Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Ellerie Devereux

Jackson rises to his feet, looking down at you like a panther ready to pounce on his prey..

He leans down, scooping you up in his arms in a swift sweeping motion..

You squeal excitedly and giggle as the room spins around you.. "Jaxxx!!"

He grins, at you as he carries you, princess style, up a long hallway towards a cavernous bedroom,setting you softly down on the bed, his weight pressing gently into you from above as his elbow sinks into the mattress beside your head..

He combs his fingers through your glossy auburn waves.. The tingling sensation of his tender touch prickles your heated skin with goosebumps.. You're eyes travel up over his broad chest to meet his.. You gaze at eachother, something about this moment is different..


You run a hand down to rest over his heart, over his scar and his breath catches.. You can see the vulnerability in his eyes, a raw, unspoken honesty settles over you both.. And you know he feels it too.. Here, in his bed, you realise just how much this all might mean..

He's opening his home to you..

His life..

Maybe even his heart..

"Jackson?" You say his name as a question and he smiles..

"Yes, Ellerie?"

You bite your lip.. A little nervous to ask your next question.. Because it's the kind of question that somebody who is looking for a relationship would ask.. You've been care to avoid such questions.. You just can't help feeling like things might ve changing.. "How many women would you say.. Uh.. 'tour your chocolate factory' on the regular?.." You glance down to the bed beneath you and around the polished bedroom space that would surely impress the panties off any girl..

You can't help it, your curiosity is killing you, and his cool, calm reaction to your news about Paxton has you wondering, just a little..

He chuckles.. "I haven't exactly been celibate, if that what you're asking, sunshine.. But, as for this place.." He leans down, trailing kisses over your collar bone and up your neck giving you the most delightful shivers.. "There's never been any women in here.. Well.. Until now.."

You feel his hot breaths against your skin as he mumbles into your neck, still kissing and nibbling..

He takes your earlobe between his teeth, biting softly.. A pleasured moan escapes your parted lips.. "Ohhhhh.."

His hand glides over your stomach, moving up to kneed your breasts, his mouth moving down to meet the tips of your tightening nipples.. His tounge lashing at your firey flesh, as he continues to move downward.. He stops at the tiny purple tattoo on your hip.. The one and only tattoo you have.. Something to remind you of who you are.. Where you come from.. Three small, delicate sprigs of lavender, tied together with a perfect red bow..

"This is sweet.." He kisses you're tattoo.. "What does it mean?" He looks up at you as you push up onto your elbows..

"Marseille.. France.. Its where I'm from.."

You smile, fondly remembering.. "My favourite time of year was right before the harvest, when the lavender fields were in bloom.. And everything smelled like purple.."

He laughs.. "Like purple?"

You giggle.. "Make fun all you want.. But it's true.. If you'd ever been to Provence in July.. You'd see.."

He traces his fingers over the watercolour petals.. "Maybe one day you'll show me.."

You smile, teasingly.. "Peut-être un jour, si vous avez de la chance..."

He grins.. "I'm already lucky, baby.."

His head drops back down as he moves again, now kissing over the thin triangle of fabric that separates his lips from your essence, you can feel the heat of his breath on your center..

Need coils deep within your core.. His slow teasing coupled with the emotional intimacy, its a heady combination.. His thumbs hook into the delicate stappy band of your underwear before he slowly slides the material down over your thighs with a groan of appreciation..

Lowering his mouth to your slickened lips he uses his tounge to part your seam with one long, languid lick.. When he flicks the tip of his tounge against your sensitive swollen cherry your legs jerk involuntary and you gasp.. "Oh! Fuck!"

His rhythm quickly rises, tounge swirling and pushing inside of your wanting wet heat.. He savours you, groaning as if he's enjoying every second as much as you.. "So.. fucking.. sweet.."

His fingers join his mouth next, he presses two digits deep inside you, the pressure builds now to new muscle clenching heights.. You feel yourself tightening around him as he slowly beins to pump his fingers in time with his lahsing tounge.. "Oh.. God.. Yess, soilder! Yes!"

You heave in breaths, your heart rate pounding.. low and gravely, his voice comes out thick with desire.. "Tell me how you like it, baby.." He slows his pace to a torturous tease, your whole body suddenly craving him to pick it back up..

"Ohh, God.. I need more Jax.."

He swivels his fingers deep inside you, sissoring them to streach you wider and inserts a delicious third.. He growls.. "More, like this?.." His fingers begin to piston faster, filling you up, his mouth moving again to suck on your now pulsing pink pearl..

"Yes! More! Harder!!" You cry..

He obeys, pressing in harder and it's only seconds then before you snap. The tension in your muscles peaks in a blinding crescendo of pleasure.. You can hear yourself screaming as you cum again and again, coiling tightly and unwinding over and over while he continuously laps at the honey that gushes from between your thighs.. "Fuckkkkk.. Jackson!!"

He slowly brings you down from your euphoric high with a few languid strokes before withdrawing his fingers, your body shuddering in response as he grumbles ..

"Fucking incredible.. I'll never get tired of that!" He reaches out, grabbing a t-shirt that's folded neatly on the end of the bed and wiping his face before he tosses it over his shoulder with a grin..

You laugh.. "Never?"

He shakes his head.. "Never, baby.."

You reach out, running a hand over his jacked abs.. "So.. Can I have my candy now, Soilder?"

His eyes flash excitedly as he pushes up, unbuckling his belt and shoving his jeans down over his hips, kicking off his pants in one swift motion.. "You can have whatever you want, Sunshine.."

You shift your weight to your knees and push him to one side.. He rolls to his back, raising his arms and folding his hands behind his neck, propping up his head so he can watch you, his biceps swell as he streaches out beneath you..

You crawl between his legs, running your hands over his carved ebony muscle you lean down to kiss him, soft and sweet.. You move down his neck over the neat inky lines, reaching the embossed scar on his chest..

You kiss the mark tenderly.. "Does it still hurt?.."

He glances up towards the ceiling before looking back down at you with an easy grin.. "Sometimes.. But now right now, baby.."

You kiss the reminder and source of his pain one more time before covering it with your hand, sitting back to look at him, he watches you intently, fixated on your every movement.. "Qui vivra verra.."

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