Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Chapter TWENTY

Ellerie Devereux

You spend the morning going over the recovery documents from the FBI.. Inside the pages you find something that makes your blood run cold.. In the list of names of testifying witnesses is a name you hadn't expected to see..

Mikki De'lucca..

Suddenly you know why your friend was calling you to apologise... Shes going to testify on behalf of the FBI.. On behalf of Elijah..

Since that revelation, you're more determined than ever to find a way to talk to her.. To find out what the hell is going on..

You decide that after your training session with Jackson, you'll find Paxton and tell him your plan before making your way to the gym on the basement floor of Specter's offices..

Slipping into the locker room to change into your work-out gear, a strappy hot pink sports crop that shows off your toned abs and a cute pair of lemon yellow yoga pants that hug your hips and butt just right..

You're sitting on the stainless steel bench, one knee tucked up, tying the laces on your white sneakers when you hear the door of the locker room click open..

You look up to see Paxton standing there, his gym bag slung over his shoulder.. He looks surprised to see you, but definitely not disappointed.."Firecracker.. Here for a work out?" He drops his bag on the bench beside you, pulling out a pair of black shorts, reaching up to unbutton his shirt..

You lean back on your palms casually crossing your legs, watching his deliberate strip tease.. You let out a low teasing whistle.. "Oh, no.. Im just here for the show.." You toss him a wicked smile as he shrugs the shirt from his shoulders, flexing his lean muscles in a ridiculously yummy display.. You wave a hand up and down at him.. "Obviously.."

He chuckles as you stand, making a move to brush past him in an effort to give him some privacy to change.. His eyes rake over your exposed flesh hungrily and he steps towards you.. In the tight space you can't escape, your back presses into the lockers as he moves in on you.. Caging you in, he has you caught like a deer in headlights, dazed..

Your gaze locked on the starry grey night sky in his eyes.. "Why stop at just the show?.."

Your hands, moving on their own wander up his bare sides, his tense muscles tempting you to touch them.. He leans a hand against the lockers behind you, his breath heating your neck as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss against your pulse point.. "Hunter.. We shouldn't--"

His name is a whisper on your breath as you exhale the air you'd been holding in your burning lungs..

His mouth find yours, his tounge gently parting the seam of your lips to find yours.. Your fingers dig into the flesh of his shoulders and he groans, his hands moving to your hips, his fingertips crassesing..

"Mmm.." You moan, deepening the kiss aa you feel his pulse pounding in his neck and the rigid hardness between his toned thighs..

His hand comes to the front of your pants and he runs a warm palm over your heated center.. The move is bold and bad and it turns you on like nobody's business..

Oh no..

Your eyes snap open..

Suddenly you're hyper aware of how hot you've become, how hard it is to breathe and how exposed your surroundings are..

You push against his chest softly and he immediately withdraws his hand.. "Mmpphh.. Wait.. Wait.."

He blows out a breath, dropping his forehead to lean against yours, grumbling his protest.. "I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately.." He smirks cheekily..

"We can't do this here, Axe.."

He straightens up, reaching up to play with the ends of your hair, fixing his eyes on yours.. "So then you'll have dinner with me, tonight?"

You side step him, ducking under his arm and trying to get some breathing room to clear your lustful thoughts.. "Dinner?.. Um.. Yeah-yes.. Okay.."

He's always catching you off guard, you can see the thrill in his eyes when you agree, so he must enjoy it.. He flicks his work out shorts over his shoulder as he turns and heads off towards his locker.. "You might even get an encore performance if you play your cards right, Firecracker.."

You cover your mouth with one hand as you giggle.. Pushing out of the locker room doors to enter the main floor of the gym..

Looking around you see the cadets huddled in a half circle, Jackson is standing in the center addressing them, going over the training program for the day..

Tying your hair up in a high ponytail you jog across the mats giving him a little wave and a smile.. He grins waving you over.. "Ellerie.. Thanks for agreeing to help us out, I could use the expertise.." He winks..

You streach your arms above your head one at a time, loosening your muscles.. "No problem, Jax, it'll be fun.. Hi everyone!" You turn to smile at the cadets, some of them say hello in response, most just smile quietly..

Archers wife, Honey West, and Yevette both beam at you from their front and center positions.. You glance over the other fresh faces looking for the one other familiar face in the room.. Lacey Paxton.. Hunters sister..

She stands shyly at the back of the group.. She wears pale grey leggings and a long sleeved, high-neck black shirt.. Her dainty arms folded over her chest.. You smile at her and she blushes before she gives you a tiny wave..

You turn back to Jackson.. "So what's the plan?"

He motions for the class to spread out and they move further back, widening the circle.. "I thought we could go through some demonstrations.. I haven't been able to show them the landing techniques to use when faced with a larger opponent.. You wanna?" He arches an eyebrow in question and you chuckle..

"Let you toss me around like a ragdoll?.. Yeah, go on.."

He grins wider.. Clapping his hands together and turning back to address the students.. "Alright gals, pay attention to Ellerie, her positioning and her feet in particular.. Her technique is flawless.. If you can mimic it, you'll be unstoppable.."

Hunter stalks into the gym, making his way over to the weightlifing equipment and you do your best to ignore his presence..

Jackson turns to you, planting is feet and shifting into a defensive position.. "Ready?"

You inhale a deep breath before grinning at him.. "I'm ready, big boy.." You tease..

Playing the attacker, you run at him with a leap, he twists his torso, taking your arm in a firm, practiced grip before dipping a shoulder and easily rolling you over it, deflecting your attack..

You flow through the motion of the throw with skill and a graceful ease, hitting the floor landing feet first like a cat, taking the impact through bent knees..

No sweat..

The class errputs into applause and you wince, turning to Jackson.. "They're not going to clap everytime, are they?"

He laughs.. "Nah.. They just haven't had the chance to see this stuff in practice.. They're excited. Again?"

You go through several more throws, all from different points of advancement, demonstrating the technique, completing each fall with the kind of ease that only comes from your years of practice..

You're answering the curious questions of several of the cadets when you see Lacey, her hand half raised, wanting to speak.. You look to her.. "Lacey?"

"You're.. So tiny.. How can you do this and not be afraid of someone as big as.. Him?.." Her voice is barely above a whisper as her eyes flick briefly to Jackson..

You cross to stand in front of her, taking her hands and showing her a slow sweeping arm movement that she follows with surprising ease... Your hands loops in two small circles before sweeping left than right, pushing and pulling..

The fear in her eyes is clear as day to you.. This girl is terrified of the world.. And she has every right to be.. You repeat the rhythmic movement over and over again.. two small circles.. sweeping left than right.. pushing and pulling.. Her hands mimcing yours, she watches you carefully as you speak.. "Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid is... Little by little, the bird makes its nest.. Patience, Lacey.. That's all this is.."

You step back and she continues the motion on her own.. She doesn't realise it yet.. but you've just shown her several defensive positions in that one movement..

A hush falls over the group as Hunter appears behind you , joining the circle a few feet from where you stand, he watches your interaction with Lacey, concern in his eyes..

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