Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Ellerie Devereux

The drive back to Specter's office is quiet.. You can't stop replaying Mikki's terrified apologies over and over in your mind.. Wondering what kind of trouble she's in, and what it would take to get her out of it this time..

"You're quiet.." Jackson glances over at you and then back to the road..

"Yeah.. I'm.. Thinking.." You gaze off out the window, the seeds of a plan forming in your mind..

"Alright.." You look over at him.. His relaxed grip on the steering wheel, the se×y veins that creep over the muscles of his forearms..

Damn, he's fine..

Here's hoping he's as ready to let you be you as he seems..

"I'm thinking about doing something crazy.."

He looks to you again, those expressive big brown eyes sqinted in confused concern.. "How crazy?"

You chew your lip nervously.. "Certifiable.."

He pulls into the parking lot behind Specters offices, killing the engine before turning to you, ready to listen.. "I'm going to the De'lucca Estate.. To find Mikki.."

His eyebrows raise in surprise.. "You're right.. That is insane.."

You huff out a breath.. He's not wrong.. The De'lucca Estate is like a fortress.. So if you're going to get in, you'll need a brilliant straigist.. Like Ford..

"Just wait.. It gets crazier.." He cocks his head.. "You and Paxton are going to help me do it.."

He's quiet for a moment.. Thoughtful.. He runs his hand back through his hair.. "Since you're going to go ahead and do this whether or not I agree.. And Paxton's trigger happy ass is liable to get you shot.. Fine.. I'll get you in.."

You smile at him, greatfully.. "Thank you.. Really, Jax.."

He grunts turning away and pulling the door handle to jump out, grumbling to himself.. "I must be the crazy one.."

You laugh, hopping out of the car and circling the hood to join him.. "Oh and, Paxton doesn't know about this yet, so maybe, um.. Let me tell him?"

He grins at your antics.. "Whatever you say, Sunshine.."

You nudge him with your shoulder as the two of you step through the front doors of Specter.. "Hey! He'll agree to it.. He's trying to help too.." He doesn't budge when your shoulder impacts his side, he let's out another low rumbly chuckle..

"I know, you trust him.. I get it, Ellerie.." That's why I called him this morning.. "Im not making you chose between his help or mine.. "

He smiles as you reach the door to his office slipping inside, before you can follow him or ask another question, Spectre's CEO Iris, comes striding out of her office, a huge smile on her face..

She's followed by her new beau, Carlos Ramirez, a former Navy S.E.A.L and as all of you at Specter recently discovered, Yevie's father..

The two of them have been trying to keep their relationship a secret, but that's kind of impossible in an office full of spies.. When she sees you the smile falls from her face, to be replaced by her more serious 'boss' face.. Carlos ducks his head and disappears into the bullpen.. She smooths down the front of her crisp black and white pants-suit.. "Ah, Devereux.. I actually wanted to speak with you.. Do you have a moment?"

"Of course, Cheif.." You follow her into her chic office. She closes the door behind you and motions for you to take a seat at her desk..

When she takes her seat and looks over at you, her expression is unreadable.. "Is something wrong, mam'?"

She shakes her head.. "Ellerie.. We've known each other long enough to do away with the formailites for a few moments, wouldn't you say?"

You nod.. You've know Iris for several years having crossed paths working numerous investigations over the years, right up until she personally recruited you to Spectre.. "Very true.. So is this about my transfer to Delta?"

She arches a perfect pointed blonde brow.. "Ah, so you have decided to transfer to Delta after all?"

You sigh.. "Not exactly.."

She frowns.. "Is this about Alpha vs Delta.. Or is Ford and Paxton?"

Your mouth falls open.. "What!?" She smirks.. "It's my business to know what my agents are doing..."

Your cheeks heat and you bury your face in your hands, mortified.. "God, Iris!"

"Oh, hush.. Listen, I didn't bring you in here to force a decision.. You should take your time, I want you to be happy in whichever position you choose.."

Relief washes over you.. "I do however need a favour.. Ford needs assistance training our female cadets.. With Honey, Yevie and Lacey joining his sessions on top of the twelve newbies, he has too much on his plate.."

Ford is an incredibly skilled MMA fighter, trained in just about every style there is.. Those women are in the best hands when it comes to his expertise.. But you can't deny your own ability is nothing short of spectacular, and if you can help those ladies get an edge, why not... "Sure.. Is that really it?" Since she now knows about Paxton too, you're expecting some kind of lecture or HR warning.. A stern talking to.. Something..

"That's it! I'll let Ford know to expect you at this afternoons session.." She rises from her seat and you follow as she crosses to open the door for you to leave.. She takes your arm with a light squeeze just before you can escape.. "Just so you know.. There is nothing wrong with taking time to make an important decision.. Do you understand what I mean?"

You nod, taking the hint she's dropping.. She's not talking about your Alpha vs Delta decision.. She's talking about your Ford vs Paxton decision.. "I definitely understand.."

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