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So.........I think you really wanna know what happened after that.

Alex and I began going out as he had said. The guys actually stopped bullying me and all of us now ready to embrace college life. You know it turned out that my father, instead of going to business trips was actually staying with my brother and mother who lived on the other side of the town the whole time. And my mother actually accepted me as a family member, which I almost refused, had it not been for my dear brother (oh come on, would you?)

And now we’re moving into the new apartment the six of us are renting together. I think the apartment is more like a villa and Alex and Justin seem to chip in a lot more than we do. Cuz really, six people, each with a separate room, that too in a villa, too costly. Not all of us got into the same college – the two Noah-s, Alex and I got into Georgetown while the others got into the neighbouring college.

Honestly, when I compare my present life to my past, it all seems a distant dream. Another age, another life.

And my new life is much more positive.

I’ve got wonderful friends, a new family, a fantastic brother and a perfect boyfriend who once was.....


And I.....


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