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chapter 2

In school

Chelsea’s pov

Me and Fiona were walking through the hallway. Suddenly every girls in the hallway ran to the entrance cheering. I don’t know what’s happening. Fiona called a girl who was also running and asked her what is happening.

“ what’s happening ? why everyone is running and to where?” Fiona asked.

“ the prince of this school is here. Since you are new here you may not him .ok i am have to go to see him.” The girl said.

“ Chelsea come i want to go to see him too” Fiona said.

I spotted becca so i went after her.

“ you go , i have something to do” i said.

“ where are you going? Ahhh this girl” Fiona said.

“ hi becca “ i said .

She just glanced at me confusingly.

“ gosh what the hell do you want?” she said

“ nothing can we be friends” i asked her.

“ no , i am don’t believe friend ship. So just back off you silly” she said.

“ but i will eventually make you know the worth and value of friendship. Bye becca .” I said and left there.

In classroom

“So where did you go?” Fiona asked.

“ i went to meet becca” i said

“ what? Haven’t i told you to stay away from her?” she asked angrily.

“ no , i just wanted to get to know her” Chelsea said.

“ whatever” she said being annoyed.

Chelsea just chuckled.

“ so who was the prince? Did you see him? Was he handsome?” Chelsea asked

“ yeah. He was very handsome.damn he was so hot. I definitely don’t blame the girls for chasing him like crazy dogs since he is these much handsome” Fiona said.

“ oh really? Now i wonder who is that prince actually” Chelsea said.

In canteen

Chelsea’s pov

Fiona went to buy soft drinks for us. At the mean time i opened my laptop and started to continue my novel writing. Then i heard that someone is calling me from behind. So i turned to see who it is . it is Thomas liam.

“ hi Chelsea. what are you doing here all alone?” he asked

“ no , i am not alone my friend went to buy drinks for us” i said.

“ oh, mind if i join you guys” he asked in a low voice.

“ of course not. Come and sit here” i said while laughing.

“ so what’s your next class” he asked

“ i don’t have any class , i was schedueled to help the staffs” i said.

“ hmm.” He hummed.

“ hi Chelsea care to explain who is this?” she asked teasing.

“ oh this Thomas liam the boy who i told you that i bumped into and Thomas liam this my best friend Fiona “ i said.

“ hi” Fiona greeted

‘’ hello” Thomas liam said.

“ then i shall leave you guys alone. Bye Chelsea, bye Fiona” he said.

“ huh...che..l.sea???” Thomas liam stuttered

“ yes” she said

“ can i have your number?” he asked

Author’s pov

Chelsea gave her number to him . after having lunch Fiona left to her class while Chelsea went to help her staffs.

“ Chelsea dear could you get me some water” Mrs. Marvin asked.

“ sure Mrs .Marvin ” Chelsea said.

While Chelsea was coming after getting water , she bumped into someone in the garden area.

“ i am so sorry” Chelsea said.

“ f***k , don’t you have eyes” the unknown boy said.

“ mind your words, i have said sorry and i did not mean to .” Chelsea said

“ oh really , i know what kind of girl you are. You low class girl. seducing a guy by bumping into him is that what your parents taught you?” he said

Chelsea got angry , she opened the bottle in her hand and then she poured water on the rude yet extremely handsome boy in front of her.

“ how dare you?” he yelled in frustration.

Chelsea ran away . he chased her but she managed to escape from him. She was hiding behind a pillar. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. She got afraid. But it was not the unknown boy , it was Thomas liam.

“ hey Chelsea what happened? Why are you looking so scared?” Thomas liam asked.

“ oh just hmmm..... nothing , so what are you doing here. Don’t you have class?” Chelsea said

“ i think i should be asking that question” Thomas liam said.

“ actually it’s my free hour so i was assigned to help the staffs . iam sorry i have to go Mrs Marvin must be waiting for me . bye Thomas liam see you later” she said .

“let me come with you Chelsea, i may be some help for you” Thomas liam said.

“ sure. If you are with me i will not bored.come lets go then” Chelsea said happily while holding his arm and dragging him to the staffs cabinet.

Thomas liam thinking

God! Why my heart is beating so fast . i love her smile so much it brings happiness to me.

Author’s pov

They both went to staff room . and their class teacher Mrs Abiranya gave them some files and told them to hand it over to their class representative . They were on their way to the class rep’s cabin.

“ so we have a class representative and he has a cabin as well” Chelsea said.

“ you are right. His name is IAN PARKER. He is our class rep. He is a good friend of me too. So you have not heard about him or seen him? Thomas liam said

“ no i have not seen him” she replied

“ there are many websites in our school. In every websites he will always make the headlines. And you know he is quite rich and even this school is his uncle’s school. But he is a genius , he scores top rank always , no one in this school can beat scores. And of course he is very handsome . he is very rude , no mannerisms , cold heart, ruthless and no one dares to mess with him or offend him. and not to mention every girls are heels over head for him. Whenever he enters the school campus , he will be surrounded by girls like flies over him , he is more like a celebrity.” Thomas liam said.

“ that’s too much of information. Seems like you know him too well . actually i hate rude guys , i never cared about looks and money . well i prefer you than him because i love sweet and caring and of course cute guy like you.” Chelsea said

Her words made Thomas liam’s heart to skip a beat.

“ i am no cute “ Thomas liam said shyly.

“ yes you are .’ Chelsea said while giggling.

When they reached the rep’s cabin , they knocked the door and after they inside. Chelsea was shocked when she saw their class rep.

“ you” both Chelsea and IAN said.

“ how dare you show up in front of me after what you did” IAN yelled

“ i am so sorry” Chelsea apologized in a scared tone.

“What is happening here exactly?” Thomas liam asked confused.

Later Chelsea explained everything to Thomas.

“ IAN , it’s your fault . you should not have bad mouthed about her parents. “ Thomas liam said.

“ oh you are supporting her , great.” IAN said

“ no IAN. She said sorry right . forgive her for the sake of me” Thomas liam said.

“ ok . i will forgive her for you” IAN said

“ thank you so much dude. IAN this is my friend Chelsea and she is a newbie” Thomas liam introduced Chelsea to IAN.

“ hmm. Nice to meet you miss. Chelsea, i hope we will be friends. “ he said with a smirk.

“IAN , Mrs Abiranya asked us to deliver it to you. Ok we are leaving now, bye.” Thomas liam said

“ hmm ok “ IAN said.

After that they both went to their classes.


A newbie. Let’s check her resume. So her name is Chelsea Sanchetz. Chelsea............. i will soon enough make you mine. Just wait and watch.

Chelsea’s pov

Damn , IAN PARKER he is so handsome. He is white , tall like eiffel and has a well toned body and not mention his eyes. Oh god i am lost in his eyes. His pinky lips , damn he was so perfect in every aspects. What the hell? What are you thinking Chelsea? no no no . i will never fall for him. Gosh i am going to sleep.

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