Doomed in Love

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Chapter 9

Mia made her way into the small club at the bottom of the Glassworks building. She made her way to the backstage area of the club and sat her things on the dressing table. One of the other singers was getting her things set up next to her, her best friend Carrie.

Carrie, aka Lola Noir, was a vintage-looking firey redheaded beauty with an amazing talent to perform. She was a burlesque dancer and had taught Mia some new routines. Mia’s friend since beauty school was about as over the top as someone could get. She ate, slept, and breathed her stage persona, going as far as having her home decorated in a retro-glam old Hollywood style and drove a vintage pink Cadillac to keep in character.

“Mia, darling, do you want to tell me about this big strong man that came in earlier asking about you?” Carrie taunted in her vintage stage voice as she started her makeup.

“Crap on a cracker. He did find me. That man is like a private investigator or something. Carrie, do you know who that man is?” Mia asked while getting her things placed on the dressing tables.

“Yes darling, my brother is a huge fan of his. Not to mention the fact you have gushed over the infamous, Cyrus Evans, for years. So I guess the mystery man pretending to be him online was the real deal?” Carrie scooted next to her friend, never breaking her burlesque character.

“Yes, it was. Cyrus did just as I said in the messages. He showed up to the salon with flowers and took me out to dinner last night. It was so romantic. It’s like a dream come true. I guess he is showing up here tonight with some friends.” She puffed a breath of air with a nervous tension, moving a strand of hair from her face.

“Then why on earth do you look so down, doll? This hot rich celebrity obviously has something for you. I’ve heard you rave over him enough to know you like him. It’s like a real Cinderella story. So dreamy.” Carrie teased, waving her face with her hand dramatically.

“Carrie, it’s just… what if he doesn’t like my performance? What if he doesn’t like me? I’m not skinny like those girls he works with. What if he sees me live and thinks it’s awful. Then he might think I’m a fraud or something. Or worse, he doesn’t like me at all, and now is just being nice. What if it’s some prank.”

Dropping her persona, Carrie turned to her friend with serious concern. “I don’t think anyone would go do these lengths for a prank. He seems like a really kind man.”

“It gets worse. He knows I’m a virgin now because my big mouth blurted it out. What if he doesn’t want me now, because of that?” Mia sat looking at her reflection in the mirror with sad eyes. “I’m so scared. I’ve never liked anyone this much and I don't want to mess this up.”

“Dollface, do you actually think this man would have talked to you all this time and didn’t feel something too? Besides, when I talked to him, he said you sent him on a wild goose chase to figure out where you were tonight. He was so excited about his little 'treasure hunt', as he called it. You’re playing games with the poor man, and he is going along with it. That seems like a man who you've managed to get into his heart. The way he talked about you was like a highschool boy gushing over his first love. It was so sweet I thought I was going to get a cavity.” Carrie turned back to the mirror to continue her makeup. “Listen, you were taught by the best burlesque dancer in the area. Me. You’re going to knock his socks off when he sees you in that red outfit, you little sex kitten.” She laughed, throwing a feather boa at Mia.

Mia looked at her reflection thinking about the past few weeks. Carrie was right. Cyrus would not have come all this way if he didn’t feel something for her. He had continued talking to her online for no reason at all, other than just to have a friendship.

It wasn’t about sex either. They only talked about sex a couple of times online. One, in particular, was a night they were talking about Cyrus being sexy and what she would do to him. She had a little too much wine that night and gave a little more information than she should have. It was a short conversation and he quickly made sure he wasn’t being too forward with her. Even though it was clear he got a little heated over the sexy talk.

His flirting had heightened after that night. He was such a romantic and a gentleman and he never crossed any lines. Even with his fake profile he had been nice to her and made her feel special. Her FakeCyrus was the real deal. He was the real Cyrus Evans and she was the girl he was pursuing.

Mia was a strong confident woman, and it was time she realized that she deserved his affection. He wanted her and she wanted him. She was going to make sure it stayed that way too. Tonight she was going to show him a whole new side to Mia Wilson. A sexy confident woman.

Mia went to get her makeup ready and hair perfect. She had arrived early, so she had plenty of time to get everything just right before the show. Mia helped Carrie with her hair and fixed a rip in her costume for her. Carrie was on first, and then a local jazz band would go on with a short set before Mia.

Mia was one of the headlining performers tonight for the first time. Carrie had worked with her for weeks to get everything perfect. She had two jazz songs and one burlesque song with a sexy routine. Carrie even let Mia use one of the more elaborate burlesque outfits for her last performance.

Mia sat finishing her makeup and went to get in her first look, while Carrie was on stage. She could hear the music as her friend finished her dance number. That meant it wouldn’t be long before it would be her time to hit the stage. Mia exited the dressing room and tried to go look at the crowd from the side of the stage curtains, but it was too dark in the club to see any patron’s faces.

Carrie wasn’t a singer but an amazing dancer, so the crowd was on fire as she finished her semi-strip tease performance. It was a small club but tonight was a full house, which made Mia even more nervous. She didn’t know how she could follow her talented friend but she would try.

Mia went back to the dressing room to put on her short blonde finger-waved bob wig over her long hair and a slinky black floor-length strapless dress. She had red ruby lips and black cat-eye liner and finished it off by patting powder over her face to set it all in place. She surprisingly felt comfortable when she was ready to go on stage. Mia was expecting the butterflies to start at any minute. Stage fright wasn’t even an issue tonight. She was too excited. There nothing was average about her tonight.

Mia was still distracted at the thought Cyrus might be out there watching. But she pushed through the nerves and focused on what she needed to do.

A man came in to talk about her music, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Calvin, change my second song to the one we practiced. Bound to You from the Burlesque movie.” Mia sat looking at her reflection. “The other two keep the same.”

“Mia, are you sure? That’s one only you and I have practiced. The guys know the song, but you have never done that song live. Are you sure?” Calvin, the band leader asked.

“I’m sure. I need to do that one tonight. It’s a special night.”

As the man left, Carrie ran backstage watching Mia pull on her long black satin gloves. “Mia, are you ready? WOW! Girl, you look like a Hollywood starlet.”

“Thanks, can you zip my dress?”

“Mia, I saw him. He’s with two other guys. I couldn’t see who they were. It’s dark out there. I just noticed him because he got up to go to the bar and the stage lights hit his face. He’s sitting at the VIP corner table across from the bar.” Carrie took her hand to calm her, looking Mia in the eyes for a little pep talk. “Okay, dollface. You can do this. I hear you tell Cal to switch songs. I think it’s perfect. Go out there and show him you’re a star.”

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