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He wanted his freedom but in order to gain that, Lucifer Morningstar had to prove himself righteous to his Heavenly Father. Needless to say, it was easier said than done.

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I didn't ask for this shit.

Sure, I demanded that the heavenly father give me another chance to be free of my own prison. When I asked him for said gift, I thought he'd give it to me. I'd only been ruling hell for eons. But no, the old fuck just had to make me work for it.

"More time working, less time daydreaming." I cut my deadly glare from the wine glasses I was drying off and zeroed it in on Matilda. A bitch, who was as ugly as her name. I had demons back home pretty than her.

Not only was she the ugliest woman on the planet, but her voice matched. Raspy and dry from the cigars she chain smokes in the back of house. I mean seriously who the fuck chain smokes cigars?

"Yeah, yeah," I mumbled as I hung the last wine glass and wipe my hands dry. It's the end of my shift at the restaurant and Matilda doesn't like for her labor to run over.

"Hey before leave Luci, I need to see you in my office," Matilda rasped as she smirked at me. She then turned her back and strutted through the double doors that lead to her office.

"Ooooh," I heard a certain someone say. Sighing, I turned to Kelsey walking up to me. She was a tall brunette with stunning beauty. Her hair was cut into a short bob, and her green eyes were beaming. Kelsey stood at about six feet and was slim. She looked every bit like a model, drawing both men and women to her, like flies to a decaying corpse. Only I knew why her beauty was so eye catching and odd. It was due to her demonic nature. One of my few demonic partners that the heavenly father granted me.


"Don't what Luciiii?"

Kelsey was taunting me. We both knew Matilda's true feelings towards me and I'm happy to say that the feeling was not mutual. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of Kelsey's taunt, I walked away from her and headed to the bosses office.

The office was a spacious one with a single closet in it. When I stepped inside, I didn't immediately see Matilda, but I heard her thoughts. It sucked to know what people were thinking, but it came with my job.

"Sexy little thing. Going to make him fuck me hard."

Oh fuck no. I turned to rush from the office only to feel Matilda's rough palm grab my wrist.

"Where ya going pretty boy?" The obese woman rasped. She then turned her head, coughed harshly before looking back at me and smiling with yellow teeth. If I could actually use my fucking powers, I'd kill this bitch dead, but I couldn't. It's a part of my fucking agreement with the man upstairs.

I had to let her down easy. Tell her no like a gentleman.

"I have to get home." I finally rushed out.

"What's the rush?"

"Just real tired Matilda, now what do you need from me?"

I almost smacked my own forehead at how that came out. Matilda let out what sounded like a moan that was hideous and I cringed.

"I want you to take me for a ride, pretty boy. Been a long time and I gotta itch I want you to scratch."

"With all due respect Matilda, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole."

One of the stipulations of me coming back to earth to gain my freedom was, I could not lie. I had to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I could say it nicely...right?

I wore a timid smile as Matilda's jaw dropped and her face became red.

"You little shit! How dare you!?" The older woman said as she smacked my chest. I ran my teeth over my bottom lip to stop my anger from flaring. Hitting wasn't necessary.

"How dare I what? Tell you I don't won't to fuck your old pussy?"

"Old? I have you know I have men lining up at my front door!" Matilda spat. Her face was blood red, her cheeks jiggled with fury, her thin lips were pressed into a thin line as she glared at me. "You know what Luci? You and you sissy name can get the fuck out of here. You're fired."


Fuck my temper and fuck this bitch.

I felt my arms begin to tremble and my eyes widen. Matilda's hard demeanor began to crack as I stared into her fucking soul. Her nasty, hell ridden soul.

The fire that I had left at my home began to spark in my hands. I was ready to send her to my gates, when a knock came to the door. It was Kelsey, I could smell her. She opened the door a second later and invited herself inside.

"You're never going to earn the right to move between heaven, earth and hell if you keep revealing yourself, Lucifer."

"I'm not--" Before I could finish Kelsey turned me to look at myself in a large mirror.

Sure enough, my unnaturally golden hair was glowing, my eyes were black without an ounce of white in sight and my horns were peaking through the sides of my forehead.


"Leave, I'll take care of Matilda." Kelsey said with a sigh and I didn't fight her on it. I left the office without another look in the old hags direction. Tomorrow she would remember nothing, but I wasn't coming back to this fucking place. It's not like I needed a job, I just wanted one. Life on Earth was quite boring and I had to find something to do.

Fucking random women got old after about a month. Earthly whores don't fuck like demon whores, or the Angels that my heavenly father would send me ever so often.

When I stepped outside, I immediately noticed a shift in the air. The sun was shining as bright and there was an inch of movement around me, except for the oblivious human's.

"Oh come on!" I shouted when I heard the first trumpet sound. It was so loud that it shook the foundation of the earth. People screamed and began to run as the looked up to the clouds.

The second trumpet sounded and I sighed as I grip the bridge of my nose and shook my head.

"You never said you'd start Armageddon," I continued to shout at the sky. "I mean how can you start it without me!? It's a battle between heaven and hell right!?"

Of course I received no answer, but I wasn't sure what the big guy upstairs was doing. When the last trumpet sounded, a woman's high pitched screamed stood out among the others. My gaze shifted in the direction of the sound and I watched with amusement as this middle aged woman sunk her teeth into the neck of a man. The man threw her off with a shout, only to collapse to the ground. He convulsed for another second or two before jumping to his feet. When he did, his dead eyes stared straight at me and I rolled mine.

It was time for the Earth to fall and I had to be a part of it. I'm sure everyone was going to blame the devil. Blame me for unleashing hell on earth. But I'd always know it was the big guy upstairs who unleashed this plague on the earth.

The zombie ran at me screaming and I groaned as I watched him move. Once he was close enough, I took out my switch blade and stabbed the fucker in the eye.

"Fucking zombies." I sighed as I wipe the blade off on my work slacks. "Out of all the things in the universe, he chose fucking zombies."

*Hello all my loves and welcome to the new beginning of my writing journey. I will be moving stories from Wattpad to this site so no worries but this book will be the first exclusive one to Inkitt! I'm so happy you guys followed me over! Love you all to death! --Fan'Cee*

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