Doomed in Love

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Chapter 6

In the next couple of weeks, MissMia and FakeCyrus talked pretty often. The more they interacted online, the closer they became. It was odd for both of them, but somehow they had become a comfort for each other. They had even started chatting about more intimate subjects and Cyrus had started subtly flirting with her to see what her reaction would be little-by-little.

After he found out she was a trained wrestler, his curiosity got the best of him. He found her wrestling videos online and discovered she was really very good on the mic. Additionally, she had some pretty good physical talent in the ring as well, and a beautiful singing voice. She was perfect for a wrestling manager and could even work a match at some point.

Although it was a strange relationship, she came around to invite him to meet in person. She welcomed him to come to her salon when he was in town. It was obvious through conversations that whatever he did for a living he traveled pretty often. She wasn’t comfortable meeting any place else alone. In reality, she still didn’t know this man. She knew if he was a stalker, it wouldn’t matter if she invited him or not. He could easily find her. She had enough business information online that he would find her salon without much effort. It was exciting and unsettling all in one.

Mia was running around Tease and Kink Salon cleaning and getting ready for her next client. The name her silly co-owner came up with to get a shock out of customers, made her giggle. To their surprise, it brought more customers to the salon out of sheer curiosity. A play on words about teasing hair and kinky curls they had hung subtle sexy posters on the walls with a red, black, and white boudoir inspired decor. Her co-owner was not a very modest lady and sometimes had a very crude sense of humor.

Mia’s assistant was instructed to get the next client shampooed and ready while she took a short break. She hadn’t heard from her FakeCyrus in a couple of days. He had said a few flirty things to her online recently but was always a gentleman about it. She had actually started thinking of him as a true friend. Secretly she wished it was her dream guy. Even though she had no idea who he was, they seemed to have a lot in common. They talked about love, life, and everything in between. It started to fill a small void in her life she had been feeling for so long.

Equally, the void was being filled for him as well. Cyrus was finally starting to feel a little hope that this girl could actually care for him, despite his scars. She was the first woman he had ever met that didn’t care about money. Mia had told him that money meant nothing to her. She just wanted to find someone who wanted her for who she was. Not the chubby girl people saw her as.

He could see her insecurities were just as much as his own. Maybe they could remedy that together.

MissMia: Hey, FakeCyrus! I have a few seconds to chat. Wanted to say hi. Do you want to talk tonight? Miss my chat buddy.

FakeCyrus: Look forward to it, my pretty flower.

“Mia! Your client is waiting in your chair. ” The older receptionist called to her.

The older lady was retired and Mia gave her a part-time job helping around the salon to keep her busy. The lady was classy and very funny. Clients loved her.

“This one is a hottie, Mia. If I was your age I would be hitting on him. Get you some of that, girl!” The older lady laughed.

“Gladis! You’re a dirty old lady, you know that?” Mia joked.

“Well, there is some snow on the roof but still fire in the oven. My oven is ready to warm me up some sexy man-meat if you don’t want him,” Gladis teased.

“That was disturbing, G.” Mia shook her head while the lady just chuckled at her own jokes.

Mia headed to her chair looking over her schedule, ignoring the salon crowd around her. She noticed that the people in the salon were all abuzz this morning and the whole salon was roaring with chatter.

“Gossip day, ladies?” Mia looked over her phone trying to block out the sound of rattling voices.

It was suddenly very quiet, as she reached the chair. She had been so busy that da,y she hadn’t chatted much with anyone, keeping in the work zone headspace. She didn’t even take notice that everyone in the salon was watching her.

“Alex?! Can you go clean up the spa floor? Someone left some water on the floor in the massage room. Thank you, sweety!” Mia instructed her employee.

“Sure, Mia. Right away.”

Mia got to her station and went to grab her shears and comb from the cleaning solution. Wiping it on a towel, she tried to regain her focus. It was a Friday and she was ready to get out of the crazy salon and straight to her comfy apartment. She had finally made it to her last client for the day and had to pull some last-minute adrenaline to get through the last few minutes of her shift.

“Hello, I’m Mia. Your client card I have here says we are doing a light trim? I see you’re a new client. Welcome to Tease and Kink. I’m sorry for the delay, sir. It’s been a crazy afternoon. Everyone is wanting to look good for the weekend, I suppose.” She looked over to her desk finding a dozen roses in a large vase. “Excuse me for just a moment. Apparently I have roses. I’ll be right with you.” She picked up the card.

'My beautiful kitten. And, so we meet. - The Real Cyrus,’ the card read.

Mia looked confused, looking around the salon, trying to understand. She was still not looking at the client in her chair. She assumed this was some sort of joke from her salon sisters. She ignored it putting the card back in its place.

“Funny girls! Remind me to never tell you anything ever again. This is so not cool.” Mia went behind the client as snickers of soft laughter surrounded her. “Sorry sir, my salon sisters think they are cute sending me flowers, saying it’s from someone else.”

She turned the chair, turning the man to face her in the mirror and start the consultation. Looking over at her friends with a snarl, they gathered around at the next booth smirking at her.

Mia rolled her eyes. “You bitches are evil jerks. It’s not funny.” She went back to moving the man’s hair and feeling the texture. “Nice hair. So are we doing a cut or trim? Alex, we still need him caped and shampooed please.”

Mia looked over to her assistant who was covering a smirk with her hand. Mia finally looked up in the mirror to make eye contact with her new client. She saw the man's dark brown eyes piercing through her with a sly smile on his face. Her eyes got wide as Mia almost fainted to the floor.

“AHHHH!” She screamed and dropped her comb on the floor, grabbing her mouth and jumping backward. “OH GOD! You’re… you’re him! You… you’re him... You’re you!”

“I sure hope I’m me. Even though some people think I’m fake,” he laughed.

Cyrus stood up to face her, pulling the cape from his shoulders. He reached over and took her hand, removing the shears from Mia's grip and sitting them down on the desk. “Nice to finally meet you MissMia. You are much more beautiful in person than online.”

Mia was shocked. “What are you doing here? How do you know my name?”

Cyrus laughed, ”Well flower, you did say you wouldn’t believe it was me until I walked in your salon and gave you flowers. The only thing left to do now is to ask you on that date.”

She looked around to see if everyone in the salon was seeing what she was. “Is this for real? Am I being punked? Is this a prank?” She couldn’t breathe and her eyes were wide with shock.

“No, beautiful. I’m here to take you on that date. That is if the ladies here approve of me taking you away from here for the rest of the day? Your assistant did say I was your last client. You’re in hot demand, flower. It took me two weeks to get this appointment. I do need that trim though,” he winked.

“Ummm. Okay.” It’s all she could say as she trembled from the sight in front of her.

Her assistant had already picked up the comb cleaning it as Mia just stared at Cyrus, trying to figure out if it was real or not.

Alex placed a comb in her hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. It was obvious her boss was too nervous to function.

"Mia, do you need me to shampoo and drape?” Trying to hold back a laugh Alex moved her to sit down in the salon chair, as Mia just continued to stare at Cyrus with her mouth gaped open.

It was clear Mia was unable to speak a proper sentence.

“Uh-huh? Shampoo.” Mia still was in shock and couldn’t move from the chair for fear she would wake from this crazy wonderful dream she was having.

Cyrus rubbed his chin with amusement, contemplating what he should do to relax her. “Is it safe for her to have scissors in her hand right now? Should I be worried?”

Cyrus laughed as he looked over at the women at the next booth. The clients and other stylists joined in the laughter as Mia came back to reality. Her cheeks burned the deepest red as she blushed from embarrassment.

“I’ll take care of it, Alex. Thank you. Follow me, Mr. Evans.” Mia smiled shyly.

Thoroughly shaken, she headed to the shampoo area leading him away from the prying eyes of the salon patrons. She had Cyrus sit in the shampoo chair in the next room and took a deep breath. “Do you really want a haircut, or are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Both,” he chuckled playfully. “Is it safe? You won’t slip and cut my jugular will you?”

“You’re safe. I’ve worked with celebrities before, FakeCyrus.” She started to giggle at the absurdity of it all.

“So. Do you believe me now?” He smiled with his deep dimples and bright shining eyes.

He leaned back in the chair trying to make eye contact, as Mia stopped for a second to smile back with ease.

“I do now. Thank you for the roses, Cyrus. They're beautiful.”

Mia grabbed a cape and put it around his neck purposefully guiding her fingers over his neck just to feel his skin on hers. It was like heaven in the short sweeping gaze around his thick muscular neck. His skin tingled from feeling her soft touch, as it passed over his neck.

“You’re about to have the best shampoo of your life.”

“How good?” He looked up at her from the reclining position with half a sultry smile.

“They write books about how good I am,” she joked.

“Mmm. I bet you are, sweet Mia.”

She helped him lean back in the chair as a waft of his cologne loomed through the air when he leaned back. A woody citrus scent that held clean masculine aroma that, Mia, always loved. On Cyrus, it was almost intoxicating. Too intoxicating that it was hard to keep her hormones from going into overdrive. Mixed with his natural pheromones it was a perfect hint of suave masculinity and pure sexually driven pheromones.

She continued to massage and shampooed his hair with a little extra finesse. It wasn’t sexual in nature but massage could be very sensual and she was ready to make the best of it. She knew how to make this simple shampoo experience one to remember. Her male clients always tipped a little extra for her perfectly trained massaging hands but Cyrus was different. This was a chance of a lifetime to impress him the best way she knew how.

This wasn't just a job at this moment. She was touching the man that consumed her dreams. This time she would give the massage more attention than any other man in her chair. They were alone in the room and it was a subtle, private, and divinely sensual experience. One she wanted to relish in and make it last forever.

Mia worked with purpose as she moved her trained hands to impress this glorious man in her chair. With all the gifts she could provide with her experienced hands, she imagined using those hands over the mass of his broad chest and ripped abs.

As Mia got more intense in movements, Cyrus closed his eyes feeling his body relax to her kneading and massaging fingertips like he was clay, and her the potter.

A deep moan escaped him as her fingers worked their magic over his scalp and through his hair. His wavy short locks treading through her fingertips were bliss. Mia moaned as an unfamiliar heat rose deep in her core.

Hearing that sweet sound as it passed over her lips, Cyrus shifted in the seat and ran his tongue over his lips. He pictured what it would be like while inside her, hearing the moans as she reached the brink of arousal. Her touch was making him needy for more. A twitch of his member making him fully aware that this woman was going to make him completely lose himself in her. For the first time since his divorce, he was ready to beg for it.

Mia’s eyes deepened in desire from the feeling this man being putty in her hands. The experience gave way to more erotic thoughts. Even more exhilarating for her, was the expression he gave as her hands massaged his scalp. His deep moans were that of a man being pleasured in far more passionate ways than just a simple shampoo. Maybe he was toying with her, but she didn’t want it to end. She just hoped no other stylist came into the room to run the moment. Or hear how erotic it had started to become.

They were lost completely in each other’s presence, in those mere seconds of this most basic of a salon treatment. Mia didn’t realize how such an ordinary process could bring her nothing less than what she knew could only be explained at pure sensual desire. In her mind, she thought maybe this was the joy she had been missing in her life. Something as simple as basic human contact had set every neuron on her body on fire.

How could this man make her have such a reaction? It wasn’t just a mere cosmetic process. That was for sure. She had done this a hundred times before and it never made her feel this way. It was clearly the feeling of knowing this strong handsome creature was enjoying the guild of her caring hands.

Mia felt a lump grow in her throat as she tried to compose herself. Surely, if she didn’t stop soon, she would be lost in this touch forever. Her body already felt like she was on the edge of exploding without even being touched. She didn’t want it to end. This was Cyrus Evans. The man who consumed her every sexual and emotional desire for years. She was touching him, feeling him react to her. She wanted this. She needed more.

Cyrus’ eyes slowly opened to look at her as her hands slowed as if she was in deep thought. He noticed easily the look in her eyes, and how her touch was more than that of a simple shampoo treatment. This was something deeper and he felt it all the way to the very core of his existence.

“Are you enjoying this as much as I am, flower?”

“Umm. Just… ddd… doing… job. Doing my job.”

She shook off the feeling of heightened feminine arousal. Mia went back to work as she normally would, rinsing his hair free of product. She could feel the heat rise up inside her like someone had lit a fire under her. She had to get control of herself. This was not the woman she was. But, here with the man of her fantasies, she wasn’t able to control her thoughts or her hormones.

If he said he wanted to take her right then over the shampoo bowl she would bend over and give him full access to devour every inch of her. Knowing this, she stepped back to try to get a grip on her desires.

“Relax here for a second. Let me get the shave towels. Mr. Evans, this is on the house, by the way. Don’t you dare try to pay.” She grabbed the straight razor from her black leather hip pouch with her salon tools tucked away inside.

Cyrus looked up with a slight cringe. “Are you going to shave me too?”

“I’m just going to shape up your beard a little. Mr. Evans, we are the most high-end salon in the local area. I give my clients the red carpet treatment, even when they aren’t the most amazing wrestlers in IWX. You are safe in my hands,” she winked with a sassy flip of the blade in her hand.

She put a hot towel on his face and finished up the shampoo. He was slightly moaning in a more relaxed way now as she manipulated the warm towel over his face.

Mia had worked extra hard to impress him. How often do you get a celebrity in your salon, after all?

“You have amazing hands, sweet Mia.” He said in a sweet but seductive tone.

She smiled seeing he was relaxed and enjoying it. Once ready for the shave, her razor swiped over his face like a pro. Quick swift and precise movements that would make any barber proud. When she finished shaping up the lines of his beard, she led him back to the front of the salon.

“Just a trim?” She was gitty with the excitement of having him in her chair.

Mia swelled in pride while everyone in the salon watched on. She had done makeup for female local celebrities and reality stars before, but no one this famous. Never in the watchful eyes of her salon clients. If anything, it would bring a lot of attention to the little hometown business.

“Just trim up around the ears and neck. Little off the length. I have to look good for my date tonight.” Cyrus smiled at her through the mirror as Mia ran her fingers through his wavy dirty blonde locks.

Her eyes wandered up the tattoos that led up his arms and to his neck. Following up his broad shoulders, to his neck, across his jawline, and resting on his smiling dark eyes.

As Mia placed a fresh dry cutting cape over Cyrus’ shoulders, she noticed the prominent scar across the side of his face. She ran her finger over the scar, looking up at him through the mirror. A sadness came across his face as he looked away, not making eye contact. She could see the hurt in his eyes and went back to work.

Maybe he was self-conscious about them? To her, they were glorious.

“I like your hair this way. I’m glad you’re keeping it. Since you have your makeover a few years ago, you can see your nice eyes now. The hipster hat you always wore covered them up.”

“Thanks. Isis and Holly say all the facial hair was just hiding me.”

“I agree. I can see you smile more now too. It’s nice. Remember, this is on the house. So who’s the lucky lady you are taking on this special date? Anyone, I know?” She flirted.

He looked back up at her through the mirror, “Well, I did ask this cute little stylist out to dinner, but she still hasn’t given me her answer yet.”

“Hmm? I would say she would be thrilled to go out with such a handsome man. Honored really.” She went to trim his hair, beaming with joy as she worked. Once done, she showed Cyrus her work.

“Wow! This looks good. Better than the IWX stylist, at the show. I never get the royal treatment there. Just a quick trim and pushed out the door. Thank you. So, about that date?”

Cyrus got up and adjusted his button-up black shirt and dusted off his matching dress slacks. Cyrus had a bad boy demeanor, but he was very pristine as well. It was clear every woman in the room was checking him out. He liked to look good and knew that he was a draw to the ladies, even though he was always worried about his scars. His strong jawline, deep brown eyes, and fit body made women fall at his feet.

The sad thing was, Cyrus, didn’t see it that way. He just saw himself as the average guy with a scar on his face.

“I need to go to my place and freshen up before we go anywhere if you don’t mind? It’s just a block away. I don’t really want to go out with all my clients’ hair on me. Is that all right?” She asked.

“Did you drive here or walk? Any good places to eat around? I’m starving,” Cyrus asked.

“I walked. There is a bistro under my apartment. They have different things from around the world. The place has amazing food. Best place in town.” Mia took off her smock. “Let me get my assistant to help me clean up.”

“Sounds good. Should we walk? It’s a nice day?” She smiled and agreed.

“Lead the way. I’m at your mercy.”

Mia blushed all the way to the tips of her ears as they exited the salon. This was starting to be the best day of her life.

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