2 strangers are in love

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Farah. Her family was medium rich. And her mother was died when she was 12 years old. She always saw a dream about her mother. Her father decided to marry again so, if he goes to work she can take care of his child. And the next day he went to her room and talked about this, she told “do whatever you want, but you can’t replace my mom “. But he still decides to marry a woman. But she was a kind mom. But still Farah didn’t like her. There was a boy named Jung kook, he was from a rich family but he was not happy with his family because he and his stepmom was rude to each other, His father always supported only his 2nd wife. Jung kook’s mom was died when he was 16 years old, in an accident.

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Landed in Korea

I had a wish to go somewhere out of the country for my education. I told it to my dad he said “it’s a nice decision, by the way, where are you planning to go?” I told “I am planning to go to Korea”,” oh that place is amazing I went there once with my father when I was young.” dad replied. I told him “DAD, I love that place. But, education there is very expensive. And I don’t think that you can afford that much fees”. “hey, I am earning for you my dear, don’t worry about the expense, I will book online ticket for you, go and pack your bags “dad said. That sentences made me very happy, I ran to my room and started packing my bags. The next day evening was my flight and I went to the town at the morning and did some shopping. when I reached home my dad told me to just say to my step mom that I am going. I was not much interested but thinking about my dad I just went upstairs and said to her that I am going she said “we are going to miss you dear”. I just thought about how can a stepmom act like this, I just said “bye, I will come back”. And I packed everything and my dad dropped me to the Airport. After 6 hours, I reached at Korea, and my dad booked a hotel room for me, but it was a bit hard to find the room, because I don’t know their language, I struggled too much and at last I saw a taxi driver and showed him the location. thank god he knew English, I felt relieved. he said that the location which I shown was near. I reached at the hotel, I went to the reception and I asked them to give key, they told “good evening mam, nice to meet you, and your room is 304 mam “. I told “nice to meet you too, can I have the key, please”, “of Corse mam, here is you key”, ”thank you”. I went to my room and I called my dad and talked to him. I felt sleepy so I slept for 3 hours, and when I woke up I went down and I bought a pizza. Because the dishes available in that hotel was a quite funny, kimchi, Japchae, Hoeddeok etc... I didn’t understand anything, only pizza was the food which was I knew so I bought that as a parcel and went to my room. After having the pizza, I slept. The next morning I woke up and I just took a bath and went to a cafe and bought a coffee and I booked for a cab in online and when my cab came the driver asked me “good morning ma’am, where do you want to go “, “good morning, I need to go to Seoul National University”. the driver said its very near. And when I reached there, it was like a dream I never seen a like this beautiful university ever in my life.

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