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chapter 3

Author’s pov

Chelsea was going to her class. Fiona joined a cheering girls group yesterday so she has cheering practice this morning. So Chelsea is all alone.while Chelsea was going to class she was again interrupted by Grace and her harridans gang.

“ hey loser” grace said with a humiliating tone

“ don’t call me loser. Listen i have class so i have to go . just leave me alone.” Chelsea said

“ oh . but i want to play with you loser” Grace said and she signaled her eye to Kenya , suddenly Kenya grabbed Chelsea‘s bag and handed it to grace.

“ hey , give my bag” Chelsea said

“ where did you get this cheap bag?” Grace said while laughing. And everyone laughed at Chelsea.

At that time IAN came and

“ what is happening here?” IAN asked in a serious tone.

Everyone remained silence. IAN saw Chelsea and she was crying there , he got angry.

“ i asked what the hell is happening here?” IAN yelled.

“ brother , i know “ a girl said.

Everyone turned at that girl’s direction.

“ brother , Grace and her gang were making fun of this girl and they are always bulling her.” that girl said.

Actually that girl is IAN’s step sister.

IAN walked towards grace

“ how dare you make fun of her?” IAN said

“ why ? i have bullied many students. Why do you care about her? why are you supporting this piece of trash? Who is she to you?“ Grace said .


After hearing his words everyone was shocked . and she did not know what to say.everyone in the hallway begin to waffle things. Grace even had a panic attack . because everyone in the school knows that Grace had a crush on IAN from her childhood.

“If anyone disturbs her then you have to face IAN PARKER understand. Now everyone out of here.” IAN said

After hearing his words everyone immediately dispersed.and Grace was crying before she ran away. The news spread fast than air. Everyone is talking about IAN and his new girlfriend. IAN and Chelsea made the cover of every websites of their school.

IAN walked towards Chelsea.

“ are you ok ?” he asked in a soft voice.

Chelsea just nodded.

“ actually what i said before...” before he could complete his sentence Chelsea interrupted him

“ i know you said that to save me. Thank you so much for helping me. But you did not have to . you don’t have to make these kind of joke to save me” Chelsea said

“ it’s not a joke. Be my girlfriend.” He said.

“ wha..t..?” Chelsea stuttered.

“ what you heard was right. Will be my girlfriend?” IAN asked.

“ i..” she was cut by him

“ you don’t have to reply now. Take your own time. I will give you one week think carefully and answer. Bye MY BLOSSOM” IAN said and he kissed her cheeks gently and left there.

Chelsea’s heart was beating so fast. she fell on the floor. Touching her cheeks where IAN kissed.she felt like she was in a comic.

In grace’s mansion

Grace is crying .Someone knocked Grace ’s room door.she opened the door it was her twin brother Thomas liam. yes Thomas liam is grace’s brother. But they are totally opposite.

“ what do you want Thomas?” Grace asked.

“ never disturb Chelsea again. If you bully her again then just forget that you had a brother.listen sister i like Chelsea so please don’t bother her for the sake of your little brother” Thomas liam said.

“ oh you like her? do you know that she is IAN PARKER’s girlfriend? “ Grace said while crying.

After hearing those words Thomas liam’s eyes widened.

“ what??????????” Thomas liam asked

“ go and check SCHOOL CELEBRITY website , now get out of my room” Grace shouted.

Later Thomas liam went to his room and checked the website he could not believe his own eyes.

“ no this is not true , Chelsea will never love him. I have to clarify this” Thomas liam said.

When he was going to call her , he then decided it’s better to talk things face to face. After that tried his best to sleep but he could barely sleep.

Chelsea had that same dream again.

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