Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Chapter TWELVE

Ellerie Devereux

You've just finished explaining all the details of the Everett case to Kirby..

Well, all except for your suspicions surrounding Elijah Pierce and his involvement..

You can't go throwing that accusation around lightly..

Kirby didn't once bat an eye at the whole crazy story and that makes you think that she's definitely a woman who has been some places and seen some things.. After all, you don't exactly end up friends with a guy like Patrick O'connor by being just your average, run-of-the-mill lawyer..

"This won't be an issue Ellerie, I will have the discovery request before the subpoena even arrives.. Once we know everything they have, we can regroup and discuss possible strategies, moving forward.." Her confidence is reassuring.. She smiles wide, flashing her dazzling straight, white teeth as she stands, extending her hand..

She's a foot taller than you, even with you both in heels, her modelesque limbs are long and slender, her lean frame is practically poured into her smart, skin tight black dress.. Her skin has a deep olive tan with a golden glow..

She is more serious than friendly, but underneath you see that she has a real compassion most lawyers lack..

Basically you feel as though she's your polar opposite..

But still, you like her..

You take her hand and shake it firmly, retuning her smile.. "Sounds like a plan.. I can't thank you enough, Kirby.."


You barely make it out the front doors of the Law offices before your phone is chiming and buzzing and singing in your pocket..

You dig it out and hit the accept call button without checking the number.. "Devereux.."

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" The harsh question snarls down the line..

You freeze.. "Uh.. Excuse me?"

You recognise Elijah's voice immediately.. Its the tone however, that confuses you completely.. "You want to explain to me why I have CIA pricks up my ass Ellerie!?"

You can't explain that.. If he's being investigated by the CIA that's because of his own shady business..

Hell, you don't even know anyone at the CIA!

Well.. Except for.. Paxton..

Realisation dawns.. Hunter must have used his connections at the CIA to look into Elijah.. Now somehow Elijah has caught wind of that..


"Eli.. It wasn't me.." You reason..

He growls down the line, clearly not believing a word you say.. You're not entirely lying, but it is most definitely your fault if he's being scrutinised.. "Call off your Langley fucking dogs Ellerie.. Or I'll make you wish you had.."

The call disconnects..

You stumble, leaning against the wall of Kirby's office building.. Your mind races and your head spins a little..

How is it that everybody else is ten steps ahead when it comes to this case?

You feel like you're missing too many pieces of an impossible puzzle.. Not a feeling you're particularly used to..

"What.. The.. Fuck.." You mumble to yourself in a daze..

The phone buzzes again in your hand, snapping you out of your thoughts and making you jump.. You check the name on the screen this time..

It's Ford..

"Uh, Hey?" You answer tentatively, trying your best to sound like a normal person who hadn't just been threatened by a highly trained intelligence operative with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge.. L

"Hey, sunshine.. You alright?" You can hear the concern in his voice..

"I, um.. Ah.. Yeah.. I'm alright.. What's up Ford?" You wince at the sound of your own unconvincing, forced casual tone.

"Uh.. Kay.. Listen, I know I messed up last night.. I don't expect you to forgive me, El.. I just wanna talk.." His tone os coaxing and hopeful..

You suck in a breath.. Guilt hitting you.. He had wanted to talk last night too.. You hadn't let him.. Instead, you had used your body to distract him from having a conversation you were too terrified to have..

He might have been wrong to sneak out of your bed.. But it was wrong of you to manipulate him into that position to begin with..

"Just talk?" You hum hesitantly..

There is pause before he answers.. "Yeah, just talk, Sunshine.."

You chew on your lip, unsure.. "I.. I really don't know right now, Jax.. Can I call you back?"

He sighs.. "Yeah, Ellerie.. You can call me.. Anytime.."

Hope blossoms in your chest.. "Oh.. Um.. Okay.. Bye.." You hang up, staring at the screen..

What the heck was that!?

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