Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Chapter SIX

Jackson Ford

Her full pouty lips smile seductively and instantly my blood is pumping in the opposite direction of my brain..

She's gorgeous.. She's smart, sexy.. and she's not in the least bit intimidated by me..
Even when I'm acting like an arrogant asshole..

Every doubt I have floods my thoughts in rapid fire flashes.. All while her long fingernails rake across the back of my neck as she draws me closer.. The battle of wills between my brain and my now aching balls wages furiously.. That is until she reaches down, rubbing her palm over the front of my jeans..
Her pupils expand as she sucks in a short breath so sharp I can hear it and suddenly all I can think about is how wet she is for me right now..
And how badly I want to find out..

Fuck.. I let out a low groan at the thought.. My need for her raging like a primal wildfire, the flame licking at my heating flesh.. "Godd, I can't fucking resist you, Ellerie.."

She chuckles softly.. "Then don't.. I told you not to think, Jax..." She arches her back, bowing into me and pressing her tight little body against mine as close as possible.. "Just be with me.. Live in the moment for once.." She lifts up to her tip toes and I can't hold myself back any longer or pretend I don't want her..

I wrap her tiny waist in my arms and lift her the rest of the way.. Her legs coil tightly around my hips as my hands slide down to grip her peachy ass.. Her eyes never leave mine as I carry her across the living room to her bedroom, light as a feather in my arms.. "You know, I know what you're doing, sunshine.."

She smiles, shrugging one small shoulder before she leans in, pressing a trail of soft kisses along my jaw before whispering in my ear.. Her heated breath triggering a new surging rush of blood to my aching cock.. I know this is a diversion.. That she's using sex as a way to avoid answering questions or worse, having to lie directly to my face.. But I'm no better.. There's more than one conversation i'm not exactly volunteering to have.. "I know what you're doing too, Soldier.. But right now.. I really don't care.. Do you?"

I shake my head..
No.. Definitely not.. It's impossible to care about anything when I have her in my hold like this..
Neither of us is going to step on the breaks now.. It's too late.. "Fuck no, baby.."

I kept trying to tell myself on the way over here that it wasn't about getting her naked.. What a fucking lie..
Sure I wanted to find out why she's been acting so strangely, but now that I have her, ready and willing it's become clear to me that my dick has been making too many of my decisions when it comes to Ellerie Devereux..

Reaching the bed I unwrap her thighs from my hips and toss her back on to the springy mattress, she lands with a soft bounce and giggles as I pull the shirt over my head to expose my bare torso..
Her eyes follow the lines of the geometrically patterned tattoos that are inked from my neck down to my chest, arms and abs.. Her fingers work the buttons of her top, slowly undoing each one, her full chest slowly revealed to be filling a hot-as-fuck, fire-red lace bra, I can see her hardened pink nipples through the translucent fabric..
Teasing me..Tempting me..

I can't help but grin as she slips the neon yellow pencil skirt from her hips and I drink in the sight, her smooth waxed pussy peaking out from beneath the barely there matching panties she wears.. They're already drenched with her sweet nectar and I want to rip them off so I can taste her immediately..

She begins to run her hands over her chest, her stomach and lower.. My cock is already at full attention and is getting harder by the second.. "Your turn.." Her eyes flick to my belt which I unbuckle before tugging down my zipper while I kick off my sneakers..
She watches my every move and hums appreciatively.. "Mmmm.. Yummy.."

The sound has me buzzing.. Wanting.. Needing to be inside her.. "Now you're just begging for trouble.."

Excitement flashes in her eyes.. "Oh, I can beg.. If you want me to.."

She throws me off with her unexpected comment and I fumble a little stepping out of my jeans.. "I definitely don't hate the idea.." I chuckle, sinking to my knees onto the end of the bed, reaching out and taking her delicate ankle with my oversized grip.. I'm a big guy, by any standards, so I take extra care not to hold her too tightly, the last thing I want to do is hurt her, and to be honest, I have no idea what her limitations are..

She's a complicated mixture of directness and politeness, hard and soft, sweet and mean.. I'm never quite sure which to expect.. She giggles that sweet silky melody again as I pull her towards me, throwing her head back dramatically while she begins to pant and moan in a ridiculously overplayed fashion.. "Oh, please Jackson.. Please.. I need it, give it to me big boy!"

I laugh at her playful antics.. "I've changed my mind..You're terrible at that.."

She laughs too, a silky fun-loving laugh of hers that makes my chest burn.. "I know.." She pushes up on her elbows, watching my hands slowly make their way up the outside of her legs.. "But what I lack in role playing skills.. I make up for in other ways.."

Ellerie sits up and reaches out her hands to sweep across my chest before she grabs my shoulders, her nails biting into my skin in an amazingly painful kind of way.. She rises up to her knees, pressing her full pillowy breasts into my pecs, her fair pearlescent complexion contrasting with my bronzed mocha flesh .. "Yeah? Prove it."

She grins and her eyes flicker with excitement at the challenge.. I don't know who moves first, maybe her.. But probably me, given my cock is already rigid with need, I'm charged and ready like a bull at a gate... Her lips meet mine in a frantic, heated kiss that has my brain short-circuiting and her whole body shaking in my hold..
"Mmmm.." She moans softly and I swallow the sound, deepening the kiss..

She ignites every nerve in my system, like a fever, heating me from somewhere deep inside my chest.. pulling her tighter against me with one hand, I use the other to trace the knots of her spine, savoring the sensation of her soft skin, my fingertips wandering down to unhook the clasp of her bra..

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