Doomed in Love

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Chapter 8

Later that night….


(Twitter Notification from FakeCyrus.)

Mia laughed to herself. It was late and Cyrus must have got back to his hotel in Louisville.

FakeCyrus: MissMia. I met this awesome girl today. She looks a lot like you. She’s hot.

MissMia: Really? She must be special.
FakeCyrus: She is. I think I could fall for this girl. Feels like I’ve known her for a while. Like we have shared so much already.

MissMia: I think she probably feels the same way. I bet she finds you easy to talk to. Can I get another one of those selfies? A real one this time?

FakeCyrus: You may not be ready for it right now. Are you sure?

MissMia: Why? Are you looking through your porn spank bank or something? Are you sending unsuspecting girls your weiner pics? Lol

(Photo appeared)

FakeCyrus: How’s this?
A photo of him in just a towel dripping wet in the hotel bathroom came up. She just sat staring with her mouth gaped open. He looked yummy.

FakeCyrus: Mia? Too much? Sorry.

MissMia: Oh man. FakeCyrus. You sure look a lot like the real Cyrus. I can tell this one is real. Damn hottie! Look at the body!

FakeCyrus: I told you it was me. Hope that pic wasn’t out of line. But you asked.
MissMia: Oh no. It will get me through a lot of lonely nights. Again, not a prude. Just waiting for someone to love.

FakeCyrus: I…

A few minutes passed. Mia got worried saying that was too much.

MissMia: Cyr…
(This profile has been deleted for violating community standards.)

Mia laughed realizing his fake profile had been removed. Grabbing her phone she went to text Cyrus.

“Cyrus, your profile got deleted. Lol, That’s epic.”
“Shit! Yes. Don’t they know who the hell I am? Lol.”

“Why didn’t you just message me from your real profile anyway?”

“I have staff posts photos for me sometimes when we are at events. They have access to my phone when I don’t have time. I didn’t want them talking to people about us. I wanted to get to know you without that pressure or have someone leak to the media that I was talking to a girl online. The media would have had a field day with it. I respect you too much to drag you into that.”
“Oh, I see. I get that. What if people did find out?

“I don’t care. I just wanted to protect you. We were having such a good time chatting without people getting in the way. I got to know the real you and you now know the real me. That was more important to me that you discovering who I said I was. I never lied. You just didn’t believe me.”

“I begged the girls at the salon to keep quiet earlier. I called them all. It’s a salon and client's gossip. They found out by accident that we were chatting because my friend was playing with my phone. Now they know it was really you.”
"It’s fine. It’s not like they wouldn’t have asked questions anyway with me showing up there.”

“I had a great time tonight. I haven‘t been on a really nice date. Ever.”

“What kind of man doesn't take a lady on a real date?”
“Most guys I dated were jerks and losers. I always paid or drove to pick them up. You are the first guy to ever bring me flowers and take me out to dinner. Except for my dad for my birthday.”

“Sounds like they were boys, not real men. You deserve to be treated like a woman. No. A queen. I promise I’ll show you what a real gentleman is. Even though I just sent you a pic of me in the bathroom mirror."

“You already have shown me you're a gentleman. It’s okay, Cyrus. I asked for it. I’m not complaining about it, sexy man. You need to get rest. I’m sure you have a big day tomorrow.”
“I do. Goodnight, sweet Mia.”
"Goodnight, Prince Charming."


The next day, Mia worked on her costumes for the show that night for most of the day. She was on cloud nine thinking about Cyrus. When she was all packed up for the night, she went back to the apartment and was watching his wrestling matches on Youtube.
Her cell phone text pinged and she saw it was Cyrus.
“I’m close, pretty lady. Hot on your trail. This little treasure hunt was fun.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it. The only way you will find me is to know my stage name.”

“Oh yeah? Anastasia.
“CRAP! Still doesn’t mean you will figure out what club.”

“I found the club flier. See you tonight, beautiful. I’m bringing a couple of guests with me.”

Mia started to get nervous. He was going to figure it out. Especially being at the training center with people she knew. Wrestlers whom she had worked with on indie shows and photoshoots. Wrestlers who she had been in the ring with before. All who would tell him anything he wanted to know about her.
“How did she take it?” Gage flopped down on the hotel room bed next to his brother-in-law.
The owners of IWX had just arrived an hour earlier to join CYurs to recruit talent from the training center.
“She’s freaked out. I hope we don’t make her nervous and mess it up for her.”
“She’ll be fine. Davis is excited to meet her. He really thinks she has something. She's talented.”

“Yeah.” Cyrus rubbed his freshly shaped beard nervously.

“What’s wrong?”
“Mia doesn’t know you both are going to be there with me.”

“Does she know you showed her videos to Davis?”

Gage chuckled and hit him with a pillow. “Idiot. You don’t know shit about women.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What if she doesn’t like the idea?”
“Asshole! It was your damn idea. All of this was. Now you’re saying it was a bad idea? ”

“No. The girl is a wasted talent. She deserves a push. She's a star, Cy. Technically, it was Colt’s idea. So when this goes bad, blame him.”

“You just want to see me finally kick his ass.”
“Uh. Yeah. It’s funny. He’s still scared shitless of you after all these years. It’s like watching a roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes. “Why the hell did I ever think you two would be good men for my sweet little innocent Holly and Isis?”

“Women. They are not so little anymore. And Isis doesn’t seem to complain. She’s not so sweet and innocent.”

“You're crazy if you think Holly was ever innocent. She’s a mean lady and she and Colt are kinky freaks too. So, Romeo? How did the date go?”

“Gage, bro. Mia’s amazing and hotter in person. Mia thinks she’s overweight but really she’s just an average size girl. She has the best rack I’ve ever seen.”
“Boob man, huh?”

“If you had seen them you would agree. She had curves for days. I could practically live with her riding my...”

Gage covered his ears. “Lalalalala. I am not hearing Cyrus Evans talk about some chick riding his cock.”
“Whatever, loser. I hear you talk about your weird-ass sex shit all the time.”

“That’s different.”

“No, it’s not. How?”
“Isis and I have some hot ass sex. People need to know about it. I’m doing a public service by sharing this knowledge with you.”

“You’re a moron. How the hell did you ever become the CEO of IWX?

“I’m a genius.”
“You said, dumbass wrong.”

Gage huffed. “Whatever. We need to get going to the training center. Daivs is waiting for us. I hear there are a few new talents that he’s looking at.”

“Let’s go. I want to get back here before tonight and get ready for my date.”
“You’re so whipped already. This girl is going to have you led around by your dick.”

Cyrus knew that was true. She already had a hold on his heart. It wouldn’t be long before she controlled that too.

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