Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Chapter THIRTY

Jackson Ford

As soon as Ellerie is out of sight and the courtroom begins to empty, I turn to Paxton, ready to make a plan.. His brow is furrowed deep as he shakes his head disbelievingly.. Hunter Did she say what I think she said? I put a heavy hand on his shoulder and look him square in the eye..
He is looking a little stressed, probably because like me he knows exactly what is going to happen to Ellerie now the FBI has her in custody..

They will most likely hold her at some off the books black site, pending an internal investigation that will find her guilty and locked away in some supermax facility we could never get access to..
That is if they even keep her alive. We have to act now, and we have to act fast..

"She wants us to go after Mikki.. But I'm going to follow her.. You have to go after De'lucca.. She will never forgive either of us if anything happens to her.." I take the lead, a strategy already forming in my mind..

He nods slowly before he clasps my shoulder in return.. In his eyes I see something different, a hint of respect that hadn't been there a few weeks ago.. "You really do get her, don't you?"

I frown, not knowing what the hell that is supposed to mean.. But I don't think he intends it as an insult.. I look back to the door she disappeared through moments ago.. "No. But I'm going to.."

As I begin to walk away from him he lets out one last low grumbling comment.. More of a warning.. "Don't fucking lose her, Ford.."

As if..
Tracking is the one ability on which I will never be beaten..

Paxton turns and follows the team of FBI agents leading Mikki De'lucca out of the courtroom.. He acts casual as he trails them, pulling out his cellphone, most likely to call in his Delta guys, Greyson and Knox..
Good thing too, cus we could use all the help we can get..

I do the same, swiftly making my way out of the courthouse, jogging around the back to the SUV I have parked with eyes on the exit that Ellerie, like all prisoners arraigned here, will be transported from..
A black van pulls up followed by a black sedan and several agents in black jump out, standing around on high alert, waiting..

I slip the glossy black cell phone from my pocket and dial West's number.. He picks up on the second ring, his voice gruff.. "West.."

"Boss.. It's worse than we thought.. You and O'connor need to get up to DC, now.."

There is barely a beat before he responds.. That's Alpha team loyalty for you.. No man - or in this case, woman - left behind.. "We're on our way.."

As I watch the back exit to the courthouse swing open and several more agents in black lead Ellerie out, placing her in the back of the van..
My heart rate picks up at the sight of her..

There has to be at least fifteen guards on her.. Something about this is incredibly wrong.. I want to jump out of the car and shoot em all up right now.. But I have to think about her.. I can't let this happen..
I can't lose her.. Which means I can't lose my mind. .
"Uh, boss.. You might want to pack for Bravo Team, too.."

The door swings open again and out strides Elijah Pierce.. He dusts of the sleeves of his grey suit, a smug, satisfied grin on his smarmy face.. He circles the van, jumping in the passenger seat before it takes off, weaving through the city streets..

Travelling in the opposite direction of the FBI holding facilities..

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