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Love is something which has the capacity to make one’s life a heaven and a hell. I have seen both heaven and hell in my love story.And now i am going through an unbearable pain.The pain which i made myself by loving him. I CHELSEA SANCHETZ now feels like i should not have seen him IAN PARKER.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Chelsea’s pov

My story is not a common one , it’s a bit more complicated.

I was a normal teenage girl with actually a quite and good character. My life was so smooth. I have caring parents and lovely elder brothers who are over protective of me. Everything was perfect until he set foot on my life. He turned my life ups and downs.

Author’s pov

Chelsea is getting ready for her new school. She is kinda excited and as well as scared.while she was getting ready , she was flinched when her mother shouted that “ Chelsea, Fiona is here to pick you .just get the hell out of your room before you are late.”suddenly Chelsea picked her school bag and her things and she rushed to downstairs.she said that she is leaving to her mom . Mom handed her breakfast and lunch. And she sent her off to school.

Chelsea‘s pov

Fiona she is my best friend. She had always been there for me. I known her since we were like six. And now we are 15+. I love her so much and she loves me more.she is so caring , understanding and she is very naive. We both have studied in same school since childhood . we are in our higher secondary school now.this is our first day in this new school. Let’s see what the future holds for us.

Author’s pov

They parked their cycles in the parking area and they went inside the campus. They both got their classroom details . when they are about to go to their class room they were interuppted by GRACE , the biggest bully. Grace hated Chelseafrom her childhood. Actually she is from a rich family . we can say that she is a spoiled kid who was born with silver spoon. She is arrogant, selfish and she is like she owns everything.

Chelsea‘s pov

Here she is Grace stinson, my number enemy in the whole world. I don’t know why she hates me this much. I really tried my level best to convince my parents to not join me in this school because of grace. I knew that she will bully me. Even though i am scared , i am relieved that my best friend Fiona is with me. As i was in my deep thought , i got interrupted by grace.

“Hey low class girl , who the hell do you think you are to enter this school. This is school is only for rich kids “ Grace said.

“Oh really i thought that this school is just for spoiled girls like you” i said.

I can feel the rage in grace’s eyes. She is very angry by my words.

“Oh my god. How dare she disrespected Grace , no one has done that before.” Reema and Kenya Said.

By hearing those words she got angry more as her eyes widened in anger.

Chelsea’s thinking

Oh i forget to tell , Grace have a group of girls who are just like her. And Reema and Kenya is her best friends . they are even more worst than her. Every time i see them i have a urge to kill them. Again my thought was interrupted by grace.

“ how dare you disrespect me. You know that i can send you out of this school with just one phone call” , Grace said.

“See you are just proving the point that you are just a spoiled daddy’s girl”i said.

By hearing my words everyone in the hallway laughed. Grace was about to slap me but someone grabbed her hand from slapping me. I turned to see who stopped grace. That’s when i saw her. A girl who looked like a bad ass saved me from grace’s slap.she had short hair, dark skin and she wore ripped jeans with white t shirt and rough jacket.

“ Back off” she said with a serious tone to grace.

And Grace just did as she said. I was shocked that a bully like Grace actually followed someone’s order. Then i got curious about this mysterious girl who saved me.

“ we will see later , Chelsea” Grace said and walked away with her harridans.

I looked at that mysterious girl and i thanked her. But she just walked her. After that i asked Fiona who is she.

“ she is an arrogant, cold , and bad ass girl . Her name is Becca. She is a rich kid too. We should never get involve with her. She has no manners at all. Look how she walked away when you thanked her. Ok enough of her. Let’s go to our class.” Fiona said.

Even though the things Fiona said about is only bad, for some reason i love her already. So Becca is your name.

Author’s pov

After class ends , Chelsea went to see around the school. When she was admiring the beauty of the school’s garden , she bumped into a boy. When she was about to fall , he grabbed her by her waist.they both look into each other’s eyes deeply.

Chelsea’s pov

When i am about to fall , someone’s hands helped me from falling by grabbing my waist. It’s a boy. He looks good. He has big innocent eyes and a baby face. He has dark skin and he is so cute.

Anonymous boy’s pov

Oh my god ! she is so beautiful. I have never seen someone so beautiful as her. she is the definition of perfection. I don’t know for some reason my heart beats so fast. I just hope that she could not hear it.

Author’s pov

After some seconds he let go of her waist. An awkward silence exits between them. Then Chelsea broke the silence.

“ i am sorry. I did not see you there. And thank you for saving me” Chelsea said with a little smile.

“ it’s ok “ he said.

“ then i shall leave now” Chelsea said.

When she turns to leave ,

“ My name is Thomas liam , what’s your name?” the boy said.

“ i am Chelsea, Chelsea sanchetz.” She said and left.

Thomas liam’s pov

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! We will meet again Chelsea.

Author’s pov

After the school ends , they went home . Chelsea said everything happened in school to her family members. Her big brother JAMES brought her favorite cake and after having dinner she went to her room. She was going to sleep then the door clicked open and it was her second big brother SAM.

“ Hi princess” he said.

“Hi Sam, do you want something?” Chelsea said

“ nothing. I just came to tell you that no matter what happens in school you should tell us.if someone bullies you again you tell me , we will bring it to the management ok?” sam said.

“ sure.” She said.

“ Ok then i am leaving. Good night princess.” Sam said and left.

After that Chelsea went to sleep and had a dream.

Chelsea‘s dream

When i opened my eyes i was in a theme park. I looked around to see if there was anyone but no one was there. I started to walk. Suddenly i heard a noise. Someone was playing the guitar i followed the music,i saw a boy there. He was white, tall like eiffel . he was so beautiful even though i couldn’t see his face clearly. When i was about to walk towards him and see his face i was interrupted by my alarm ringing. Suddenly my dream gone and i woke up.

“ what a weird dream!” she said.

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