Broken Hearts & Coup D'etats

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Chapter SEVEN

Ellerie Devereux

With your tongues locked in a passionate battle you fall back onto the mattress, pulling Jackson down with you.. He braces himself with one strong arm, keeping most of his weight from crushing you when you land and you gasp as the other hand tears away your skimpy bra.. "Careful Ford! That was expensive!"

He growls and you giggle.. "Waste of goddamn money.." His mouth descends over your nipple, his tongue flicking and swirling around the stiffening peak..
You gasp, the sensation causing your muscles to tense and twitch as you squirm beneath the solid mass of his deep bronze muscle..

His hands slide down your sides and his thumbs tuck into the elastic of your panties before he yanks them down, exposing all of you to his gaze.. You allow your knees to fall open, baring yourself entirely as he kneels between them, his eyes sweeping from your essence to your eyes and in them you see a lustful inferno, burning bright.. "Fucking gorgeous.." He runs a hand up the inside of your leg to the apex of your thighs, where he dips a thumb into your quivering wetness, slickinging a path up to your swollen clit.. He begins to slowly circle his thumb and sparks of pleasure course though your veins..

You moan louder, encouraging to give you more.. "Mmm.. Yes Jaxxx.." He slips a thick index finger deep inside you, then adds another, the fullness of two digits inside is almost unbearably good, stretching and rubbing your tightening inner walls, his his thumb never ceasing to caress your sensitive bundle of nerves..

"Mmm.. You're already so fucking wet.. Tell me, sunshine, have you been fantasising about this?.. Cus I've been dying to do this again.." His finger-work slows to a torturous teasing pace..

"Mmmm.. Yess.. Yes, you know I have, Soldier.." You pant..
His mouth moves to your other nipple, lavishing it with the same earth shattering treatment.. His fingers picking up a faster, rougher rhythm.. You cry out.. "Oh, fuck.."

You reach down to grasp his long, thick manhood, you can barely wrap your tiny hand around him he's so huge..
God, you want all of him, inside you, filling you, stretching you in ways only he can with that monster of a muscle..
You need it..

He withdraws his fingers and kisses his way back up your neck.. "Is that what you want Ellerie? You want me to fuck you?" He takes his hardness from your grip and presses the tip against your slick entrance, stroking himself a few times while your eyes meet, your breath catches in your throat..

"Yes, fuck me Jackson!" You don't beg, you demand, and he is all too willing to oblige.. His steely shaft slides into your heated wetness, inch by inch and his grip on your hips tightens as he shudders through a low growl.. "Mmmm.. You want me to break this tight, tiny little pussy, baby?.."

You breath deeply, allowing your inner walls to relax enough to allow all of him inside, honestly you're not entirely sure he could possibly fit to the hilt, but he slowly continues to plunge deeper and deeper with each rock of his hips until you feel his balls pressing, slapping softly against your dripping cleft.. "Ohhhhh, God, yess, Jax.. Fuck me harder!"

He chuckles darkly, accepting the challenge and grabbing your thighs, spreading you open wider, winding you tighter with a rising pace, until he's pounding into you at jackhammer speeds, warping your perspective of time..Place.. Existence and everything else..
Its just you, Jackson and the primal beating rhythm that has coming undone and cumming hard with a gushing surge..

You screams as you feel your own wetness splash against your thighs and your muscles spasm so hard that you bring him to climax along with you.. "OHHHHHH GOD!"
His jaw clenches as his wild roar mingles with your screams of ecstasy before he looks down in surprise to the place where your body's still join, where your love juices have saturated both of you, his amazed gaze then shooting back up to meet yours.. "Did you?-- Fuck.. Ellerie.. I.." He withdraws from you, moving back to his knees..

You can't quite read the expression on his face, you're guessing shock but maybe something else.. Immediately you begin to feel a little vulnerable and a little embarrassed..

Had you gone too far by letting yourself go like that?..
Does he think you're some kind of whore because of the way you experience pleasure?..
He wouldn't be the first guy to say so if he is..

You push back sitting up a little and folding your legs to one side as you pull the sheet across to cover your most exposed parts.. "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean-.. Sometimes, it just happens.."

He shakes his head a little bewildered, before he gives you a lopsided smile, a real one, then leans forward and presses a soothing kiss against your forehead.. "Don't be sorry, Sunshine.. That was fucking incredible.. .. I just wasn't expecting-- Well, such high praise.."
He grins cheekily and you breathe a slight sigh of relief..

"The highest praise, Soldier.."

He jumps to his feet and pads across to the bathroom while you pull on the powder blue silk slip you usually wear to bed and strip the now ruined cover from the comforter to replace it with a clean one..

You use the main bathroom to clean yourself up before sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for Jackson to return.. When you hear the tap in the ensuite bathroom shut off you turn to the door to watch him re-enter the room.. "Hey.."

His now semi-hard length hangs thickly between his thighs and bounces from side to side with each step, your eyes trail from there up the contours of his perfectly symmetrical rows of abs, chiseled pecs and broad shoulders... "Hey.." He almost smiles when your eyes meet, but he looks more guilt ridden than anything else..

Your stomach drops, is he already regretting the sex?

It's not even a few minutes after and it looks as though he is having second thoughts.. Again..

He leans down, picking up his jeans from the floor at the foot of the bed.. You reach out and grab his wrist, he stills, turning his penetrative cocoa eyes on you.. "Ford.. What if.. I asked you to stay.. Would you?"

He frowns, looking over your shoulder at the bed, then back to you.. "You'd really want me to?"

You nod slowly, a yawn escaping before you can contain it so instead you cover your mouth with your free hand.. "I really would.. Stay, Jackson.."
You drop his wrist and slide back up the mattress to slip beneath the covers..
He doesn't move for a few seconds and you have no idea what he will decide..

He sighs.. His shoulders sag and he drops his jeans back to the floor before striding around the other side of the bed and pulling back the blanket to slide in next to you..
His weight dips the mattress and gravity takes you tumbling into his side..

Ford lays on his back, his eyes closed and breathing steady, one arm wrapped around your shoulders as you nuzzle into the crook of his neck..
When he speaks, the vibration of his voice in this throat tickles the tip of your nose.. "Last time you couldn't get me out of here fast enough.. What changed?"

That was fast, only five minutes since he was inside of you and already he's back to the questioning... You splay your fingers across his chest, massaging and kneading the muscle there, his breathing now steady and deep, tired.. "Would you believe me if I said I just enjoy your company?"

He chuckles softly, and mumbles a sleepy reply.. "Not even a little, Sunshine.."

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