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Aluca Winters was born into an all female tribe. But he is no Alpha.

Romance / Other
Meshelle Frandsen
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Alpha Scars

15-year-old Aluca Winter bounced up and down in his seat. He watched intently as his mother finished mixing the fruit salad.

"Can you sit still for one second?" She asked as set aside the bowl and turned to him.

"Absolutely not dear mother. I require the chicken to fatten my stomach," He smiled then licked his right fang, a habit of his.

"You can have chicken but it has to finish cooking, and it can't finish cooking if you're bouncing around."

"In pretty sure you are wrong but I'm going to sit down. Just in case you happen to be right," After he sat, Aluca continued, "How long is this going to take? Until they get here, I mean. Also, why do I have to go? I am not of the feminine population."

"Well it's 11:45 and the meeting starts at 12:30. Do the math. You have to go because you are my son and until you find your mate or turn 21 you are to stay in our clan." Zara explained.

"Well then. F-" Aluca was cut off by his mother.

"Language young man."

"What? All I was going to say was fudge sounds good. Can we have it?"

"Did you seriously," she narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms "just ask me that."

Aluca pouted a little bit. Of course, they couldn't have fudge! Yes, it may have been a maidens folktale that wolves and dogs couldn't have chocolate, but too much of it could make them sick.

"72," A voice said suddenly, making Aluca hiss, "72 hours since you have texted me. Is there a reason for this?"

Zara sighed and turned around, "Hello Luna Mollie. Yes, there is. It will be brought up at the picnic."

Aluca stood up and took a deep bow. The old woman patted his head before straightening him.

"Sweet child, how are you today," she asked softly.

"I'm good Luna Mollie," Aluca answered, "I have finished all my assignments and have sent them back to Miss Venus."

"Very good. Now, why don't you go take a run in the woods? I must talk to your mother."

Aluca nodded and ran outside. His only thought was the feeling of shifting.

"That boy of yours will end up looking just like you, young Zara."

Zara only nodded as her eyes watched her son. It was only 15 years earlier that she had been brought into the clan. The one place she felt accepted.

"It's about time he learns about the world don't you think?" The luna asked sitting down.

Zara turned sharply, "No. If it's this hard for me then it will be a nightmare for him." As if Mother Nature was tempting her, the sky started to turn grey. Zara growled and turned to Mollie. "You know I feel as if you are my mother. I have since you all took me in. But please, give me some time. My son does not need this kind of burden. He is still a child."

"I hope you make the right decision," Mollie said before standing up and leaving.


Aluca sat under a tree by the trail. His mind was filled with questions as he stared at a small flower. He leaned forward and picked it up, only to realize it was a Callistephus, also known as China Aster. He had no idea as to it made it all the way here. He lifted it to his nose and took a deep breath. It was no longer fresh and probably 4 days old. He looked around confused. He should probably head home soon but honestly, he felt too lazy to get up. He leaned back again and let out a deep sigh. But he had to get home seeing as the picnic started in less than ten minutes. He let out a deep groan as he got up.

-You know-

-Ah! Good mourning, Seth. How are you today.-

-I am fine. As I was saying. You know that if one of the girls didn't drop this-

-I know. But we have to be casual. They'll want us to shift today. Mom wouldn't force me to go otherwise.-

-Yes she would.-

-I hate how you're right.-

Aluca felt the rocky ground turn into grass. He saw Seth trot beside him out of the corner of his eye. Seth wore a huge wolfy grin.

-You love me. You have no choice but to.-

Aluca just smiled and shook his head.

"Luke!" A blue haired girl called, running over to him.

"Hey Leyla. What's up?" Aluca asked, jogging over to her.

"I heard you shifted! That's so cool! What colors your wolf? Why do you think you shifted now?" Leyla was full of questions.

"You'll see, Ley." Aluca smiled.

- Do you know if anyone has had any China Aster lately?- Aluca sent to her over the link.

-No. We haven't had those since Easter.- Leyla answered.

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