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Erika Nadine is not your regular 23 year old working as an assistant for a CEO. Life was not how she dreamt it would be, Erika as a child never imagined not having a family to have her back or that she would be by herself for the rest of her life. For almost a decade after meeting messed up people and situations in her life she finally forgets what love is. Now a decade later still haunted by her past she finally comes to NYC accepting a job offer as Ryan Kingston's assistant. In a world where Erika's life only wants to swallow her, her only escape from her life is her challenging job but when her employer is the devil himself, can she ever embrace it ?

Romance / Action
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Chapter One

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Just so you all are aware, there will be character switches. It should be easy to identify because I mention the name of the character at the start of the chapter. (like Ryan Kingston or Erika Nadine). Whenever there is a time skip, I use this '~'.

Please note that I’m not a native English speaker, so I apologize for the grammatical errors you may come across. Don’t hesitate to point out my mistakes (as in tell me should I learn parts of speech or phrasal verbs or anything else) in a constructive way. But if it is all you have to leave a comment or review on, please click that little back arrow and find a perfectly written book.

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With that all being said, let’s hope you will enjoy the book.


Ryan Kingston

With a heavy push the door swung open, the golden rays of the early morning sun were illuminating the apartment, a warm gentle breeze was blowing in the house through the windows.

As I stepped into my house, my phone started ringing. It read grandpa; I answered the call.

“Hello!” I started the conversation, raking a finger through my raven hair.

“Ryan, son, where are you?” He enquired, sounding worried on the other end.

“I just stepped inside my house. What happened?” I answered him.

Have you seen the news?“ He asked. That tone made me anxious.

“Ugh, what’s it now? Hold on, let me turn on the television.” I taped a button on my phone and turned it on.

'The young CEO has been spotted hiding his new tattoo!' I groaned.

“I just got it a week back.” I hissed.

'Less and less of the businessman’s body seems to not be covered in ink these days and the twenty-six-year-old has unveiled yet another tattoo to his world.' The news went on.

Here we fúcking go again!

'His new art is tattooed in black and white on his left hand as an extension to his henna style wrist tattoo and a full series of hieroglyphics type tattoos on the upper and middle part of fingers of his left hand.'

'Although it’s not a rule, tattoos are considered unprofessional, and appearance to do matter in the business world. The twenty-six-year-old, despite being the heir, couldn’t take over the CEO chair because of his unprofessionalism, yet it doesn’t seem to bother him as he flaunts with a new tattoo.'

Son, why did you get a tattoo again?” Grandpa scolded.

“Why does it even matter now?” I huffed, glaring at the television screen with my brown eyes.

You’re supposed to make a deal. Instead, you got a tattoo, you know what screwed you at first place and you’re still reckless son.” He whined, and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“Don’t say instead, because the deal is done, and what I do with my body is my wish.” I screamed into the phone and turned off the television.

Lad, if you are careless about your reputation, how do I help you out?” He groaned, that tone of his flared my anger.

“Mr. Walter Kingston, what on earth is your definition of help, sir?” I spat.

Ryan, you know it’s the company’s board of directors which didn’t approve my proposal.” He defended himself like he always did.

“You and your board of directors are one hell of dipshits. You people judged my skills because of the ink on my body.” I berated, anger increasing menacingly.

Ryan, CEO is the face of the company and your unprofessionalism might affect the company’s reputation.” He countered as if he was telling something that he discovered.

“A big fuck you to your company’s fucking reputa—” I was cut off by Rodger, my twin cousin. I shot him a glare as he snickers.

“Don’t trouble the old man.” Rodger chuckled.

Rodger!” Grandpa whined, and I rolled my eyes.

“Holy fucking shit! Did I tell you how amazing your new tattoo is?” Rodger complimented, his eyes glancing at the tattoo with an awe expression.

“Have you heard that old man?” I chuckled.

One don’t call me that, second I know the tattoo is cool, but sti—” I didn’t let him continue.

“Nah, enough old man. If I keep on talking more, I’ll be late today.” I hung up the call and sauntered into my bedroom. Tossing the phone on my bed, I walked into the shower.




“Mr. Kingston, how does it feel to get a new tattoo again?” A reporter started their enquiry as I climbed out of my car. I didn’t waste my time in turning back, instead, I strolled towards the building.

The tension built in the air was obvious when I moved in the reception towards the elevator; I heard few greetings here and there, to which I acknowledged with a nod. I pressed on the button for the elevator to come down and my eyes ran swiftly across the place.

When the elevator doors opened with a ding, I walked into the elevator pressed the button to the twentieth floor.

“Good morning, Mr. Kingston!” Carla greeted me as I stepped out of my elevator. I ignored the greeting and moved towards my office.

After a five minutes, there was a knock on my door when I gave her an approval the door opened to reveal a nervous Carla.

“Where is Mrs. Stennett?” I asked her, narrowing my eyebrows.

“Um sir, I guess she will be late to work.” She said in a low voice, her knees already trembling. “Can I get you something?”

“I’ll fire her this time.” I growled and looked down at files placed on my table.

Sarah Stennett, my personal assistant — who was always late to work, who wouldn’t do a single thing without messing it up — seemed like she was late again. None of my days went good ever since she started working for me.

“No, I’m good.” I answered her. She nodded her head before closing the door behind her.

Ignoring the irritation of my assistant’s absence, I turned on my Mac. Time flew quickly as I went through the documents. The sound of my office door opening averts my attention from the screen to the person venturing inside. My eyes met with an annoyed Rodger stamping into the room with a scowl — which surprised me because one could barely find it on his face. He was an overindulged child who took nothing seriously.

“Why the fuck did I see her here?” He yelled as he approached my desk with a clenched jaw.

“Who?” I asked, gesturing to him to sit in the chair. He slumped down in the chair across from me and rested his arm on the armrest.

“Blixit!” He hissed and ran his hand through his hair, messing it properly. Gigi Blixit — my ex — and Rodger were never on good terms, so this didn’t come as a surprise to me.

“What did she do, Rog?” I asked him, my eyes flit back the screen and my fingers taped on the keyboard.

“Blixit things obviously, did she come here to fuck with you after all that she did?” he scoffed and I shook my head, not knowing what to answer.

“You were laid, right?” He raised his eyebrow, accusing me. I tried to stay stern, but he continued, “you were, your face has the sexual afterglow and you are unusually not pissed off.”

“Why do you hate her?”

“When did you guys get back again?” He groaned, avoiding my question.

“Rog, I don’t think I need to give you am explanation about my relationships, do I?” I asked him in a bitter tone and it took him by off guard.

“Listen, when I was on my business trip, Gi called me. She was regretting everything she did.” He made a ridiculous expression which I ignored and continued, “they treated her like shit in her new workplace. She was apologizing Rog, she was broke and was in a vulnerable state.” He gave me a ‘she deserves it’ look, but I continued, “so I hired her. She started her work today.”

I wasn’t sure why I forgave her everything she did to me; the betrayal was gut-wrenching, but when she barged into my office with tears in her eyes, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Ugh, she is a lying bitch.” He mumbled, there was a dead beat of silence for a minute before he spoke again. “This Saturday, I’m throwing a party, it’s going to be amazing with lots of liquor and cigars.” He started bragging about it, leaning back in his chair. His eyes were bright and wide from his ideas, if anything he was a proper crack-head at that moment.

He was intense, loud and fucking properly annoying. Although he was bullshitting in my work time, I still enjoyed talking to him (unlike 98% of people I have in my life). His fondness for liquor and cigars never ceased to amaze me, and not to mention his love for one nightstand. He was a typical frat boy in a twenty-six-year-old body.

“Ryan” Liam, one of my best friends, barged into my office. Rodger knew that it had to be worked related and calmly sneaked out of my office.

“Yeah, Ryan!” I repeated in a ridiculous accent, not bothering to look at him.

“Have you heard of—” Liam started as he took a seat on the chair in front of my table.

“Drop it, if it’s about my new tattoo.” I hissed.

“Andrew rang a bell, he said he’ll deal with that, but I’m talking about your assistant.” Liam answered.

Andrew, my dad’s twin brother and Rodger’s father, was always the one to clear up any mess related to press.

“Sarah? What’s with her?” I questioned, my attention floating back to him.

“Walter is upset with you because of your behavior with Mrs. Stennett.” Liam said, and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll fire her eventually, she is late to work even today.” I waved a dismissing hand. But he had more to add.

“She submitted her resignation letter almost a month back to Andrew. None of us knew about it since Andrew thought it was better to keep it as a secret. Yesterday was her last day. When asked why she was leaving her answer was ’you’re challenging to work with’.” Liam explained, my jaw dropped as I heard the news. Well, it shouldn’t have surprised me, but the fact that I didn’t have an assistant now pissed me off. To add fuel to the fire, she had to submit the resignation to Andrew? I was her boss.

“Well, if it isn’t challenging what’s the fun in doing the work? She is just trash who limits herself to everything. Make sure you take the interview for my new assistant.” I remarked as I recovered from the shock.

“You don’t have to worry about that because Walter has already appointed someone. She is moving all the way from Seattle to New York only to work here.” Liam said.

If I wasn’t pissed off already, I would’ve been now. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my family — who also were the members of the BOD of Kingston Industries — wouldn’t stop meddling in my business.

“Woah, wait! What makes you all think I’ll just randomly let anyone be my assistant? I should interview her.” I shouted.

“Stop being dramatic. From what I heard from Hayden: she is very skillful and has worked for Hayden in the Seattle branch of Evans’ group. Walter has requested him to send a perfect assistant to work for you. If Hayden approved her, I’m sure she’ll live up to your expectations.” Liam convinced me.

Hayden Evans, one of the most reputed businessmen in the world, was the heir of the Evans Group. Unlike me, he had none to screw him from taking over his company’s CEO seat.

I could never even compare myself to him because he was nothing like me. Although we were childhood friends and we had tattoos in common, he differed from me.

He treats his employees with kindness.

Well, I guess that’s what he suggested me to do; I believe. Anyway, things work his way even if he was just so friendly and cheerful to his employees. My employees were just brats — that I had to tame.

“Why am I even the CEO of this stupid fabric company?” I growled and threw that name plate which had my name on it on the carpeted floor.

“Liam, trust me, if she doesn’t have proper working skills, I’ll sue her.” I warned him.

“Judgmental bitch!” Liam scolded, I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t you dare call me that.” I hissed as he repeated one of my saying. I always criticized the Board of Directors of Kingston Industries as judgmental bitches.

“You’re being no better here. You’re already judging her when you haven’t even heard of her name.” Liam pointed out.

“I don’t give a shit about her name.” I spat.

“Just shut up and let her do her work, buddy. She will be here from Monday. Oh, Hayden warned you to treat her with kindness or he’ll smack your bones.” Liam said, I rolled my eyes in response.

“Fuck off!” I flipped him the bird, he mirrored my kind gesture. “I need to work, see you later.” I looked down at the designs placed in front of me.

“Have a shitty day.” Liam chuckled and walked out.

When wasn’t my day a shitty day?

Ever since I worked in this shithole, every day is a shitty day.

I wish the new assistant isn’t a brat like Sarah Stennett.

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