the murder of your parents to the corruption he is involved in, it’s all there.

In this envelope is a key to a lockbox. There is a flash drive with the taped confession of what happened to your parents, as well as Grayson admitting to assaulting your mother. They were killed to hide the truth. Your father had planned to expose him for extorting people for money and taking people’s land. They knew too much and were killed for it.

Grayson found me that night listening to his conversation and beat me harder than he had ever before. I was lucky to hide my phone and he didn’t know I had been taping him for months. He said if I told anyone about what I had overheard, he would kill me and our son. The only way I could save Elias was keeping quiet and making sure that you were the one who took custody of him after my death. I hope you can put a stop to it once and for all.
Please forgive me,
Cyrus folded the letter and looked at Wraith. “We need to get to whatever is in that box before someone else does. Time to take that bastard down.”
“I’ll call Kevin. You get back to Mia. She needs you.”

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