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Cassandra’s POV

My living hell welcomed me on the first day of school with a cold floor. My school is hell, they all pick on the innocent little me. If you don’t understand you will now. I’m Cassandra Hollister. I am one of the smartest people in a school, 11th grade, love architecture, and made fun of by the one and only Travis Davidson.

Travis plays soccer, football, and baseball. He is 6′ 3″, brown wavy hair, gray/green eyes, and a tan that could only be given from a kiss of the sun god. He has all the girls, which of course if you haven’t heard he is also a fuckboy. He has had sex with at least our whole grade and the younger girls who want him or just to lose their virginity.

I hate him since we were in diapers. We always fought for everything. Our parents are best friends since high school. They were the two best couples in the school. So now that their children hate each other they hang out almost every single time they can. But every time Travis and I are together we want to strangle each other.

I almost wanted to kill him because he told all of his friends which told their friends, which ended up all around the school a few years ago when we 13 that I had already gotten my period.

I didn’t go to school for a few days and then when I went back to school girls thought of me like I was a disease and no one ever talked about me, but I didn’t care the girls didn’t talk to me because they still haven’t gotten their periods and because they were fucking stupid they thought it was contagious. What in the fucking world is a period contagious?

Anyways, we’ve been like this for years. Before we knew how to talk we hit each other or took each other’s toys we never thought about who got in trouble as long as we hit each other we were satisfied. We got grounded most of the time. Don’t even let me tell say when my parents and his made us hug each other. It went very violently.

When we knew how to talk ten times worse we argued all the time. Before we were neighbors, but now we moved like ten or more blocks away from the family because we fought twenty-four-seven nonstop.

Now when we started high school and not everything is the same anymore. We talked, we annoyed the shit out of each other we’ve gone to detention for not so very appropriate conversations. But nothing big we have been pranking each other, but not as much as when we were younger, now that’s what I like. Every time we went out of our classes in middle school we got or really mad or very upset.

Now Travis and I don’t talk because he is to busy flirting with whores and fucking them in the janitor’s room. He always has someone new every two or three days. They all think it’s serious. But honey let me tell you that nothing is serious with Travis Davidson. He doesn’t care about the girl he fucks he only cares how good are they and leaves them the next day. They are his Sex Dolls. Ughh.

Every girl knows this, but every single freaking time they think it is serious. They make a fool of them selfs and forget anything had happened for nothing. Travis always gets what he wants, but not me.

I am always trying to leave the girls out of his problems, then we end up arguing we throw things at each other, and then the next thing I know is that he has already gotten more than ten girls in a week. He only uses them to make a fool of themselves but they never listen.

I know him they don’t. Now when they are left to a side that is when they come to my help. And what can I do? Nothing. Nothing because I warn them but it goes in one ear and goes out the other. They never listen.

But enough about him what about me? I am 5′ 4″, Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, tan, and I have a very rough life. I have to be the perfect girl in my family. I am an ‘only child’ after they found out that my older sister was selling drugs and doing other stuff. Sometimes she was so desperate for money that she even sold some to me. I became a drug-addicted person. Biggest mistake. I started doing very shitty stuff. I even did them behind my parents’ backs.

When my parents found out of my sisters doing they took me to this rehab place for the summer. Not my proudest moments, but it helped a lot. Now I am back like I was before, a nerdy girl that always likes reading and getting good grades. Nobody knows what happened to me last year. I have a few friends and when they asked I just said I went on a trip. They don’t believe me so they have to suck it up.

Have you asked about my boyfriend? No? Well, I’ll tell you about them. I have had a boyfriend a few years ago to find out that he was just with me for a stupid bet.

My earliest ex-boyfriend was my sister’s partner that helped her sell drugs and who got her into it in the first place. We dated for a few months then he got arrested because they found out that he sold drugs, and along with my sister.

We broke up because of that but something else. It turns out he was dating my sister too. He played with me and my sister. He even took my virginity because I was drugged that night and he took advantage of me.

He said we were going to be together and make our family. And on the same day, he’d gotten arrested. A few weeks later I find out that I was pregnant. Also, my sister was pregnant by the same guy. She decided to do an abortion. I wanted to keep my baby, but I had an accident and a miscarriage.

Now in 11th grade, I am trying to restart my life but it is hard that I know that I had a miscarriage and that I now probably won’t be able to get pregnant at all.

Now if I find a good guy all we will do is nothing with our life because I can’t give birth to kids. We could adopt but I want my own children, not some other person baby.

I don’t date anymore not after they did to me. I don’t fall in love. Yeah, I have guy friends but only friends. They are all gay, so the only thing I do for them is to find more gay friends. There are not a lot of gay guys only a handful. There is some bi but not a lot.

I also have some guy enemies. Mostly the football team because I wanted to prank Travis so I pranked the whole football team with flour and itching powder in their uniforms and clothes. They were crying because I put an excessive amount of powder in their clothes. It wasn’t at school so I didn’t get as much trouble as if I’ve done it at school.

So the end of the past and let us get to the present. The Floor.

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