Doomed in Love

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Chapter 35

Later that summer…

“Mia. Sit still. You’re worse than Holly.”

“You’re pulling my hair.”

“Well, sit still.” Isis smacked her on the top of the head with a comb.

“Ouch! Hey. You’re not supposed to abuse the bride.” Mia rubbed the top of her head.

“Listen, sister. I am pregnant, I’m hot, and I think I just peed a little because this baby is doing a tapdance on my bladder. When you are almost eight months pregnant, then you can complain.”

Mia looked over at Holly. “Is she always this bossy?”

Holly giggled as she snacked on a protein bar. “Told ya. Wait until Sahara and Candy get here. She’ll hang with her click and forget all about us poor measly peasants.”

Isis pouted. “I don’t do that.”

Lilly rolled her eyes at her. “Isis. Yes, you do. When you three girls get together it’s like everyone else doesn’t exist.”

Holly nodded in agreement. “It’s like they have their own bestie language that no one but them understands. I always feel like the third wheel with you heifers.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realize I did that.”

“Whatever. You’re still my best cousin ever. It’s nice you have friends of your own now.”

Mia wiggled in her seat. “Can I look yet?”

“One more curl and I’ll be done. You look beautiful. Cyrus is going to faint… Okay. Look.” Isis turned her to face the mirror.

Mia walked up to the full body mirror admiring herself. “I’m really getting married. I look like a real bride.”

Lilly rolled up her wheelchair and took her hand. “You are breathtaking, Mia. You did a great job finding a dress similar to his mothers.”

Someone knocked on the door, and a man peeked his head in. “Can I come in?”

“Come on in, Daddy.”

Caleb walked in taking in his daughter’s beauty in her wedding gown. “Princess. You look like an angel.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Are you ready to give me away?”

“Giving my sweet baby girl away? Never ready for that. But for that man out there, I’d be honored.” Caleb gave her his arm, taking her to start a new life with the man of her dreams.

As Mia stood with her father getting ready to exit the back of the house, he stopped her. Turning his daughter to face him he smiled with his grey eyes.

“You’re mother and I are proud of you baby. Cyrus is a good man. He didn’t leave your side once while you were in the hospital, except to go to the chapel to pray. When your mother and I first heard you were dating a Doom brother, we were worried he would not be a good fit for my sweet girl. The Evans family has always had a tough image in the media, but those people were wrong. This family has a strong bond and I am glad you will be part of that. They are honest and loving. That’s all I could ask for for my daughter. Except for that Holly. That girl is a menace to society. Don’t know why you chose that crazy woman as your maid-of-honor?” Caleb chuckled.

“Hey! I heard that.” Holly giggled. “I’m not a menace. I’m interesting and cute.”

“That you are darlin’.”

Holly started to step out the door as the wedding music played. Looking back over her shoulder at Mia, Holly looked as if she was going to cry. “My mama would have loved you. I know I do.”

Mia stepped up, kissing Holly’s cheek. “I love you too, my new sister.”

Holly entered the backyard facing the lake, watching her brother. Cyrus looked at peace for the first time since their parents had passed. She blew him a kiss and Cyrus smiled as he shifted back and forth. It was obvious he was filled with joy and the smile on his face reached the crinkle in the corner of his eyes.

Wraith, his best man, patted him on the back as Cyrus tilted on his tiptoes to see if he could get a glimpse of his bride through the double doors leading into the cabin.

As Mia stepped out onto the porch, Cyrus held his breath.

Wraith nodded in approval, leaning over to his brother. “She’s lovely, brother.”

“That’s my flower.”
As Mia made her way down the aisle, she looked over to see her little Elias in her mother’s arms chewing on his fingers. She smiled down at the little one as his big brown eyes followed Mia as she walked by.


Mia gave him a little wave as she stopped in front of her groom.
“Who gives this woman to be wed?”

Her father looked over at his daughter lovingly. “Her mother and I do.”

Caleb kissed his daughter’s cheek and sat with his wife. Cyrus stepped forward taking his hand in his, giving it a soft kiss on her knuckles.
“You are stunning, flower.”

“And you’re blushing again.” Mia winked at him. “You’re so cute.”

As the wedding continued on, Cyrus couldn’t take his eyes off his flower except for those moments he turned to look at his son. Everything had fallen into place and he was finally getting the family he always wanted.

It had been a long hard road for the Evans family to get here, but they made it together.

Later that night, Cyrus and Mia walked with their son to the clearing where they first made love. Looking out over the water, Cyrus pulled his loved ones into his arms.

“Today was amazing. I’ve never seen my family so happy.”

“It seems like it was more than a wedding day. It was a celebration of starting over.”

“That’s exactly it. It’s the first time there wasn’t a dark cloud looming over us.”

Mia ran her fingers across the scar on his face. “You’re happy now. I see it.”

“I am. I have everything I ever wanted right here in my arms.”

“Dada.” Elias reached for Cyrus.

Cyrus pulled his son into his arms. “Come to daddy, little monster.”

“Like father, like son.” Mia giggled and grabbed her belly. “Cyrus! I feel the baby moving.”

Cyrus laid his hand on Mia’s belly closing his eyes as her hand laid over his.
At least he had peace.

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