Doomed in Love

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Chapter 34

As the couple entered the top floor of the restaurant pub’s party hall, all their friends were there. Mia was holding Elias and tickling his belly when she looked around to see the festivities. They were just expecting a small little family gathering but the place was full of smiling faces.

“Surprise!” The group said in unison.

Miss giggled cuddling into Cyrus’ side. “Did you know Isis and Holly did all this? There are mom and dad. This is awesome.”

Holly ran over hugging Mia. “Do you like it? We didn’t have much time to pull it together but we thought you could use something to cheer you up after the accident.”

Mia hugged her friend tight. “Thank you, Holly. You and Isis are the best. It’s perfect.”

Mia’s parents walked over and her dad playfully punched Cyrus in the arm. “I expect my girl to visit home as much as you can.”

“Yes sir. I’ll be sure of it.”

“Oh, daddy. You are always worried I won’t visit. You know you can’t keep me away for long.”

Her father kissed her temple. “That’s my baby girl. Not give me that baby so I can go spoil him.” Her father took the baby and headed back to his table.

Carol watched her husband gush over Elias. “He’s going to have that boy spoiled rotten. Congrats on the baby, Mia. I’m so glad you’re okay. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't pull through. You're my baby girl.”

“I'm fine, mama. Let’s go hit that buffet.”

Cyrus watched as Holly and Carol pulled Mia away and he stood there dumbfounded. “What about me?”

Holly giggled, “Find your own pregnant lady to pamper. Tonight Mia’s mine.”

“But I got her that way.”

"Too bad. She's my bestie."
"She's my fiance'."
Carol giggled. "She's my daughter. I win."
"Touche' momma Wilson."
Sometime later, Holly had gone to play pool downstairs at the bar side of the venue. Mia had been looking around for her seeing she was nowhere to be found.
Interrupting the brothers and some of their friends Mia asked where Holly had gone. Wraith looked around the room.

“Probably down at the bar. She likes playing pool and darts.”

“Okay. I’m going to go find her. I’ll be back.”

As Mia made her way down to the restaurant bar the evening patrons had filled the room, making it almost impossible to hear anything but loud music and talking. Mia noticed a couple of men at the bar and near the back of the room who seemed a little out of place for some reason. She couldn’t help to notice they were watching her and motioning to each other across the bar.

She quickly headed to the back where the pool table room was hidden from most of the bar. As she reached the room she was headed off by two men.

“Can we help you?”

“I’m just looking for my friend. Excuse me.”

One of the men grabbed her arm and shoved her back. “Not so fast, sweet cheeks. The room is occupied.”

A man pushed past them and the two men blocking her way allowed him in. Mia tried to see over their shoulder but they were too big for her small stature to see inside the room.

“Holly! Are you in there?”

“MIA! GET HELP!” Holly screamed.

Mia started to push past the men and they bullied her backward. Finally, Mia had enough. Her best friend was in that room and something was wrong. Mia looked around and grabbed a pool stick from the wall entering the room. She quickly hit one man over the head with it. As the other approached her, she swung and hit him in the jaw knocking him to the floor.

Mia ran in the room finding two men holding Holly to the pool table and Grayson standing over her. Just as Mia approached the men holding Holly, they loosened their grip. Just enough for her to wriggle free and kick Grayson in the face, breaking his nose.

“Mia! Run. Get Wraith and Cryus.”

Mia turned to run and the men at the door were back blocking her path. She looked back at the pool table grabbing the eight ball and flung it at one of the men’s faces.

“MOTHER FUCK! She broke out my tooth!”

The other man came for her and Mia ran from the room. Screaming for help she rushed up the stairs just as the Evans brothers and their brother-in-laws rushed down. She pointed to the pool room.

Wraith leaped from the steps to find his sister. They heard there was a commotion from one of the waitresses who ran for help.

Cyrus ran to Mia. “Flower, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Holly. She’s in there. It’s Grayson.”

The men ran to the room finding Holly calmly sitting on the pool table picking her nails with her switchblade with her long legs crossed at the knees. Grayson’s men were laying on the floor, wreathing pain or knocked out cold

“They almost got the jump on me. Mia distracted them. Call Miles to come to pick these assholes up. I think Grayson has a little flesh wound they may want to look at. Be a shame if the rat bastard bleeds to death.”

“Flesh wound? YOU STABBED A BROKEN POOL STICK THROUGH MY LEG YOU CRAZY BITCH! You almost got me in the nuts!” Grayson yelled from the corner holding his leg and groin, seething on the floor.

“Dang it. My aim must be off.” Holly jumped down and kicked Grayson between the legs as hard as she could. The old man fell over grabbing his crotch and screaming in pain. “Humm. Nope. I guess my aim is still pretty good.”

Colt ran over to his wife pulling her in his arms and grabbing her face. “Are you okay, baby?”

“I’m fine. I think these bitches got the worst of this. Serves them right for attacking a woman. They had to jump me from behind like a bunch of pussies.”

Colt looked down at the knife in her hand. He smirked and reached out his hand palm up. “Give it.”

“Look, honey, I was a good girl. I didn’t start the fight. I just finished it.”

“You know what the therapist says. No knives until you deal with the anger.”

Holly huffed handing her husband the knife. Colt opened it looking over her shoulder at Grayson. He threw the knife as hard as he could, sticking it in the wall, inches from Grayson’s head. The man turned his head in shock at how close the blade came to his face.

Colt chuckled at the fear in the man’s eyes. “Never mess with my wife. The next time you won’t be so lucky.”

Holly grabbed Colt kissing him hard. “Damn your sexy when you’re mad.”

As the police ascended on the room, the Evans clan watched as the man who took their family from them was finally put in handcuffs. This time for good.

Mia went to Cyrus who seemed a million miles away. “Cyrus? Are you okay?”

“Is it finally over? My parent’s death will finally have justice?”

Mia hugged him from the side. “It’s over.”

Following the policemen, to the cars, they watched as Grayson and his goons were hauled away. Wraith, Holly, and Isis went to Cyrus in a big hug and everyone in the extended family joined in, as did people from the bar, and those watching in the streets. It was as if the whole town was there to witness the beginning of having their lives back.

Cyrus started to laugh as the people ascended around them. “Drinks on me! This isn’t just a celebration tonight for my engagement. Today is a day of retribution!"

Everyone around cheered as the party went to the streets. The club brought out speakers to the street and music played around them. Everyone danced and shared stories with one another how Grayson had ruined their lives. People came forward with stories that went across the decades.

Miles watched as his officers drove away with the biggest criminal elements in their town. “Well, Cy. We did it.”

“I guess Holly and Mia did. My girls are some tough chicks. Even though this one shouldn’t be fighting while pregnant.”Cyrus glared down at her in disapproval.

“Pregnant? Wow. Congrats, Cy.”

“So. I guess you are in line to be sheriff since the force was cleaned out of the bad cops.”

“Yeah. It’s a new start. I guess the next step is Cyrus the Crusher to finally get in politics. We need a new mayor.”

“We’ll see. I always liked politics.”

Mia giggled. “Mayor Crusher. It has a nice ring to it.”

Cyrus smiled over at his brother who tipped a beer in his direction. “Nah. I think I own my family first. The Doom still has a few more tricks up our sleeves. We are not done with IWX just yet.”

Cyrus raised both his fist to his brother as the Doom symbol of unity and Wraith and Holly joined in. The whole crowd joined them and Cyrus hugged Mia. “Thank you.”

Mia looked up with a little confusion. “For what?”

“Giving me my life back.”

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