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Chapter Eleven

Erika Nadine

“Erika! Wake up, baby!” I heard someone whisper in my ears, I groaned not bothering to open my eyes. I pulled back my arms closer to my chest for warmth.

“Nngh.” I let out little, sleepy groan of protest.



“Holy shit! Woman, wake up.” I heard the same voice, urging me to wake up, but my eyelids feel too heavy to open them.

“MISS NADINE! I NEED A FILE.” The voice was so annoying and as soon as I registered the words in my mind my eyes flew open and I straightened myself, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Wasn’t it Mr. Kingston?

“Oh my god! You really thought it was Ryan?” She looked at me like I had grown two heads. I glared at her with an attempt at intimidation, but it didn’t really workout for me like it did for Mr. Dick. She soon burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes.

“There are better ways to wake someone up, you know?” I hissed, and she continued laughing. I ran my hand through my hair and looked at the windows. It was still dark outside. I got up from the couch and walked towards the patio table and picked my phone up and looked at the time. It is two in the morning.

She really had to wake me up?

I glared at her, narrowing my eyes and she shrugged her shoulders before speaking, “You didn’t have your dinner, Eric! Also, there is this thing called bed and normal people usually sleep on it.”

“Ana, I have to do a presentation tomorrow and I can’t believe I forgot about work and slept on my couch.” I mumbled and picked up the files. This would be my first presentation here and I was going paranoid.

“Stop tensing too much!”

“Ana, you don’t know the shit he throws in my face.” I whined.

“Tell his ass not to shit on your face.” She snorted, I rolled my eyes at her humour and stayed calm. Mr. Dick hated me with passion, and his cold behaviour was so sickening.

“I know he is an ass, he is a workaholic and sort of obsessed too. He just doesn’t like imperfections and flaws, babe. It’s not just you, he trashes everyone and anyone who doesn’t work properly.” She said coolly.

“I’m not saying it’s acceptable, but he will spare no one, it’s just him. He wants everything to be perfect, and that’s the only way we can shut his mouth.” She added.

May be! I should stop giving him a chance to point out my mistakes.

“You can also shut him the fuck up by sitting on his face.” She winked at me. My eyes wide and heat rose to my cheeks when my lame ass brain finally realized what she said and she chuckled at my reaction.

Oh god! Why is she always horny?

“Shut up!”

“You’ll do fine.” She smiled and patted my back gently before taking the file out of my hands, I looked at it wearily and she demanded. “Have your dinner and get proper sleep.” I sighed and walked over to the dinning table and she scurried into the kitchen.

I heard a loud beep which I assumed was because of the oven. I placed my head in my hands and rested my elbows on the table while a million thoughts ran in my mind of how efficiently something is going to be messed up tomorrow, practically today.

As ridiculous as it sounds it is true, the world doesn’t turn without him bashing me for my work.

At times, it was hard to keep up with him, working with him wasn’t just challenging but he would hit my raw nerve and it took everything in me to not throw my resignation on his table and walk out of the building when he constantly bruised my self-respect. As much as I hated that man I admired the way he would look at a woman.

“You should stop stressing so much.” Ana groaned and placed a plate in front of me before pouring wine in my glass. I looked down at my plate at the salmon which she cooked. It smelled like a professional chef had made it and it only increased my appetite.

“Thank you!” I gave her a small smile and picked up my fork and dug into my food. I absent mindedly chewed on the salmon and my lips instantly curled into a smile when the mouth watering delicious taste hit my senses, I gave her an appreciating grin and devoured the entire meal.

For someone who was so clumsy and messy all the time, I never took Ana as a professional cook, but I was thankful she was, because cooking had also been rocket science for me and the result was always a disaster.

“Why do you hate Gigi?” I asked her, picking up my glass and looked at her, her furrowed her eyebrows and I rephrased it. “Oh wait! Not hate, but you don’t like her right.”

“It’s a long tale.” She sighed, closing her eyes. She took a deep breath before opening her eyes and looking at me.

“Ryan is the heir of Kingston Industries and although he has impeccable academic excellence and intelligence, he was screwed up by the Board of Directors of Kingston Industries. They made him as the CEO of Kingston Textiles, one of the companies under Kingston Industries, when it was drowning in bad debts. It wasn’t easy for an engineer to design dresses and ace in the fashion industry. It took him many months to understand how fashion industry works and he spent many nights sleeplessly, studying and researching about fabrics and designs. It was during that turmoil he requested me to work for him. Ryan and I are friends since high school so I gladly accepted it and joined here. We spent 3 months on designing to launch our products for winter season.” She explained, and I looked at her, taking a sip of my wine.

“Gigi was modeling for the project, one fine day Gigi and I had an argument and in the next days it turned out as bad blood between us, she demanded Ryan to terminate me.” Ana said, and I almost chocked on my wine.

How could she demand that?

“He didn’t do that. She sold the designs to our competitor. Little did we know why they announced a fashion week out of blue and it was heartbreaking to watch them launch all our designs. Ryan estimated to make a profit of 100million dollars from the project and he invested his money, but the outcome was a loss of 150million dollars because of her. She knew how important it was for him, yet she betrayed him.” Her voice fell, and I looked at her blankly.

“He didn’t confront her, she submitted her resignation, joined the same company and dumped him. After six months she came back to kiss his ass.” I gaped at her as she scrunched her face in disgust. I had never thought Gigi would do something like that, and Mr. Kingston would be so kind to her.

Now this made sense why he was so obsessed with work, wanted everything to be flawless and would never fail to not notice a single mistake.




I walked into the company’s building confidently when I hurried up to my office. Since Ana was the one who picked my outfit, I really didn’t stress about it, she insisted me to wear a white blazer underneath a white dress shirt tucked in a cantaloupe-colour pencil skirt, a simple chain and heels matching my pencil skirt to finish the look.

As soon as I walked into the room, my gaze fell on a bouquet of yellow roses. I placed my handbag on the table, picked up the bouquet and saw a card attached to it.

Speak as if it’s already accomplished darling ❤️

PS: They say yellow roses are to cheer someone up! So don’t complain.. X

- Your secret admirer ,

I traced the message on the card with my fingertips as I held the bouquet in one hand, smiling to myself. I smelled the flowers before placing a peck on the card. It felt good to know that at least someone was rooting for me.

I so badly wanted to know who my secret admirer was, but since I was running out of time, I placed the flowers on the table and opened my file.

“What the hell, Erika, where have you been?” Ana yelled, barging into my cabin while I was mentally preparing mentally for the presentation.

“What happened?” I asked worriedly as I turn the page of the file in my hand.

“Oh! I was wondering what is the difference between ′ooooooh′ and ′aaaaaaah′ ?” She stated, I groaned and ran my hand over my temples in frustration.

“Ana, the presentation starts in about thirty minutes.” I huffed, and she looked unbothered.

I don’t want people to point out something and say this could be better!

“The answer is three inches!” She grinned ear to ear, and I looked at her blankly. I mentally rolled my eyes when I didn’t find it interesting. Technically oh and ah are exclamations and centimeters inches are units for distance. There could be no relation between these two.

“Ana, you can’t relate physical quantity (distance) with emotions.” I scoffed, raising my hand in the air. My technical brain was irked because of that relationless relation.

Ana looked at me with wide eyes and burst out laughing, I furrowed my eyebrows not sure of what was so funny. “Cons of studying technology,” She remarked, and I rolled my eyes, I was at the verge of giving her a lecture of how important technology was. “Erika, it is the difference in size of the cock.” She snorted and when I finally got her morbid joke heat rose to my cheeks and I started feeling embarrassed for her, for both of us.

“Ana, this isn’t time for all of this.” I groaned, and she narrowed her eyebrows and gestured me to sit on the chair, I obliged it.

“Breathe in!” She demanded, and I inhaled, “Breathe out!” She ordered, and I exhaled. “Good, now do this for rest ten minutes to calm down your nerves.” I nodded my head and walked into the washroom to make sure I looked presentable. I stood in front of the mirror doing some mouth warming exercises and looked at myself in the mirror repeatedly.

When I was finally convinced that I would do well, I walked towards the door and pulled it by the handle. Who would have expected this door to get locked from the outside?

I banged on the door but nobody opened for a good fifteen minutes and when somebody finally opened the door I hurried out of the washroom to my cabin; I picked up my things and rushed to the presentation room.

I knocked on the door before walking in silently. The meeting had started, and I sat beside Mr. Kingston. My gaze fell to my lap when I saw Liam presenting. I couldn’t blame him. If anything, I should be thankful for covering up my absence. I took out my notepad and started writing the key points.

I glanced at Mr. Kingston occasionally; he looked annoyed throughout the meeting but I couldn’t blame him, according to him I was late to the meeting, he couldn’t care less about my reasons. I mentally prepared myself for all the whiplashes.




After a solid thirty minutes Mr. Kingston let me out of his office and went to have his lunch, I stood outside my cabin and looked through the windows absent mindedly. Every time my mind replays his words, it felt like a slap on my cheek. In the past years of my experience, I was never a failure, and I disappointed no one.

Why now?

“Erika?” I turned around and saw Mr. Jerk walking in the corridor towards me with a fond smile playing on his lips, I gaped at him as he approached me. He was dressed in a military-style jacket which was splattered with mounds of graffiti underneath a black t-shirt and grey ripped jeans and black ankle boots to the ensemble.

What the hell! Where did his suit go?

His sleeves rolled up giving me a view of his arms, his skin was totally covered in ink and yet it looked so alluring, his hair slicked back with sheared sides. The young man didn’t look a professional executive, he rather looked like a trendy model. Nevertheless, he looked irresistibly charming.

“Yes, sir?” I answered him, not daring to look into his eyes.

“I’m not your boss!” He smiled, and I looked at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

Is he drunk?

“I’m Rodger Kingston!” He smiled and my jaw dropped in surprise.

He is definitely drunk; he forgot his name too!

═∘♡༉∘ ═

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