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I must be both mad and crazy to have agreed to this. I wore a black shirt and jeans along with a white hoodie topped with a denim jacket. I wore light makeup, close to none, just some pink lip balm and eyeliner and mascara to bring out the colour in my eyes. I wonder when I last applied make up. As Alex had told me, I arrived at the basketball court at 11:40p.m.

When I arrived, I didn’t see Alex. Instead Noah was standing there smiling.

“Hey Chloe.” He chirped happily.

“Where’s Alex? Don’t tell me that I’m gonna get stood up.”

Noah chuckled and handed me a note.

“Good night Chlo.” He said and walked away before I could say anything. I opened the note. It said,


First meet. As long as I can remember, the first time we met was in the chemistry class. No. We first met at the lockers where I bumped into him while finding the principal’s office. I immediately rushed for it.

What are you planning, Alex Storm?

When I reached the lockers, a small note was taped to it. I immediately took it and read.


Mathlete club. The only place students can stay at school till midnight.

Honestly, I think Alex still thinks that I’m fat. Like I’m walking more today than I have walked the whole month. If he wanted me to go directly to the Mathlete club, I would’ve gone there directly. Now again I have to literally walk around the whole campus. When I reached there I saw Justin standing there. As soon as he saw me, he only said,


Square one? Back to square one? I walked all the way only to go back where I started? I’m gonna murder you when we come face to face Alex, and I assure you, you’re gonna die a horrible death.

Groaning, I walked back again to the court where I saw a tall boy standing there facing his back to me.


After all, who else was 6 feet in his group?

“Alex,” I began rambling, “If this the way of annoying me, I’m sure you have succeeded.”

The boy turned. And it was not Alex.

The boy was 6 feet tall as well, only four inches taller than me. He had a square face, a sharp jaw line and had same brown hair and eyes like mine.

“Who are you?” Even as I asked it, I had already found the answer.

The one person who had been missing since almost immediately after my birth.

The one person even my father couldn’t find out and meet even though he wanted to.

The one person whom my dad loved more than he loved me.

The reason behind why dad couldn’t look at me.


No, no, not Sanchez.

But Noah Michael Rodriguez.

My estranged twin brother.

Tears streamed down my eyes, possibly ruining my makeup but I kept on staring at his face hungrily, as if I would never see him enough. His eyes, which were bulging with tears , had the same look as mine and tears fell down his face as well as he smiled.

And before I knew it, he had pulled me in his arms, crying as he rested his head on my shoulder, with me crying against his chest. It seemed so strange, when I always found myself lonely and almost on the verge of committing suicide, I found myself a family in a stranger. And a warm feeling was there which made me feel like we would never have to be strangers again.

“Chloe” he whispered, when we broke apart, his voice raspy, “It’s been so many years.”

“I know, seventeen years.”

And we were enjoying this bro-sis moment when.........


Both of us turned to see the four guys holding a banner saying



Birthay? I checked my watch.

17th of November, 12:01 a.m. My birthday. Or rather, our birthday.

I think I was so depressed that I completely forgot about it. Moreover I had not celebrated my birthday for over nine years. How could I remember after all?

I looked at Alex with a questioning look.

“H-H-How?” I managed. The guys let go of the banner and walked towards me and Noah. Alex came forward.

“Well,” Alex explained, “It was kind of Noah’s idea. You literally shouted your head off saying your mother took your twin brother and left you guys, in the hospital that day. And I really needed to prove it to you that I love you. So I had my brother, who is a private investigator, you see, to dig up information about your family. I know it sounds kind of creepy but I didn’t have any other choice. You also mentioned the fact that she took him away almost after your birth. Therefore it was very difficult to find him out. And even he was sort of confused when we went to his house. You’ll be surprised to know that he just lives in the other side of town and goes to Southern Oakes as well. But when I mentioned that it was for you, he immediately agreed to do so.”

His face turned almost pink as he said these words. He scratched the back of his neck as he continued,

“I love you Chloe, I really do. I didn’t know what else to do for you to believe that I actually can change. I know that I really don’t deserve to be forgiven after all that we’ve done. And I know that a jerk like me doesn’t deserve a chance with an angel like you. I don’t know why I ever treated you that way and why we started those shitty rumours about you. Maybe I was insecure about the fact that you don’t like me back and was really insecure to take the risk. I’m gonna say it again Chloe, I really, really, love you. I love you and I wanna give you the love till the point that you grow sick of it. I wanna tell everyone that we’re together. I wanna hold hands with you; go out on dates and the like. I really wanna do that provided that you want to. I’m not forcing you to do anything. I understand. You don”

I stopped his rambling by grabbing his collar harshly and kissing him full on the lips. Immediately, his muscles tensed and his eyes grew wide. But then I felt his muscles relax and he closed his eyes as he wrapped his hands around my waist and I, around his neck. Our lips fit perfectly as if a jigsaw puzzle. There was an indescribable feeling in my heart and a tingling sensation in my stomach as we kissed and it was as if he was giving all his love to me through our connected lips. Another soft feeling crept into my heart as everything seemed to fall back to its place.

We broke apart panting, our faces red, and our forehead against each other.

“I love you Alex Storm.” I said my voice hoarse.

“I love you Chloe Rodriguez. Will you be my girlfriend?”



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