Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Jackson Ford

Ellerie slides from the bed to her tiny bare feet, her sparking emerald eyes watching me with a lustful intent as she let's the crisp white towel fall to the floor.. She bares her flawless body, incredibly tight and toned, yet her feminine curves are full and soft.. There is no sweeter sight.. Immediately the blood goes rushing from my brain, my dick twitching to life excitedly as my balls begin to ache with need.. "Fuckin' beautiful.."

She smiles coyly, sinking to her knees on the plush carpeting and laying her warm palms on my thighs, sliding them upward to pass over the hardening bulge in my dark grey sweatpants .. Looking up at me from beneath long dark lashes, she tucks her fingers into my waistband and tugs until my now fully prepared cock springs free.. With my pulse quick and my breath heavy, I'm hypnotised as I watch her every sensuous movement..

"Mmm.." A soft moan of appreciation passes her lips as she takes my shaft in two tiny warm hands, wrapping my girth in a mercilessly firm grip..


Slowly, keeping her eyes trained in mine she lowers her full pink lips to the tip of my now throbbing cock.. Her lips envelop me as she swirls her tongue around the tip several times.. The hot, wet friction of her mouth and the slide of her tongue set my nerves buzzing as she moves deeper, pushing herself to take more of me in..
Its pure fucking bliss and I can't get enough..
No.. I could never have enough of her..
My head falls back and I let out a low goan.. "Fuckkkkkkkkk baby.."

She sucks even harder, turned on by the control she has over me.. And she has it.. Completely.. For her I would do anything she asked, be anything needed.. Her hand moves over her own legs, up to her sweet little pussy and she begins to slip her fingers between her folds, her pillowy chest bouncing as she jiggles up and down, rubbing at her clit and moaning in delight..

Watching her work my cock while she fingers herself has to be one of the hottest things I've ever seen..
If not THE hottest..
"Fuck me, you're good at that baby.."

She chuckles, releasing me from her mouth, crawling up my body to slide into my lap, grinding her silky heated center against me, her gaze, dark and lusty, pierces mine.."Oh? Let me show you what else I can do, Marine.." She rocks back and forth over my stiff dick a few times, making me harder than a god damn diamond, before she reaches down to guide my thick shaft into her tight slickness..

Immediately my senses are in overdrive and my brain short circuits as her pussy walls clench and squeeze my cock and all thoughts stutter out, my mind empties and my body catches fire.. Her hands are everywhere, my back, my chest, my biceps.. While mine are firmly cupped around her pretty peach shaped ass, feeling her every movement as she grinds harder and deeper with each sway of her hips, milking my cock for everything I've got..

The mounting pressure overcomes my efforts to control myself..

Fuck the doctors orders, I can't restrain myself any longer, I lift her featherlight frame and filp us both over so that she is pressed beneath me.. The flare in her eyes tells me I've made the right move.. She wants this.. "Fuck me, Jackson!!"

"Yes mam'.." Her command sends a thrill shooting straight to my dick.. She moans low and throaty as I begin to move again inside her, pistoning my hips into hers, keeping a steady tempo..

Her nails claw into my back, biting into my flesh.. "Oh god, yesss.. I'm gunna.."

Picking up the pace I take her mouth with mine.. Kissing her fiercely as I give her what she wants.. Fucking her hard and fast, the way I know she likes it.. Moving my hand down to where our body's join, I slide two fingers back and forth over her swollen clit with a firm pressure..
Her eyes squeeze shut and I feel every muscle in her body tensing beneath me as I wind her tighter and tighter, until she cries out.. "Oh.. Fuckk.. Yes baby, yes!! I'm cumming"

I feel everything, the warmth of her orgasm as her sweet honey gushes, her inner walls clamping down around me and the release of her coiled limbs.. The sensation, the sounds she makes.. They drive me wild, her cumming hard and watching her unravel, twisting and writhing beneath me is too fucking sexy, and feels too fucking good..

I follow, cumming hard, filling her completely, giving her every part of myself.. "Grrrrrrrahh.."

She lets out a sweet sigh as I withdraw myself and flop over to lay beside her, my heart beating so hard it feels as though it's going to punch a hole right through my chest.. She rolls to her side.. "I don't know what I did to deserve a guy like you.."

I smile, turning to my side now to face her and reaching up to tuck her hair back over her shoulder before trailing my fingertips over her collarbone.. "You brought me back to life.. More than once, baby.."

She leans over pressing a soft kiss on my cheek just as the chime of her phone ringer sounds on the bedside table.. She groans, rolling over to inspect the number on the screen.. Sitting bolt upright when she does.. "It's Harrison, probably about Elijah.. I better get this, sorry baby.."

I raise my eyebrow at her, the director of the FBI, Jake Harrison has been overseeing the investigations into his corrupt agents.. So far I've been impressed with his efforts to take out the trash, not an easy job and I have no doubt he's had a shitty few months in the process..

She climbs over me, picking up the towel and wrapping herself in it once more before she pads quietly to the doorway, stopping and turning to me with an adoring smile as she answers the phone.. "Good morning, sir.." She slips through the door disappearing to the living room, her voice becomes an inaudible murmur through the walls..

I lay my head back down and close my eyes, enjoying the deep relaxed, post-fuck state of bliss for a moment longer, before forcing myself to get up and get dressed.. When she re-enters the room, she is very quiet.. She sits on the end of the bed, staring blankly into middle space, as if lost in thought.. "What did Harris have to say, Sunshine?" I fix the buckle on my belt before pulling a fitted black t-shirt over my head before turning to her..

Her head jerks in my direction, like I've startled her from a daydream.."He--Uh--They.. The FBI wants to give me a commendation.."

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